Sunday, March 28, 2010

CrossFit Sectionals: DC/VA/WVA recap

I honestly don't know where to begin this post. So many good things came out of this weekend that I don't know that it's possible to list them all. I'll do my best to write you a good write up, but my arms still don't work really, so please bear with me. I won't lie. Going into this weekend I was a wreck. Waiting all week for the wods, then finding out my sisters couldn't come, then getting them in... whew. The week was an emotional roller coaster. Add into that that on Friday night the nerves hit and I think it's easy to see that I was a bloody hot mess.

I haven't participated in any type of competition really since college. I mean, I did the half last year, but that for me wasn't a competition. That was between me, myself, and I to prove that I could actually complete a half. This was personal as well... I wanted to prove that I could complete this type of competition. But, it was also about the competition itself. I wanted to do well. I wanted to beat people. And I didn't realize how badly I wanted to go to regionals until I was at the sectional. Up until that point, I had the idea that it wasn't possible for me to go. Once I was there and it was within my grasp, I have never wanted anything more.

Teammates, coaches, and fans who were there can attest to the fact that the first WOD out of the gate, weighted Cindy, was by far my worst event of the games and extremely challenging for me. The push-ups slowed me to the point of barely moving and I had to fight for those reps. Lots of folks online bashed Jeff and Maggie for this programming and called it "vanilla", but I'd love to see them strap on a weight vest and go do Cindy. It's not fun. But I didn't quit and I didn't give up, and that was important. I have to say though that one of the best things about this weekend had nothing to do with my place or the wods. It had to do with our fans and our team. Not once during that Cindy did I ever give up because behind me I had people pushing me through. They were cheering and giving me advice, and just in general being wonderful. They were in my corner and that made all the difference. My team would not let me quit.

After that destructive Cindy, I had to refocus. I knew that if I wanted to do well, I had to hit the Clean and Jerk wod hard. There were no ifs, ands, or buts about it. It was go time. The second wod was max reps of clean and jerk at 115 for 3 minutes. 3-2-1 and go. I got 8 in the first minute, but was only able to get out 8 more in the next two minutes. I had #17 in the air at the buzzer, but I couldn't hang onto it to keep it locked out, so I finished with just 16 reps. Those 16 reps were painful, but they were enough to move me into 22nd place after the 2nd wod. With just two wods remaining, I knew I still had my work cut out for me.

I tried to rest and eat plenty of carbs on Saturday night, but I awoke Sunday at 0300in a state of sheer panic. My left arm would not bend. Apparently Cindy took more out of me than I thought. I immediately grabbed ice and some drugs and went back to bed. When I woke up again at 0500 due to the pain, I knew I was in some serious trouble. I rolled out on a foam roller and a tennis ball, iced again, stretched and took more drugs. En route to Annandale, I stopped to buy Icy Hot to try to calm down some of whatever was going on. As soon as Dr. Bills, the volunteer onsite doctor, arrived, I had him look me over. His diagnosis was that I either a) strained my tricep severely, or b) gave myself an isolated case of rhabdo where it only affects a certain part of your body. He put some biofreeze on me and told me to call first thing Monday AM. Of course he gave other recommendations to get me through the day but those are really boring, so we'll keep moving.

Anyway, we were sort of in luck since the first wod of day two was OHS, so I didn't need to bend my arm, but I just needed to keep the bar locked out. Our wod was 20 reps and run 2 laps, as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes. I had a hard time supporting the bar, but fought through everything and came out with 4 rounds +15 reps. This earned me some more big points and brought me into the top 20 at 17th place. While I was pleased with that, knowing that top 20 advance to regionals, it scared me a lot. The final wod was a metcon with sdhp, which involved bending my arm, and not to mention, it was a 7 minute metcon. I'm not a metcon girl. I like to slog through things or throw heavy weights. I'm not a girl who likes to just keep going and going and going. Regardless though, I had to do it, and I had to do my best to hold off the girls behind me.

To describe the last wod is hard. I was nervous, scared spitless would probably be a more accurate description actually. I was so close to regionals, I didn't want it to slip through my fingers, and to be honest, I didn't want to let my team down. They were with me through those middle two wods where I put myself back in the fight for the top 20 and I didn't want to let them down. I didn't want them to feel like their work, as well as mine, had been for naught. Going into that wod, I knew what I needed to do. I knew I had a job and I needed to get it done. It was just a matter of whether or not my body would cooperate and whether or not I could. My oldest sister was there to watch on Sunday, and unbeknownst to me until after the WOD, she had flipped my camera to the video function and recorded the whole thing.

