Saturday, September 26, 2009

Today I will...

Today I will hurt... knowing others hurt far more than me.

Today I will cry.... for the good we have done.

Today I will wonder... if I could have done more.

Today I will help.... find a cure.

Today I will give hope... to someone who has lost it.

Today I will feel... pride in my team.

Today I will fight... for those who have already fought.

Today I will be... a warrior for my cause.

Fight. Gone. Bad.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Resting before the Fight....

Tomorrow is Fight Gone Bad so I decided to take a rest day. If you are not already doing FGB or participating on a team and you'd be interested in making a donation, please consider donating to me. Team CFOT has raised almost $15,000 and I'm sorry to say that none of that has come from me. (This almost sounds like a pity party but it's not really.) I'd really like to be able to help and contribute to this amazing cause, so please consider donating to my page if you haven't donated already. Thank you!

My donations page

The Wounded Warrior Project from Sportsgrants on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Intervalish Barbara

You know I'll get here sometime... :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Max Front Squats and On the Topic of Being Smart...

Max front squats were the order of the day today at CFOT, and I have to say, I really wasn't feeling it all that much. If you've been reading over the last, say, three to four weeks, I'm sure you've noticed that I've not been quite my usual spunky sarcastic self. That's not to say that it's gone, far from it, but my posts seem to be lacking in their usual wit and banter. There are a host of reasons for this, but largely it's because due to the start of the school year, I've found that my insane work schedule has returned.

Allow me to take a moment and wander off on a tangent that will hopefully come back to explain a few things. When I say I'm a teacher, that brings lots of ideas to people's heads. Some people view teachers as people who turn on videos and sit aimlessly all day, or lecture, while their kids doze or take notes. Others view teachers as people who make worksheets and then sit aimlessly while their kids color or add math problems all day. I will firmly and very vehemently argue that I am neither of those types of teachers. My kids are constantly engaged listening to stories, doing projects, reading, writing, playing educational games, and in general actively learning. But here's the kicker folks, that stuff doesn't just come to us prepared in a box at the beginning of the year. Countless hours are put into planning, copying, organizing, and oh yes, BUYING materials. It is not at all unusual for me to spend 13-14 hours a day in my school. I'm just that type of teacher. I take my job VERY seriously (some would even argue too seriously) and at the end of the day when I leave, I go coach, I go waitress... I have other responsibilities because that 13-14 hour job just doesn't pay enough to pay the bills that I've acrued in my life, and that's very unfortunate. (As a side tangent to my tangent, this is why I get so very upset with parents who accuse me of not caring about their children, not trying to help them, etc etc etc. BS. If I didn't care, would I put in 13-14 hours?) Anyway, back on track.

So what was the point of that tangent? Well, to make you understand what I do. Why? Because I said so. No, that's not it, but there is a lesson to be learned from me. Guys, we love CF. LOVE it. But, think about what we do. It is high intensity, hardcore stuff. Can you honestly expect that you're going to punch out a 70 hour work week full of stress and still go into the box and feel 100%? I used to think like that, but I've been learning that when I work like this, my body IS affected. It takes its toll, because let's be honest, even if teaching is not physically demanding (I don't have to lug heavy things, push heavy things, carry heavy things etc) at the end of the day, I'm taxed. I can only solve so many problems and deal with so many things before it sucks me dry. When you are emotionally drained and you spend that many hours doing something, your energy levels drop and you simply don't have the work capacity you would if you were just having a normal fluffy kind of week.

I have learned the hard way that putting my body through this can have DISASTROUS results. IE February 06 when I had a tonsilectomy due to repeated tonsilitis and the potential for lymphatic cancer. It's scary stuff. So, here's what Jerry suggested, and here's where the "On the topic of being smart" thing comes in. Back down the work capacity. If doing 8 rounds of something is going to wreck you, go hard for 5. Better for you to get a workout in that's not quite what you would normally do, but is still allowing you to get some work in.

