Sunday, March 14, 2010

If the first part didn't suck...

If the first part of yesterday's wod didn't suck bad enough for you, don't worry. Cause the 2nd and 3rd movements of the triplet ought to get you. Oi vey! I know I've been sick, so I've missed a lot of time in the box this week, and believe me, I feel it. My energy was wicked low so I had a hard time pushing through, but regardless of that, the wod would've felt terrible anyway.

The first part of the WOD was a 500 m row. I mean really, who likes rowing 500 m? Not only does it fry your legs, but it totally gasses you too. So then, from there, you go right into 9 OHS with 85 lbs. See, I love OHS, but dude... trying to stabilize and hold the bar over my head while my legs don't quite work, see, that doesn't work out so well. And then, (and 'den and 'den and 'den, no and 'den!) you have to do 50 DU's. I HATE HATE HATE HATE DOUBLE UNDERS!!! I am really not kidding about that. I hit myself so many times it is ree-damn-diculous. Seriously. I had to start doing them in my fleece because I hit myself so many times that I had welts! And of course, we had to do 3 rounds for time, so I KEPT hitting myself. Yar. I'm not a fan of whipping myself.

The really awesome thing is then, that after this I was on a double at work. My work uniforma is a company logo'ed t-shirt of whatever kind I'd like to wear, and pants, so long as they aren't jeans. Pretty cool huh? Yeah, that's why I freakin' LOVE this place. Anyway, I had brought a short sleeved shirt for my shift. Um... about that... I took off my hoodie when I got to work and people were really concerned. They seriously thought I had gotten into some sort of altercation. I literally had welts up and down my ENTIRE arm. It guess it's a good thing that they couldn't see my butt or the back of my legs cause I caught myself there pretty well a few times too... and I'll be the first to attest to the fact that it really really really really HURTS. I'm just sayin'.... speakin' of hurting, I am after that double yesterday. Wow, not sitting for 12 hours can really mess with your's time to go roll out... *insert Ludacris song here* ROLL OUT!!!!!

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