As I was moving, all I could hear was the group of people from CFOT. Everytime a minute went by, they told me. Everytime I dropped the bar, they told me to get back on. The last 2 minutes of that wod were perhaps the craziest thing I have ever heard. The noise level in that gym was unbelievable. I went back and watched the video, and caught the last two minutes. I know why I got through that wod, and I know why I placed 18th and not 21st. Because those people got me there. They got me back on the bar with 15 seconds left to finish my final round of high pulls, and they got me back on the box with 10 seconds remaining to bang out 6 more box jumps. Those final 6 jumps were excruciating. My legs were fried, my lungs were done. But they were the final deciding factor. The difference between me and 19th place was 2 points. That's one box jump more. The difference between me and 20th place was 4 points. That's literally 2 reps. Had I not gotten back on that box, things would have been very different. And I totally credit that to the people who were behind me all weekend.

I have said from the get go that the one thing that I love about CFOT is the support that we give each other. This weekend was no exception and the folks that were there at the sectionals went above and beyond anything I have ever known or seen before. In my life I have never felt so loved and supported as I did during those four wods. For the first time ever, my family got involved with CF and both sisters were able to see me hit some wods, which was so unbelievably amazing that I'm not sure I can even put in words how great that felt. And in addition to my real family, my CFOT family didn't leave my side for two days. I can't think about this weekend without starting to tear up a bit. I got so many hugs and high fives, and so many people stopped to tell me how proud of me they were. It was perhaps the single most amazing weekend of my life. The way I felt after finishing all four of those wods is not something I have ever felt before. I've been happy about performances and glad that I've done well, but there was never this sense of pride or of shared accomplishment, and that's what I felt. Those wods belonged to me just as much as they belonged to every person who cheered for me, has worked out with me, or has coached me. It was a victory for me, but that doesn't make it any less a victory for everyone else. Everytime someone was in a heat, there were CFOT folks there cheering them on. Everytime someone came off, there were CFOT folks to congratulate them. Whether or not you agree with the idea of the games, one thing is for sure.... they show you what you're made of, and they show you what your team is made of.

And for the first time in my life, I am SURE that I am made of pretty tough stuff and I already KNOW that my team is. For the girl who two years ago was overweight and couldn't do a pull-up or a push-up to get 18th place in the DC/WVA/VA sectionals shows just how powerful CrossFit (and this community) is... and to that I can really only say one thing.... Hooah!

Here is the video of the final minutes of the best weekend I've ever had....

For a full list of the DC/WVA/VA scores, go here.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Clark and Helen...

Ok, so maybe there's no Clark in CF but there is a Helen, and whenever I hear Helen it makes me think of the Griswald's and Christmas Vacation. Ok, so that's quite a bit of a pogo but whatevs... this is a material world and I'm a material girl. Ok, so THAT was even more random than the Christmas Vacation pogo... so I'm going to quit while I'm ahead. Am I ahead? I don't know. I lost track... but I'll get around to writing about Helen sometime today... maybe it will distract me from the fact that VA/DC/WVA hasn't announced wods yet. Probably not but it's a nice thought... YAR!


Because the games were coming, I took this wod at about 75-80%. I wasn't really pushing too much, just trying to get some solid work in so that I could stay loose but still stay ready for the games. I brought this in in 12:36 which totally makes me laugh because that's a PR for me. I was pushing so hard last time I did Helen and only managed to get this in in 12:38. Hmmmmmm... maybe that extra metcon has paid off? LOL. We'll see. We shall see.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Monday was a nice strength day, something I've been missing with all the gwoss metcons we've been doing lately. We did BS X 5 and with sectionals coming, Jerry encouraged us to go light if we were feeling froggy, and go heavy if we were feeling stoked. I have been feeling a little on the froggy side, so I opted to go for about 75% effort.

I was trying to lift smart and not hurt myself but get some good work in to keep the muscles nice and loose for this weekend. My 1 RM is 225, so I was thinking about 75% of that would be good. Well, I was ramping up and lifting and wound up throwing 175 on for 5. I felt a little tired but felt strong on those. I was starting to put out a little more effort with those though so I decided that was probably a good place for me to quit. Quit while I was ahead so to speak. So I did that, and when I got home checked what my 5 rep max is. I was actually just 15lbs under that. Sooooo I don't know what that really says. Maybe I'm stronger than I think? Maybe I should have backed off more? I'm not sure really. But I got some good work in, and stayed loosened up, and that's what is important. The sectional is not being released until today (Thursday) and I'm not pleased about that, but I'm doing the best I can to stay sane. It's not working too well, but I'm trying.... if they don't come soon though, GACK! I don't know what I'm going to do!