Walking away from the box until I can get myself under control would be disastrous because lord only knows when my body is going to adjust to this insanity again. But, backing down the capacity a bit and being reasonable considering the demands I'm putting on my body is a better idea. I wasn't pleased that today I could only max on 165 but, I'll take it. I only slept 3 hours on Sunday, and had to take drugs to fall asleep Monday, so you know, I know I'm not 100%. If you go into the box with depleted energy levels, and then continue to further deplete them by thrashing yourself, what good are you really doing for yourself? Having a body that is full of stress is really like being physically ill. Things just don't operate the way they should. So, having said that, treat your body like you're ill. Take care of it and be smart. It's way easier for me to be hard than it is for me to be smart. I fully admit that, and I think a lot of other CF'ers will. It's easy to be hard, but hard to be smart. I, and I suspect a few other CF'ers like me, need to find a balance.

For those of you not busting out 60-70 hour work weeks with 50 8 year olds, you may have other stressures in your life or just work a different type of job that has a high stress level. Take it into account. CF is awesome and working out when stressed can certainly help. But when your energy is low and you try to keep your workout capacity just as high, bad things can happen, and you may wind up hurting yourself to the point where it takes you awhile just to get back to where you were. See- giving yourself chronic fatigue..... I know I sound preachy today, but when I learn something, or it just clicks with me, sometimes I feel like I need to tell everyone. It just suddenly makes sense. So for those of you out there like me, be kind to yourselves. Lack of sleep, poor diet, stress... all take one hell of a toll on your body. We love to think we are superhuman and that we can CF through anything, but... do yourself a favor. Dial the weight down, dial the rounds/reps back, and be kind to your body. It will thank you and you will feel much better in the long run. (At least I think it will... I'm still working on the long run part, but for the short term, I'm being smart and my body feels much better for it.)

Tuesday's FGB Prep...

In lieu of the upcoming FGBIV on Saturday, Jerry has been doing some FGB prep. We've been doing lots of box jumps, push presses, kbhp, rowing, and of course wall ball. Yesterday he came up with one God awful wod. FGB tabata sell out?!?! Ugh.

On Sunday night, I had some sleep issues and only wound up with 3 hours of sleep. I took a rest day Monday, and tried to get to bed early Monday night. That was a no go. I just couldn't sleep. Maybe it's stress, maybe it's the extra sugar in my super bad diet right now. Who knows. But I couldn't sleep again on Monday night. I wound up taking a PM pain med just to sleep. Yesterday morning then, I woke up groggy and out of sorts. In no shape for a FGB tabata. So, after school I decided to head over to CFOT and try this one.

I talked to Jerry and we decided for me, 5 rounds was probably a good amount for the day. He was dead on. I was able to push it for 5. But I think 8 would have done more harm than good. Some days you just have to know when to cut back I guess. That's not easy for me, but especially with the huge fluctuation in my work schedule between a month ago and now, I need to adjust accordingly. So 5 it was. And I was ok with that. In 5 rounds I was able to nail 212 reps. I'm pretty pleased with that, except for my wall balls. Wow. I did those right after the row and tabata wall ball after a tabata row is just plain disgusting. It's not nice at all! Ick..... So anyway, 5 rounds it was, but I'm ok with that.

As an aside, if you haven't donated to FGB IV or signed up yet, what're you waiting for dude!!?!?!?!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Saturday's Metcon Thrashing...

It hurts to breathe... I'll type when I can breathe...

It's five days later, and finally I can breathe. Jerry has this way of putting together the worst metcons ever, and I mean EVER. I never knew that a combination of jumping lunges, abmats, and a 400 M run would be so painful. Oi vey! Clearly I'm not doing enough ab work because my abs hurt yesterday. I coughed and thought I might die. Note to self, don't cough. The wod looked like this:

30 abmats
30 elevated jumping lunges
400 M run

BTW, elevated jumping lunges are guaranteed (backed by my own personal guarantee) to make your gluteus maximus hurt for days on end. I promise or your money back... well wait, you haven't given me any, but I'll give you something back. The time you wasted reading this? ;) I kid! Time spent reading my blog is never wasted! :) Go get some... this sucks!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The DOs and DON'Ts of CrossFit

Sort of kinda like Katie's list of ways you know you're legit CrossFit... I now humbly (or not so humbly) present my list of....

