Thursday, September 10, 2009

Max Hang Power Clean....

See, I told you I would start getting back to my blog soon! :) It took me a hot minute to get myself back into school mode but I'm getting there, and so now I'm getting back to doing what I love. Blogging and talking about myself. :P I kid I kid!

Thursday was a max effort day. Have I ever mentioned that I heart, heart, heart, heart, HEART max effort days? Maybe? Once or twice? Cause I do. :) Anyway, we maxed on hang power cleans. Lately, and by lately I mean basically since moving to our new box, we've been pulling everything off the floor. Snatches, cleans, etc etc. I have found, at least for me, that as soon as I start pulling things off the floor, something gets lost in translation for me. I don't know or understand why. I used to think it was my big breath, then I thought it was my set up, now I just don't know what the crap it is, but pulling from the floor definitely is a disadvantage for me. Where most people are able to do more from the floor and gain more power, I lose it, and can actually do more from the hang, as evidenced by our latest video.

This wod was great for getting me to think about the second part of that pull, not the pull from the floor, but the actual pull you make once the bar gets into those "pockets" at your hips. My speed actually looks pretty decent in the video until I hit 155. But hey, you know what, I'm cleaning 155lbs. Cut me a break. That's some heavy crizzap. :P

My jumps looked lke this:
145X1 PR
150X1 PR
155X1 PR (CFOT R)

I also was very cautious and methodical about my jump this time. Last week when we pulled from the floor with our cleans, I couldn't even get 125 up. I think part of it was that I jumped too fast. On most things, fast jumps are ok for me, but not for cleans, and not for deadlifts. I have learned my lesson with these that slower is most definitely better. I start to find a groove, or a rythym and it's way better for me. It isn't really all that important to me, but the 155 clean was a CFOT clean record. I sort of feel like it shouldn't count though since I didn't pull it off the floor, but you know, I don't make the rules... Jerry does.... :P

Here's our latest vid. Some good lifts, and some muffs so it's a great training vid. Lots of good cues for folks!


Jerry Hill said...

come on I got that on youtube = easy post!

Katie said...

LOL... I know but I always do a write up with the vid! :P