Beware the widget!!!!

I wanted to type up this little blurb just to warn all my friends out there in blogger land to BEWARE OF THE WIDGET! As we are INCHING ever so much closer to the CF VA/DC/WVA sectionals, I decided to add a counter to my page counting down the time to the competition.

Everything was fine for most of the day, then as I refreshed my page the next day, all of a sudden I could no longer access my blog and everything went to pot. The widget totally hijacked my blog! I was not pleased to say the least. I had to use the Blogger help button because I couldn't go delete the widget! Even going to my layout page wouldn't let me do it. Not happy with that at all! So I used the help function which eventually told me that I needed to go directly to the template and erase the code for the offending widget. But mind you if you f up, it completely screws up your page, so don't delete the wrong code for Pete's sake! Yeah, about that, I was not pleased.

So take a word of advice from me, avoid all 3rd party widgets. Clocks, countdowns, quotes of the day... they are often not user friendly and can easily waste a half hour of your day trying to figure out how to get rid of them!!! Yar!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

More disgusting metcon...

Have you noticed a theme this week? If you guessed metcon, you're very clever!!! Saturday was more gwoss metcon stuff... but I guess you already knew that huh?

I don't really like writing about metcons because see, I don't like them really, so the only thing I can ever really say about them is that they suck. Really, I do know deep down that the only way to get faster is to do more metcons, but I just really can't force myself to like them. Just doesn't happen. Boo hiss! So, I will say though that my run on this SUCKED. All the middle stuff though, pretty good. I was not the fastest girl on the day by any means, but despite my ridiculously tight hamstrings, I still posted a pretty decent time.

Run 800 M
5 rounds
7 pull-ups
7 box jumps
Run 800 M
5 rounds
7 pull-ups
7 burpees

Time 21:08.

I was really hoping for sub 20 but for that to happen, I need to shave some serious time off my 800 M run in the middle of a wod. Ummmmmmmm...... I'll get back to you on that....

Row, lunge, swing, run!

Did you catch all that!?!? This wod had a little bit of all the really crappy metcon stuff I could possibly want. AWESOME!

500 M row
Rest 4 minutes
5 rft
60 ft Overhead walking lunge 25lbs
12 KB swings 53 lbs
Rest 4 minutes
Run 400 M

This was a metcon nightmare for me. I rowed out hard and then just couldn't get my legs back. The whole time I was doing the lunges and KB swings my hamstrings were just tweaking! It was pretty wicked. I didn't recover in time to do much better on the run either. My row was a 1:43.1. I could have rowed faster. I took about a second pause at about 100 M left. I was really tight then, and just felt my legs giving out, and that pause caught me. I held the CFOT row record for about 2 hours before someone else had to break it. It sort of makes me angry that people keep pinging on me. I kinda wish they'd just leave me alone for a day, but really, I suppose there isn't much I can do about that....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do you feel lucky?!?!?! Well do ya punk?!?!

Like many things that get started in my life, the discussion that gave me this blog idea started off with a seemingingly innocent question. My kids and I were discussing St. Patrick's Day yesterday and I asked them to write in their journals about why they were lucky, or what would be something that would make them feel lucky. I wasn't overly shocked at the responses that I got, but I was sort of disappointed.

In a time when Haiti is in ruins, Chile has shifted the world, New Orleans is still rebuilding, and tsunamis have destroyed Asia, my kids are still focused on the material things. They're 8, and so they still very much exist in an ego phase (satisfying their wants before thinking of others) but still... I was hoping for a little more than what I got. Being lucky means winning the lottery and never having to work again, taking the easy way so to speak. Being lucky means that you have every gaming system made right now, have state of the art cell phones, eat all the ice cream, chocolate and candy you want (I will concede on this one, this IS lucky) and have all the money in the world. I understand that St. Patrick's Day isn't really supposed to be a reflective holiday. Let's face it, for a holiday that focuses on drinking green beer, it's hard to think that St. Patrick's Day is a time to analyze ones life or luck.