The Dos and Don'ts of CrossFit


-Compare yourself to everyone else on the whiteboard. Your progress is yours and yours alone.
-Let the WOD fool you... if it looks easy, be very very scared about the pain you will feel later.
-Believe the naysayers who call you crazy for doing a WOD like this
-Overdo it. Everyone needs rest days, and everyone needs some time away from the box.
-Worry. If you can't use prescribed weight, do the rx'd rounds, or do it as fast as others. You'll get there in time.
-Wear gloves. YOU WANT CALLUSES!
-Be afraid of the cameras. Seeing video and pictures of yourself can actually help your form.
-Forget that sleep and diet are essential
-Be intimidated by a workout. Just dig in and shut the clock off.
-Worry if you tear your hand. A little blood is a good thing.
-Worry if you're sore the next day. That's normal. Sometimes even two or three days later.
-Be stupid. If it hurts that bad, stop.
-Do bicep curls... we'll laugh at you.
-Forget to strap down your weight vest. It hurts if it impails itself on your face.
-Wear really short shorts... your private business is your private business, and chances are, if you squat deep... your private business will suddenly become public.. so cover up!
-Stop if you face plant into a box. It's a right of passage.
-Make fun of the girl in the box wearing sequined shoes. Chances are, she might be able to lift more or as much as you.
-Switch someone's weight midway through a brutal wod. This may get you injured.
-Tell someone that they're eating too many carbs, not enough protein, or too much fat... diets in CF are as varied as snowflakes, and they're liable to punch you or try to convert you... both can be painful at times.
-Think for one second that farmers walks are easy.
-Cheat your ROM... we'll call you out and may even give you a punishment for it.
-Half ass your wod... you're never going to get stronger or faster that way.
-Stare at Rick if he changes his shirt or Harold if he takes it off. It's just the way of the world.
-Think the PVC pipes are just for Dungeons and Dragons practice or your plumbing... they're actually very helpful when working on form.
-Be afraid to throw some seriously heavy weight over your head. It's fun!
-Leave the buckles in on the rings. That hurts!
-Underestimate the pain of rope/strap burn.
-Worry about the welts you get from the jump rope... they'll fade... eventually...
-Forget to chalk up. Chalk is one of your best friends.... get familiar now.
-Worry about the funny faces you're making while working out. We won't single you out and make fun of you. We make fun of everyone equally.


- Engage in throwing as many fun toys as possible
- Believe in the power of the sledgehammer
- Lift, squat, push, pull, or jump until your appendages feel like Jello
- At least once, dip your hand in a bucket of chalk and leave a white handprint on someone's butt (first be sure this person or their SO will not injure you)
- Routinely examine calluses/torn blisters/random CF injuries/bruises with friends
- Celebrate success. We're all about getting stronger/faster. When it happens, bust out with a rebel yell and ask for more, more, more.
- Support your team. They support you too, so be sure to be an athletic supporter.
- Feel free to fall on the floor as soon as you have completed your WOD.
- Buy as many shirts/shorts/tanks etc as possible that have CrossFit written somewhere on them. You will want to wear them EVERYWHERE.
- Drink the Kool-Aid. It's tasty and low carb.
- Laugh at every innuendo that you can find in CF... SNATCH! *snicker*
- Hit the box often

I'm sure there are more that I'll think of to put on here, but it's time to get to CF! :P

DO understand that I have the power to ammend my list!!! :P

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday's Perfect Push-Ups

Have I ever mentioned my immense dislike of push-ups? I'm just checkin'. Cause you know, I really don't like them. Maybe we should just establish this one small fact.... if I can't throw it over my head, onto my shoulders, or squat it, I'm probably not going to like it. I'm just sayin'. :P

Anyway, this was some particular brand of nastiness though. I mean it. The wod itself is this.

