Sunday, October 3, 2010

The definition of insanity...

Ok... the definition of insanity states something like, repeating the same task over and over but expecting different results.  K... so go with me here.

I walked into CFOT and was undecided about my First Friday wod.  I thumbed through the heroes and girls and settled on the new wod, Coe. Now, here's the thing.  I looked at Coe, said "That doesn't look too bad." and away I went. 


WTF?!?!? Clearly, this shows that I am insane.  Because again, I looked at a wod, thought that it didn't look bad and expected a result other than GETTING MY ASS BEAT! What is WRONG with me?! Seriously, I really and truly ought to have learned by now.  But alas, I don't learn.  For cereal, how could I possibly be a teacher and expect kids to learn when I DON'T? This seems sort of like an oxymoron.  Perhaps it's a good thing I left, eh? <----- Again, WTF? I really just used "eh" at the end of a question.  This is a clear sign that I'm turning Canadian.  Or was that Japanese? (I really think so!!!) Oh God, I miss the 80's.  Perhaps we should bring them back.  We need more leggings, oversized shirts/sweaters, and legwarmers.  Wait a tick... *places body in the classic "Thinker" pose* LOL LOL LOL.  Really, I have no idea what's wrong with me tonight, but I clearly have diarrhea of the keyboard... :P

So anyway, back to Coe.  Shit, now I have "Turning Japanese" stuck in my head.  GD.  ANYWAY, Coe sucked, wanna know why? Because, when you look at it you think, or at least I thought, oh, well gee.  It's only 10 reps and I can do 10 reps of anything.  Yeah, no problem.  Yes it's 10 rounds, but meh, it's 10 reps.  I can do 10 reps of anything.  DUDE 10X10=100!!! Where the F were my math skills?!?!? Clearly, wherever they were, it was NOT with me in the box, that's fer sure. 

10 RFT
10 Thrusters
10 Ring push-ups
Time: 21:59

Really? REALLY? 100 thrusters and 100 ring push-ups?!?!? I HATE push-ups! What the crap is WRONG with me? But regardless, I did it, but it was almost 22 minutes of suck.  It was like Fran, but worse.  Can Fran get worse? Oh yes, I believe it can, and it's name is Coe.  It was a whole bunch of wheezing and not wanting to move, but I did it.  Will I repeat it though? N-O!