Regardless though, it got me to thinking. What is luck really? Why am I lucky? Just like my journal got my kids to think, it made me pause for a minute to think, and I realize that regardless of how "rough" things seem and how frustrated I get, I am one heck of a lucky person. While many things in life may frustrate me, the opportunities that I am given and the things that I have make me a very lucky person. So rather than type them all out in big long paragraphs, I made a list. A list of things that make me one lucky son of a gun... well or daughter of a gun if you're getting technical.... ;)

My list of reasons why I'm lucky...

*While CF and work may make me sore, I have 2 arms and 2 legs that work and support me and carry me through endless hours of work and working out. Regardless of the suck factor, I CAN do it.

*I have a job, multiple in fact. In a time when folks are getting laid off all over the place... I have three jobs that I usually enjoy, and are helping me to actually get financially on the right track. While others are struggling, I am seemingly moving on unphased and actually making headway.

*I have a roof over my head. Haiti, Chile, lots of folks there don't right now. I may hate rent, and I may wish I had more room, but I'm lucky enough to have a place to call home.

*I have friends... and lots of them. Maybe some are only acquaintances, but I'm blessed enough to have a variety of wonderful folks in my life. Amen.

*I've been loved. Some people in their lives live so much in fear of love, that they reject it or ruin it. While it may be painful, I've loved, and been loved... and it truly is the greatest feeling in the world.

*I have food in my belly and clothes on my back. Some people don't. I should remember this when I worry that I don't have the latest fashions or the latest $200 purse or pair of shoes. What's inside the clothes is more important anyway.

*I have my senses. I can smell the first cut grass of the season, see the flowers as they poke through the earth, feel the sun upon my face, hear the birds and geese as they return, and taste the custard that Rita's gives free on the first day of spring... sometimes it really is the simple things...

*I can read. I may not agree with everything I see, but the point is that I can see it, and understand it.

*I have a family. Well, two families actually... my biological one, and my CrossFit one. There are people who go through their lives never knowing what it is like to have the love and support of a family. I'm lucky enough to have it two times over.

This list isn't very long, but honestly, it doesn't have to be. The point has been made that despite all the ups, downs, sideways maneuvers my life takes me on, I have a lot to be thankful for, and I am very lucky. I may only be part Irish, I really actually am, but regardless of the size of the Irish in me, I'm one lucky girl. I can't think of how much different my life would be if even just ONE of those things was not the same.

Life is all about perception. How you perceive what is happening in the world around you. Sometimes it's hard to keep everything in perspective. Sometimes life feels like a runaway train that we can't get off of. When you start to feel that way, just stop and think. You might just be forgetting the little things. Keep it in perspective. I'm lucky. So are you.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Katie on love: Perhaps it's time?

There are a lot of things that I am. I am a teacher, I'm a friend, I'm a sister, I'm a coach, I'm an athlete, I'm a writer, I'm a CrossFitter.... all of these things give a pretty good description of ME. What I am. But one thing I am not, is lucky when it comes to love.

After last year's fiasco where I found out through my blog that the man I was dating had another girlfriend, I sort of backed off writing about my personal life. But as I think more and more about that, it bothers me. Part of the reason that I wanted to write my blog was to share MY life. I wanted to share MY stories, MY experiences. I felt that if people could take ONE thing away from something I've written or gone through, than that was a good thing. But if I'm running scared, afraid to actually write about any of those things, the purpose of this blog is actually quite moot.

I was very candid in '08 when I shared my ENTIRE CF story and it hit the main page. Why now after all that dirty laundry has aired should I suddenly be so shy? I shouldn't. But one bad experience nearly ruined it all. So, it's time to get back to my roots so to speak. Time to get thoughtful, and time to get candid with you all. So, here we go.

My thoughts on love. Let's get serious shall we? Love is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Unfortunately, it also can be one of the most elusive to find. I have spent years trying to find someone who understands me. Understands the way I think, the way I work, the way I am. And to be quite frank, I've thought a few times that I found it, only to have that perfect glass house that I've built in my head come tumbling down around me in a million tiny small shards.

I've built walls and tried to act as if I don't care that I have been unlucky in love, but the bottom line is that I do. No one really WANTS to live their life alone. Humans are not notorious for being reclusive hermits. We like to be around other people. We need social interaction. We want to feel that connection to someone, and when it's not there, we feel like something is missing.

For a long time, CrossFit helped to fill this void. I love going to the box and seeing everyone and for a long time CF helped me to fill that need to have that interaction. But at the end of the day, CrossFit can't be my boyfriend. Although I would love to marry CrossFit and take CrossFit out for drinks and dinner, it just doesn't work that way.