Pick your poison
For time
150 120 90 60 30

However, for every rep where you miss rom or if you rest, on the bottom or top, you have a pull-up penalty. That being said... here are your penalties.

15 12 9 6 3

Uh huh... ummmmmmmm.... about that.... so yeah, I don't know exactly how many pull-ups I did this morning, but it was a bunch. I went with the 90's and that was plenty for me, although I felt like a giant wuss since I couldn't do the full 150. I feel like I really ought to be better at these but erring on the side of caution... I went with the 90's today. I did the extra which was some 400 meter run work and I called it a day. I'm praying for work tonight and tomorrow to go quickly so I can get to the weekend..... please hurry!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday: Back squats X 5

Ahhhhhhhh... strength days!! Who doesn't love throwing around some heavy weight in the morning? Certainly not I! I was up late Tuesday night again, thanks to work at the restaurant, but hit the hay as soon as I could. I was feeling a little wonky going in, but I can't miss strength days. I just can't. I did take a rest day on Tuesday (I finally listened to my body) and so I didn't feel bad. Ramping up, it felt heavy all day, but I was stoked, and I mean STOKED to hit this yesterday.

Loved the 185X 5! :) Not a PR but close. Not really much else to say about that, except that Jerry and I made some adjustments to my set-up. I took a little wider grip, and worked on getting the bar higher on my back. I was too low which I think may have been part of the reason I was having such a hard time getting out of the hole. Not to mention the fact that you know, there's like 200lbs on my back. Whatevs... irrelevant.... :P Oh and in this vid, check out Dan's one handed back squat. Yeah, you read that right.... but PS I don't, and I repeat, DON'T recommend that.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday: Weighted Chins

I hate to say it, but this just wasn't a good WOD for me. I really need to start being smarter and listen to my body. When I'm tired, much as I may hate it, I need to take the day. Getting back into this school schedule (as I'm sure you can tell) has been more than a little challenging for me. My first two weeks of school I didn't work during the week at the restaurant, but now, I've added that back in, and so this week has been extremely challenging. Working the way I do I need to remember that SLEEP is just as important as my diet. Even more so. On low sleep my patience goes out the window and that isn't good for anyone in my life, adults or kids alike. So really I'm just going to chalk this WOD up and call it a learning experience.

Lesson learned: Sleep and rest days are BOTH important.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why We Fight:Repost

Why We Fight

In dark corners
Of faroff lands,
They fight.

Defending freedoms
And standing tall,
They fight.

Never wavering,
They fight.

Against angry foes
With senseless rage,
They fight.

Through blistering heat
And drenching rains,
They fight.

Through saddening loss
And draining fatigue,
They fight.

When morale is low
And hope seems lost,
They fight.

With bodies and minds
No longer whole,
They fight.

Until they CANNOT
Wage the war,
They fight.

And when their bodies
Have given in,

To show the love
We have for them,
We fight.

To show them
Hope can rise again,
We fight.

To show the warrior
That's within,
We fight.

To help make our
Warriors whole again,

One day,
One WOD,

Supporting The Wounded Warrior Project And Athletes for a Cure

**I reposted this blog because I didn't want it to get lost in the flood of updates I did earlier this morning. I want it at the top because it's important. I can't donate much to the fight because I don't have much to give, but I will donate what I'm able on the 26th. I will get involved in the Fight because our warriors deserve it. I did not copy and paste this from somewhere as someone asked me. I wrote it.**

Jerry's 3rd "Really Bad Idea" in 2 weeks...

Jerry Hill. What can you say about the man? Great friend, great coach, has tons of knowledge to impart with regards to lifting and CrossFit, but GD that man puts together some of the most heinous things I have ever seen. I mean, I love the man but really? He put two God AWFUL wod's back to back on Friday and Saturday, and he has thrown out two other really God Awful wod's within the last 2 weeks. I mean, seriously, I joke about his evil CrossFit laboratory in his basement, but I swear, I'm starting to think he really has one where he just sits and toils and figure out new really evil ways to torture us and by us, I mostly mean me since I'm not a metcon ninja.

