Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do you feel lucky?!?!?! Well do ya punk?!?!

Like many things that get started in my life, the discussion that gave me this blog idea started off with a seemingingly innocent question. My kids and I were discussing St. Patrick's Day yesterday and I asked them to write in their journals about why they were lucky, or what would be something that would make them feel lucky. I wasn't overly shocked at the responses that I got, but I was sort of disappointed.

In a time when Haiti is in ruins, Chile has shifted the world, New Orleans is still rebuilding, and tsunamis have destroyed Asia, my kids are still focused on the material things. They're 8, and so they still very much exist in an ego phase (satisfying their wants before thinking of others) but still... I was hoping for a little more than what I got. Being lucky means winning the lottery and never having to work again, taking the easy way so to speak. Being lucky means that you have every gaming system made right now, have state of the art cell phones, eat all the ice cream, chocolate and candy you want (I will concede on this one, this IS lucky) and have all the money in the world. I understand that St. Patrick's Day isn't really supposed to be a reflective holiday. Let's face it, for a holiday that focuses on drinking green beer, it's hard to think that St. Patrick's Day is a time to analyze ones life or luck.

Regardless though, it got me to thinking. What is luck really? Why am I lucky? Just like my journal got my kids to think, it made me pause for a minute to think, and I realize that regardless of how "rough" things seem and how frustrated I get, I am one heck of a lucky person. While many things in life may frustrate me, the opportunities that I am given and the things that I have make me a very lucky person. So rather than type them all out in big long paragraphs, I made a list. A list of things that make me one lucky son of a gun... well or daughter of a gun if you're getting technical.... ;)

My list of reasons why I'm lucky...

*While CF and work may make me sore, I have 2 arms and 2 legs that work and support me and carry me through endless hours of work and working out. Regardless of the suck factor, I CAN do it.

*I have a job, multiple in fact. In a time when folks are getting laid off all over the place... I have three jobs that I usually enjoy, and are helping me to actually get financially on the right track. While others are struggling, I am seemingly moving on unphased and actually making headway.

*I have a roof over my head. Haiti, Chile, lots of folks there don't right now. I may hate rent, and I may wish I had more room, but I'm lucky enough to have a place to call home.

*I have friends... and lots of them. Maybe some are only acquaintances, but I'm blessed enough to have a variety of wonderful folks in my life. Amen.

*I've been loved. Some people in their lives live so much in fear of love, that they reject it or ruin it. While it may be painful, I've loved, and been loved... and it truly is the greatest feeling in the world.

*I have food in my belly and clothes on my back. Some people don't. I should remember this when I worry that I don't have the latest fashions or the latest $200 purse or pair of shoes. What's inside the clothes is more important anyway.

*I have my senses. I can smell the first cut grass of the season, see the flowers as they poke through the earth, feel the sun upon my face, hear the birds and geese as they return, and taste the custard that Rita's gives free on the first day of spring... sometimes it really is the simple things...

*I can read. I may not agree with everything I see, but the point is that I can see it, and understand it.

*I have a family. Well, two families actually... my biological one, and my CrossFit one. There are people who go through their lives never knowing what it is like to have the love and support of a family. I'm lucky enough to have it two times over.

This list isn't very long, but honestly, it doesn't have to be. The point has been made that despite all the ups, downs, sideways maneuvers my life takes me on, I have a lot to be thankful for, and I am very lucky. I may only be part Irish, I really actually am, but regardless of the size of the Irish in me, I'm one lucky girl. I can't think of how much different my life would be if even just ONE of those things was not the same.

Life is all about perception. How you perceive what is happening in the world around you. Sometimes it's hard to keep everything in perspective. Sometimes life feels like a runaway train that we can't get off of. When you start to feel that way, just stop and think. You might just be forgetting the little things. Keep it in perspective. I'm lucky. So are you.

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