Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday: Weighted Chins

I hate to say it, but this just wasn't a good WOD for me. I really need to start being smarter and listen to my body. When I'm tired, much as I may hate it, I need to take the day. Getting back into this school schedule (as I'm sure you can tell) has been more than a little challenging for me. My first two weeks of school I didn't work during the week at the restaurant, but now, I've added that back in, and so this week has been extremely challenging. Working the way I do I need to remember that SLEEP is just as important as my diet. Even more so. On low sleep my patience goes out the window and that isn't good for anyone in my life, adults or kids alike. So really I'm just going to chalk this WOD up and call it a learning experience.

Lesson learned: Sleep and rest days are BOTH important.

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