So, the WOD on paper didn't LOOK horrific, but we all know that that's just a sign. A sign that it's going to really blow. After FGB prep Friday I was feeling that "Insane" level, and this really hurt me. It went a bit like this.

3 rounds for time
800 M run
20 burpees
30 pull-ups
40 double unders (60 barrier jumps)

The worst part of this wod? The barrier jumps. On box jumps I can catch my breath, I can time things, I could not for the life of me get my breath back on the barrier jumps. And moving them to 60 was just plain brutal. I am not coordinated. I have tried double unders. I can't do them for whatever reason. It's bizarre. You'd think a teacher would be able to do things with a jump rope, but no. I can't. The barrier jumps made this wod awful because I couldn't catch my breath so then I had to go out the door to run already wheezing and trying to get my breath back while running, just to come back and do burpees. It SUCKED. This was another WOD that took me 41:04. How god awful is that? The only consolation is that I'm not a metcon ninja and I was not that far behind some of the other girls who are usually whoopin' my ass. My pull-ups today were actually decently quick, and my run today, while no land speed record, was not as slow as it's been in the past. The barrier jumps today killed me. Not only for my breathing but they also took a lot more time than the people whipping out double unders like they were nothing. It made it hard to keep up. :(

But, I got 4 days in at the box this week and I'm happy about that since last week I only got 3 due to school. This week I'd like to get back to my five days and start working on some stuff. I keep saying I need to work on things, but haven't officially set any CF goals in awhile. I've just been workin' out. So I think a serious goal setting session may be in order soon.

Friday 9/11: Fight Gone Bad Prep

I can think of fewer workouts more fitting for 9/11 than Fight Gone Bad. It is one of the worst workouts I have ever done, and a workout worthy of reminding us that there was much suffering on 9/11.

I normally like to joke about my workouts and I like to talk about how they suck. But when it comes to the heroes, and when it comes to the workouts we do to remember, I can't joke. People may say that CrossFitters are a little, ok no, a LOT crazy, but when it boils right down to the heart of the matter, I think CF'ers are by far some of the most big hearted and conscientious people on the planet. We may do workouts that look insane but we have our reasons, and those reasons involve honoring people worthy of reverance and remembrance.

Unlike many Americans, we didn't let 9/11 pass as just another day on the calendar. We did a WOD which inflicted a lot of pain and let us remember that 9/11 was a sad and terrible day for many. We felt the physical pain of what I'm sure many felt in their hearts that day.

I know that since joining CFOT and having all the experiences I've had, that my views on things like pride in my country and our armed services have changed. What can I say? I have no defense except to say that these people have opened my eyes to a lot of things, and have helped to change my opinions on things. 9/11 is now not just another passing day to me, and I don't think it should be for anyone else. So today I ponied up to the insane version of the WOD, and I felt the pain.

The fallen heroes were honored thus:

FGB Prep
For time
40-30-20 (Insane)
35-25-15 (Brutal)
30-20-10 (Tough)

For those of you tabulating FGB scores in your head...


Time- 39:54

This really was as bad as it sounded, but they deserved it. Godspeed.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Freedom Isn't Free

As a teacher, this is one of the worst days of the school year for me. I feel obligated, as someone who imparts knowledge and teaches history to our children, to talk about 9-11. It's not a date I can simply let pass on the calendar. But then comes the dilemma. Sharing the knowledge that I have with regards to this date comes a rather large responsibility. Telling my students about 9-11 means opening their eyes to some of the horrors that exist in the real world. Most of my kids live in a world where they play X-Box after school and go to soccer in the evenings. Throw some family time in there and mix it with a little homework and you've got the idea. Now, enter me.