I will be very honest now and say that my last relationship really messed with my head. I don't want to air all the dirty laundry because in truth, it's really not fair to the other party regardless of what he's done, but the long and short of it is that he wasn't very honest with me, and never really treated me well. If you honestly and truly care about someone, lying to them and doing things that you know will hurt them wouldn't seem like things that are good ideas. Regardless though, despite all the good things, the bad things left their mark too, and it's taken me a really long time to get over this person and the things that they did. This isn't to say that I'm without fault in the relationship. I am and I fully admit that I am not a perfect person, but in my opinion, my shortcomings were not quite so severe.

But, regardless, I'm ready now. I think it's time to move on, and time to get back on the box. I know. Box? What? Well, I'd like to think that in some ways, love is like CF. Sometimes when you miss the box on a box jump, you bang your shin and it hurts like hell. It leaves bruises, probably tears a little flesh off, and takes awhile to heal. For the next few box jump wods, you're really cautious of that box. You are so terrified of slamming your shin that you nearly injure yourself again. I feel the same way with love. I think I've been so wrapped up in all the "what ifs" that maybe some things haven't worked out the way they otherwise could have.

So, I think it's time. I think it's time to start going full throttle on the box jumps again. I think to have a full life, you need to let other people in, even if they chose not to stay. I'm lucky enough to have had the opportunity to love others, and be loved. It hasn't worked out the way I had hoped, but seldom do things in life work out as planned. I would like to think that things in my life are planned. There is a time and a place for things to happen for me. It may be that things never happen, and if not, well, then that's so. But for now, I'm going to keep my heart open and allow people to find their way in, and also be sure to close my heart to the people who don't really belong there to begin with. This is hard to do no doubt, but just like those box jumps, all it takes is a little practice, and eventually you learn. You get better at them, and you get tougher. Next time you bang your shin, it hurts. But you know it will get better in time. So you walk it off, swear a bit, and get right back at it. Don't ever quit. For if you do, you never know what you might miss.

Let love in, because sometimes, all you need is love.

Run, jump, lift...

It's getting down to the wire now folks. VA/DC/WVA sectionals are coming up fast. To help get all the sectionals athletes ready, and there are a bunch, Jerry has been throwing the disgusting metcons our way for much of the last week. Monday I opted to take a rest day after the insanity that was my weekend. Work Friday, 13 hour double Saturday, plus another shift Sunday combined to pretty much whoop me. Not to mention, I hit that terrible row, OHS, double under wod on Saturday and I wasn't really feeling spunky for the box.

So, Tuesday I made sure to get back in. After working Monday night, I hit the PM class on Tuesday, and certainly enjoyed the run. Well, sort of. It was gorgeous out as it seems that spring has FINALLY decided to make it's way to DC. So, I loved being outside in the warmth and sunshine. It certainly does the soul good. I can at least tell you that. As for the actual running part, that still pretty much sucked, but there's not a whole lot I can do about that.

The wod Jerry threw down was pretty gwoss. I mean that in the nicest way possible too. It went a little something like 'dis.

Run 400M
30 Box jumps
15 cleans
Run 400 M
24 Box jumps
12 cleans
Run 400 M
18 Box jumps
9 cleans

Load: 105lbs
Time: 18:37

I have to say, I was pretty proud of this one honestly. I felt like I really put out on this. Scratch that, put out? Sounds bad. I really gave my all? Better. I was wheezing and gasping through most of this, but I was pretty good about staying off my knees and just at least getting a few more reps. I'm no metcon ninja, but I where other elite (105) folks lost time on the clean and jerks, that's where I sort of made it up. While they smoked me on the run, I gained some of that time back on the jerks. So it was a nice balance. I wasn't the fastest girl on the day, but I was pretty close, and on a metcon with a run, that's pretty good. I'm still not what I would call "psyched" for the sectionals because I'm still too worried about DU's or HSPU coming up, but I'm sort of at peace with it. What will be, will be, and there's not much I can do about it. Life has thrown me some training curves that I didn't see coming and I've done my best to work around them. I've gotten stronger and faster in the last few months, and although my goats haven't gotten that much better, that's not to say that I haven't shown improvement. I have.

So, I'm proud of myself for doing what I need to do for me, and still being able to compete at this level. I think that says a lot about me and my personality, and it says a lot about my level of fitness. I can do this not being totally focused. Imagine what I could do if I was focused! Maybe next year that will happen, but for now, I'm just rollin' with the punches.... but people at sectionals better be ready. I do carry a pretty mean right hook. ;)

Things that for some reason are really beginning to irk me...