I get to be the one to tell them that this world isn't always X-Box and soccer. I am the one who shatters the idea that being an adult is great, that everything is hunky dorey and that's just how things go. To explain the significance of this date with impartiality and tact is just plain difficult, but in my opinion, very necessary. I WANT those kids to realize that there were men and women, ready and WILLING, to put down their lives to protect other people. I WANT those kids to know that while there is evil in this world, there are good people willing to rise up against it. I WANT them to realize that while these people are gone, they should not be forgotten. I WANT these kids to realize that there are people who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that they can do what they do. I want them to realize that for some of them, the ultimate sacrifice was paid, or is being paid by their very own parents. Not just for them, but for others as well. Today, when my 8 year old raised his hand to tell me his father is in Afghanistan, I can't tell you what I felt. It was a mixture of hatred, sadness, and an overwhelming need to hug that kid, who for all intensive purposes, probably wishes to hell about now that they hadn't knocked down the towers because then he could just play some football with his dad.

Having the freedoms that we do isn't free of cost. The cost is paid through the blood and sweat of the men and women all over the world in our armed forces and our emergency response teams. Today is for remembering those who fell and those who are continuing to fight. Today is not only for the fallen, but also for the sheepdogs who continue to stand watch everyday, ready to protect what they hold dear. When the wolf comes to call, he will find that not all who stand with the flock are sheep. This day too is for them. We honor, and we remember. Lest we forget.

To our fallen heroes... may you continue to rest in peace...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Max Hang Power Clean....

See, I told you I would start getting back to my blog soon! :) It took me a hot minute to get myself back into school mode but I'm getting there, and so now I'm getting back to doing what I love. Blogging and talking about myself. :P I kid I kid!

Thursday was a max effort day. Have I ever mentioned that I heart, heart, heart, heart, HEART max effort days? Maybe? Once or twice? Cause I do. :) Anyway, we maxed on hang power cleans. Lately, and by lately I mean basically since moving to our new box, we've been pulling everything off the floor. Snatches, cleans, etc etc. I have found, at least for me, that as soon as I start pulling things off the floor, something gets lost in translation for me. I don't know or understand why. I used to think it was my big breath, then I thought it was my set up, now I just don't know what the crap it is, but pulling from the floor definitely is a disadvantage for me. Where most people are able to do more from the floor and gain more power, I lose it, and can actually do more from the hang, as evidenced by our latest video.

This wod was great for getting me to think about the second part of that pull, not the pull from the floor, but the actual pull you make once the bar gets into those "pockets" at your hips. My speed actually looks pretty decent in the video until I hit 155. But hey, you know what, I'm cleaning 155lbs. Cut me a break. That's some heavy crizzap. :P

My jumps looked lke this:
145X1 PR
150X1 PR
155X1 PR (CFOT R)

I also was very cautious and methodical about my jump this time. Last week when we pulled from the floor with our cleans, I couldn't even get 125 up. I think part of it was that I jumped too fast. On most things, fast jumps are ok for me, but not for cleans, and not for deadlifts. I have learned my lesson with these that slower is most definitely better. I start to find a groove, or a rythym and it's way better for me. It isn't really all that important to me, but the 155 clean was a CFOT clean record. I sort of feel like it shouldn't count though since I didn't pull it off the floor, but you know, I don't make the rules... Jerry does.... :P

Here's our latest vid. Some good lifts, and some muffs so it's a great training vid. Lots of good cues for folks!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Are you REALLY eating that?"

So suppose my knight in shining armor comes riding up on his fiery steed and sees me chowing down on a huge steak with tons of veggies all smothered in a garlic cream sauce. He alights from his horse, gets down on one knee and says in his sexy, husky, princeesque voice, "Are you REALLY eating that?" What then?

I kick him, tell him where he can stuff it, and happily munch my steak. Game over, right? *sigh* Unfortunately, probably not.... I'd probably concede, at least temporarily, to spare my knight, who is no doubt besotted with me. But in the long run, it would eventually boil down to my steak or him, and in the end, I'm sorry, but steak is tasty. It wins.

Unfortunately though, this sort of conversation happens all the time. Byers actually posted on this not to long ago (Byers I heart you!) and it was disturbing to me then, and it's disturbing to me now. I can't tell you how many comments I get on my food, and to be honest, I don't understand it.

Maybe it's me, maybe I'm just different from everyone else, but when I see a person eating, the last thing I would ever imagine saying to them is "Are you REALLY going to eat that, or closely related, "Are you REALLY eating that?" also sister to, "Why are you eating that?" I wouldn't. I simply wouldn't do it. It opens the door to too many hurt feelings, too many rationalizations about stairmastering things off later, and so I keep my mouth shut. I guess therefore I expect the same in return. But alas, it is not to be. It drives me INSANE when people comment on my food, and since returning to school, it's happened more than I would really like.

Upon eating steak and peas for breakfast, people asked me how I could eat steak and peas for breakfast. Why didn't I eat cereal and have a bagel? God I could feel the nap coming on just from hearing the words. I wanted the good carbs, and I wanted the protein from the steak. So I ate it, just like that. But people didn't understand. Why? HOW? It's not BREAKFAST food! What? Who the F besides me should dictate what my breakfast food is? Truth be told, it was damned good steak. I marinated it in merlot. And my peas in butter were tasty and I'm sure kicked the crap out of their gross yogurt. To steal some words from Cher, "AS IF!".

But what's the point of this mindless ramble? Where is this going your wondering. Well here it is. My point: F 'em. If you want a steak, have a gd steak. If it's six am, and your SO is telling your you're insane and that you should have bagels and cereal. F it. Your diet is your diet, and your health is your health. If you get diabetes from eating a crapton of carbs, whose going to have to deal, you or your peers? Right. So game on. Start telling all those Primal naysayers to hit the road, and tell them the door can hit them on the way out. I've been doing this a month with a few speed bumps on the way, and I'm still down five pounds, am sleeping better, and in general feel better. I'm happy that I can again eat generous portions of meat and that I can use things like butter in almost wild abandon. I enjoy cooking, and I enjoy eating again. It's really been a blessing for me to go Primal (or well semi-primal cause of the whole speed bump thing, but I'm working on those). I'm human and you've read about my slips into the world of conventional wisdom. But the key thing is that I keep coming back. I fall a smidge down the slope, but I keep climbing back up. God I'm a stubborn SOB aren't I? ;) Indeed. So, if someone asks if you're REALLY going to eat that? Tell them, "Yes, yes I am, and I'm going to enjoy every bite." And then delight in every bite with wild abandon.

Tuesday's WOD: Max push press

Look at me.... school's got me turning into such a freakin' hot mess that I can't even remember that CFOT was closed Monday and that we did push presses on Tuesday! Oi vey! Tragic.... :P LOL... anyway...

Tuesday was a good day back from a much needed long weekend. Even though I didn't get in as many wod's as I wanted to last week, I was spent dude. 12 hour days everyday plus work at the restaurant and all that jazz... I was done. So I enjoyed my time off, but I enjoyed getting back to the box.

It was great to come back on a strength day because, well... DUH! We all know that I love throwing heavy things over my head. :) I'm a fan on Facebook, well not really a fan on Facebook, but you get the idea.... :P

The last time we did max push presses I believe was a Monday in July. We did strict/push/jerk, and I was able to hit 125X1 as my new PR on my max push press. That was a great set of lifting that day. I loved it. So going into this lifting day I was sort of feeling like an eager beaver. It's been a hot minute since I hit a PR so I was sort of itching for one.

Once I got 120 up I knew I had 125 but I wasn't sure about any higher. I jumped by 10 up to 135 and failed. Actually it was a successful lift, but it wasn't a push press... it was a flat out jerk. LOL. Jerry took some film of this day and added the bloopers. You can go to the CFOT page and watch the vid, and see me start to laugh as soon as I hit the lift knowing full well I'd just screwed up. Not to mention you can hear my teammates laughing at me in the background and my trainer... Nice guys they are... :P

Anyway, after the miss at 135, I decided to drop down, and I went for a new PR of 130. That went up pretty solid and felt pretty good. It wasn't a huge PR but sometimes, it's all about the baby steps... :P I'll take over the rest of the world soon enough... mwah mwah mwah (um... that was my evil laughter folks... be afraid... be very afraid.... ;) )

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another really really bad idea...