I'm going to start this list now... and then do the other blogs later. I don't know why I was bothered by this first thing on my list, but... it irked me.

#1- "Baby on Board!" signs

Ok, I understand that parenthood is a big deal, and I hope that someday I will have the opportunity to have someone love me enough to bring a little wee glitter wearin' CF'er into the world. However, I don't understand these stupid little signs. It's like people think that by announcing that they have a child in their car, they have some sort of a special license. As I was following the driver with this sign this morning, I felt like their special license was a license to be stupid. Driving under the speed limit, signaling for nearly a minute before changing lanes, braking for every single possible pothole, squirrel, ant, and every other driver within a mile radius who happened to brake for a legitimate reason and in general driving defensively with a capital DEFENSIVELY.

Don't get me wrong. I understand that kids are precious and the desire to protect is strong, but honestly, driving UNDER the speed limit down here is actually just as dangerous as flying down the highway at 80MPH. Not to mention, the signaling stuff was just plain annoying to all the other drivers around them... they slowed down to let the car over, but then when the person didn't take advantage of the space they were allowing them, they decided to pass them. The car THEN decided it wanted to move, and did the whole swerving thing, as if the cars who were originally trying to be nice, had done something wrong. Irk irk irk... I was annoyed by this this morning.

Straight outta the bag...

It never seems to fail. Everyday I wake up, think about what I have going on for the day, figure out what I need to take with me, and I pack it. After a shower (if I'm not going to CF) I grab my gear and hit the road. But I've increasingly noticed that rather than walking out the door like a normal human being, I walk out the door feeling like a bag lady. I literally feel like I've been living my life straight outta the bag.

I walk out most days with a CF bag, a school bag, a lunch bag, perhaps a comfy clothes bag (if I'm planning on staying late at work to do papers etc) and very often a restaurant bag. I literally feel like I'm living in these bags. It has gotten so bad that I've begun to carry and keep doubles and triples of everything just so that if by chance I forget to put it in the bag, I know I'm covered. For example, I think I currently own 8 deodorants, 3 toothbrushes, 3 lint brushes (one travel sized), 4 things of lotion (there are more than that, but they do not travel), 3 things of body spray, traveling Q-tips, two make-up bags, 2 shower poofs, 2 sets of shower gear (soap, bodywash, poof, shampoo, conditioner, face wash) and multiple pairs of tweezers, and make-up.

I'm beginning to literally feel like a bag lady. I realized the magnitude of this issue one morning last week. I didn't attend CF because I was feeling under the weather, and I had stayed late at work the night before, so I hadn't brought home any school work. I didn't have restaurant work, and my lunch was already in the fridge at school so I literally left the house carrying my phone, my keys, and my school badge. I felt naked. I felt like I had forgotten something and it drove me crazy. I probably spent five minutes before leaving the house wandering around, looking for something that I was supposed to be taking with me. I'm wondering if this bag carrying has turned into a sort of sickness. A sort of disease. Bagitis? Hmmm... I don't know if I like that. Sounds too much like some sort of VD. I'm wondering too if this is just me. Does anyone else suffer from a sort of affliction like this? Bagitis? Perhaps coffeeitis? A disease where you can't leave the house without carrying your coffee??!? I think I should check in with some sort of medical association to see if perhaps I can be diagnosed or at least make them aware of this pressing and very dangerous condition. :P

Sunday, March 14, 2010

If the first part didn't suck...

If the first part of yesterday's wod didn't suck bad enough for you, don't worry. Cause the 2nd and 3rd movements of the triplet ought to get you. Oi vey! I know I've been sick, so I've missed a lot of time in the box this week, and believe me, I feel it. My energy was wicked low so I had a hard time pushing through, but regardless of that, the wod would've felt terrible anyway.

The first part of the WOD was a 500 m row. I mean really, who likes rowing 500 m? Not only does it fry your legs, but it totally gasses you too. So then, from there, you go right into 9 OHS with 85 lbs. See, I love OHS, but dude... trying to stabilize and hold the bar over my head while my legs don't quite work, see, that doesn't work out so well. And then, (and 'den and 'den and 'den, no and 'den!) you have to do 50 DU's. I HATE HATE HATE HATE DOUBLE UNDERS!!! I am really not kidding about that. I hit myself so many times it is ree-damn-diculous. Seriously. I had to start doing them in my fleece because I hit myself so many times that I had welts! And of course, we had to do 3 rounds for time, so I KEPT hitting myself. Yar. I'm not a fan of whipping myself.

The really awesome thing is then, that after this I was on a double at work. My work uniforma is a company logo'ed t-shirt of whatever kind I'd like to wear, and pants, so long as they aren't jeans. Pretty cool huh? Yeah, that's why I freakin' LOVE this place. Anyway, I had brought a short sleeved shirt for my shift. Um... about that... I took off my hoodie when I got to work and people were really concerned. They seriously thought I had gotten into some sort of altercation. I literally had welts up and down my ENTIRE arm. It guess it's a good thing that they couldn't see my butt or the back of my legs cause I caught myself there pretty well a few times too... and I'll be the first to attest to the fact that it really really really really HURTS. I'm just sayin'.... speakin' of hurting, I am after that double yesterday. Wow, not sitting for 12 hours can really mess with your's time to go roll out... *insert Ludacris song here* ROLL OUT!!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ch-ch-ch-changes.... turn and face the change... ch-ch- changes!

If you are a regular reader, and you've noticed that my daily posts are now not quite so daily, YOU are a very smart reader. Ok, so I think all my readers are smart, but that's just because well.... you're smart to like me... :) EEEH! Yup, I just did the pig thing again...

Soooo, howzabout that whole life thing? Yeah, about that... remember how I said that after swimming everything was going to slow down for me? Yeah, about that... that hasn't so much worked. Awhile ago, I got wind of some things going on at my second job that I REALLY didn't like. There was a rumor flying around that one of my coworkers was about to become a manager at our place due to one of our managers leaving. Normally, this wouldn't have bothered me. I had no interest in the job seeing as how I have a full time one of those already, and to be honest, I don't have a problem with equals stepping into management so long as it's not just so they can pull power trips. So, I was totally fine, until I heard who it was.

The person who was supposedly going to now be my boss was someone who as a server is, well, less than fully competent and gets weeded (restaurant speak for off track/very busy/not able to handle things) on three tables. My response? W-T-F?! Seriously... the dude is not what I would call management material, and certainly was not what I wanted in a potential boss. So, I decidede that despite having been there for 3.5 years, it was time to go. I decided I needed to leave. I applied to a few other places, but really didn't hear anything back. I guess the cards of fate were not going in my favor. But as it turns out, the rumor wasn't true, or rather, we think it was, but when management got wind of all of us leaving due to their decision, they backpeddled quite a bit. The person who wound up shifting into the new management position was actually a good friend of mine, and I had no trouble respecting her, and so I figured I would stay.

Well, a few weeks went by and just before our big snow I got a call from one of the restaurants I had applied to, asking if I was still interested in the job. I told them I was and set up an interview. I went in and thought I spoke pretty well, but couldn't get a read off of either of the two managers I interviewed with. I waited a few days and called back to find out that I needed to have another interview and so I set up that one. During the week we were out of school due to snow, I went in, and FINALLY got the job. It was bittersweet for me because my (now) old restaurant was very good to me. I had my schedule set and they worked well with me, but money wise, it really wasn't any good for me anymore. I needed more than what they could give. So, I trained at the new place the same week I worked out my final shifts at the old place, which needless to say, was not something I ever intend to repeat again. It was BRUTAL.

I wound up working 10 doubles in 11 days so of course CF took a hit, but it was of course for a good cause... my financial cause that is. Anyway, after that week I was up and running on my own, which was a good thing....sort of. I've been working a lot, and since this is all still very new to me, it's not as mindless as the old place. At the old place I had been there so long that I could be half dead and still do my job pretty well. I knew the ins and outs by heart, and most questions I had been asked so many times that I had an automated response. This place, I'm not there yet. It will come, but it takes a lot more energy there for me to stay on top of things and stay on my toes. Not to mention, the volume there is HUGELY different. It is a MUCH busier place. Even with smaller section sizes, my sales at the end of the night are MORE than what I ran at the old place.