Ok, so here's an indicator that I've been away too long... I'm not sure what Jerry's latest really bad idea was... ruh roh... But thank God for Facebook! I just went back to the CFOT FB page to see what the wod's were that I haven't put up yet. Good lord. It's been nearly a week since I last blogged! I think the world has ceased moving!

I apologize to all my regular readers for my lack of entertaining ramblings. Really I am. I know that there are people out there who love to laugh at me, no not with me, AT me, on a daily basis so I'm sorry that things have been lacking here on the front. But as with life, sometimes it hits you with unexpected curve balls, which is what happened to me at the beginning of the week. That unexpected curve then impacted the rest of my week, whereupon I was hit with yet another curve ball. So suffice to say, heck yeah I'm glad this week is over!

So anyway, I didn't do so hot with my eating this week or with my wods. :( Big frowny face for me. Actually, I guess that's not entirely true. I did ok with my eating all last weekend into about Wednesday of this week. After the debacle last week with horrible eating during class, I was game on ready to try to tackle this week. I did great for the beginning of the week because I had cooked Sunday and had some leftover steak to take with me. But, by midweek stress levels were up, and I was working til 830-900 each night, and so eating well went out the window because I had no desire to cook when I got home. It is seeming to me that the biggest challenge to eating Primal for me, is time. If I want to eat well and stay healthy, I'm going to have to force myself to leave school early and get home in time to cook dinner and eat it before doing something for myself before bed. I have also learned that that something for me before bed part is important. For all you pervs whose heads are in the gutter, ew. That's not what I meant, AT ALL! But I just mean, taking the time to watch a show, read, blog, write something (which I have so let go to the back burner) or just in general find a way to relax. I am a go getter, which is a good thing, but I lack a work/me balance. I need to find it. In a big fat hurry.

So needless to say, because of this whole crazy whacktacular week I had, which btw, that second curve was me sort of wrecking my car... not fun... so anyway, because of this whacktackular week, I only made it to the box three days instead of my normal five. I forgot that due to Labor Day the box was closed Saturday, so I couldn't get my 4th wod in. I should have done something on my own, but let's be honest, I've needed some r&r. But, I still got in 3 wod's this week.

Monday... ugh, Monday was what I was referring to as another of Jerry's really bad ideas. It was straight disgusting. By Monday I still wasn't walking correctly after those 100 thrusters for time, and I actually had to take a rest day Tuesday because there was no way I was going to be able to front squat. Nope, couldn't do it. But crap, back to Monday. Monday...disgusting...

Strict press 65 lbs
L-sit pull-ups (since I can't L-sit, I did strict)

This was disgusting... I forget how long it took me... I think it was 27 and some change if I remember correctly. Gwoss.

Tuesday was a rest day!

Wednesday I STILL wasn't walking right so I subbed out part of the WOD.

20 ring dips (scaled to 12)
20 wall ball (subbed 40 abmats)
600 M run

So for this, not only were my legs fried, but after Monday, my arms were toast too. I could have done all 20 dips, but I would have lost all the metcon in this. There are days where turning off the clock and just going gangbusters until it's done is the right call, but when you're trying to be fast, just gritting through isn't always the way to go. So I saved my legs and subbed abmats, and did 12 dips, but still no band. For the girl who could only do 1 three weeks ago, still banging out 36 in a wod is impessive. At least to me, and let's be honest, I'm the only one that counts... :P Just kidding...

Now Thursday was so craptastic I don't really even want to mention it, but we did max power cleans, and I was just a head case. It just didn't click. I was working on my set up, and then my elbows were so slow that I was screwing everything up. My pull was MUCH better off the floor though. But now I need to tie it with my elbows. Elbows, elbows, elbows.....ugh... need to clean more I guess... damnit.

Also on Thursday I quasi wrecked my car, so needless to say, I wasn't able to make it in Friday for first Friday... :( boooooooooooooo... But, I am going to make a good effort to eat well this week, maybe get a wod tomorrow, and then game on for the rest of the week. We'll see how things go. Whew... ok that was a lot of catching up... I'm tired.... :P