While the jump was hard for me to make because my old restaurant has been so good to me, it is very clear to me now that it was the right choice. But the new place is busier and open later, so it's taking it's toll on my body. As I said, I know I will adjust, but it will take a bit. This switch has been nothing short of a godsend. I have felt for a long time that financially, I was just stuck. I was being held in place by this cycle that I couldn't seem to break. This switch, this change, seems to have broken the cycle. While I'm completely thrashed and exhausted (not to mention sick with a cold... YAR!) I'm also totally and completely HAPPY. Something I have not truly and honestly been with my life in a long long time. I love the food and the beer at the new place. It's actually an alehouse that has license to use the beers from a semi-local brewery. It's freakin' awesome. The management there is incredibly helpful, and it's a really fun place to work. I no longer have that feeling of dread I had when I had to go to work at the old place. I think that's one thing that has made the hugest difference for me. I look forward to going to work at the new place, and I no longer stand at the door going, "I don't want to do this." It has made a huge difference in my attitude, and if you think attitude ain't everything, huh, honey, think again. Further kind of adding to this delerium is the fact that I also caught wind of a potential summer job coaching with a local swim team that may also help with the financials as well. If it comes through, well, let's just say it would help a LOT. So I'm crossing my fingers and praying this recent string of good luck and happiness holds. I'm ready for some good things in my life.

So what does this mean exactly for CrossFit and ye old mindless ramblings? Not much really. I've been going regularly to the box 4 times a week, and I'm going to try to continue that and see if maybe I can't get back up to 5 soon. This big change though will probably continue to at least affect my postings. I hope to get back to my senseless chatter and insightful ramblings daily instead of every few days (I know there has been a lack of those lately) as things for me really and truly do slow down. So readers, hang in there with me please! We've already been through so much! :)

Before I go though, I want to say a HUGENORMOUS public thank you to the people who have stood by me the last few months. I have needed shoulders a few times, I've needed to vent a few times, and I have just needed to not have to carry the load all by myself sometimes. My 0515 family and the rest of the CFOT family, especially Jerry, you guys have all been wonderful. My friends, both far, near, and internet wise, you guys are the best. Thank you for listening and for caring, for your neverending support, and of course your encouragement! You guys continue to help me rise when I fall.

Just a few more thoughts before I go.... I recently reread the Chronicles of Narnia, and I have to say, as I get older, the metaphors thrown in there are really amazing. But I like the part at the end where they are all realizing that they have passed on. They are encouraged to go "further up and further in". As they keep going, things just keep getting better... they see old friends, things look more crisp and clear, things get more beautiful... I'd like to think that's what's happening. I'd like to think that the end of my 27th year is me going "further up and further in". Not in the sense that I've passed on, let's certainly not hope that! But let's hope that this is the start of good things for once. Let's all cross our fingers while I keep going "further up, and further in".

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday burner...

I have to say, it's been awhile since I've said what I'm about to say, so please be sure to brace yourselves.... I liked this workout... *GASP*... I know... I know, I'm sorry. Please get ahold of yourselves.

I know this is going to doubly shock you so I really need you to hold on... because this was... a METCON.... Oh God! I know... I can feel the Earth shifting out of alignment! I'm so sorry everyone!

Ok, but for cereal, Jerry came up with this metcon wod and I actually liked it. I mean, it sucked, but I liked it anyway. It looked like 'dis.

10 snatches
10 lateral burpees
10 c2b pull-ups
10 thrusters
10 lateral burpees
10 c2b pull-ups
10 clean and jerks
10 lateral burpees
10 c2b pull-ups

load: 85lbs for women
time: 9:57

I wish this would have been closer to 9:00 than 10:00 but I was really pleased with this. After the roller coaster ride I've been on for the last two months, I'm proud of myself for getting in and getting this in under 10 minutes. I really had to fight for this one but it was good. I give it a thumbs up! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

March First Friday...

I couldn't find my First Friday shirt this morning... I was very upset... I think this means I'm going to have to scour ye olde' closet/dresser... who knows what else I've misplaced! Oi vey!

Not feelin' so hot this week. Bum knee, feelin' under the weather with all this work stuff..... I was really hoping once swimming was done all would be smooth sailing, but you know what they say about the plans of mice and men... they oft times go awry! My plans went awry in case you couldn't tell.

Since we hit Josh last week, I was sort of waffling on what to do for First Friday. I just didn't think doing Josh again so soon would be beneficial. So I settled on Randy. I couldn't remember if Randy was 55lbs or 65lbs for women, so I asked Jerry. He told me to suck it up and do the men's weight. That was not quite the answer I was hoping for but regardless I threw the weight on the bar and hopped on the clock. I finished the men's rx'd Randy in sub 10. I was pretty happy with that. Not ecstatic, but pretty pleased. I was done in 9:43. That's over a 2 minute PR from my last men's Randy. I'm not sure when that was exactly, August maybe? But regardless, it's still a PR. 75 snatches for time though really stinks... ouch.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Squeaky clean!

I'll get here today... I don't actually have to work tonight, but I do have a banquet that I have to attend... why is it always something!?!?!?