Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gettin' clean...

Today was another great day at CFOT. I was a little tired and sore after the Fran madness yesterday, but I love working on cleans. Today's wod was a little bit confusing but once I got it, I enjoyed it. Jerry was focusing on today more as a skill day and an opportunity to work on form as opposed to heavy weight. He wanted us to make small jumps and focus on making sure that our form was good. I was working up pretty well when I sort of hit a wall.

After recording and watching my form, Jerry showed me that I have a layback in my clean. Instead of getting a vertical jump in, I'm arching my back so instead of opening my hips and creating a vertical force, I'm almost creating a backwards force. It was weird to watch, but definitely noticeable when the weight got heavier. The WOD looked like this:

Warm-up with PVC

Few low rounds

Find 70% of max
Do 2 reps
Add 2.5%
Do 2 reps
Continue until failure
If failure occurs before 15 rounds drop weight and continue to 15 rounds

This was good for me to work today. I was slow under the bar, but it still felt good to work cleans. You know me... if it has a barbell in it, I'll do it... uh wait a sec... maybe I should rephrase that... :P LOL....

Starting weight today: 166.7


1 block protein from 1/2 c yogurt
2 blocks protein from 1 oz mozarella cheese sticks
1 block carbs from 1/2 c yogurt
1 block carbs from fresh picked blueberries courtesy of christine! YUMMMY!
1 block carbs from 1 c strawberries
3 blocks fat from dry roasted slivered almonds

yay for me moment: Martha will be leaving us soon (:( boo...) so we took her for coffee. While the other girls enjoyed their coffee, I got a water, but enjoyed the company. I'm trying! Do I get points for trying!?!? I think I should lose a pound just for trying!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Today was just flippin' FRANTASTIC...

After taking my rest day yesterday, I was kind of itching to get to the box today and get moving on a WOD. I won't lie though, my heart sunk a bit when I saw what it was. Fran, sort of. Nothing gets me quite like Fran. Just the mention of the name Fran makes my stomach do flip flops. I get nervous when I hear thrusters and pull-ups mentioned in the same breath. Nothing will give me a complex faster than hearing the word Fran.

So today when I looked at the board and saw Fran intervals, I think I sort of panicked, but got my shoes on and got ready to go anyway. Today's Fran was done in intervals and sucked worse than the real Fran I think because there was more of it. Today's WOD looked like this.

Interval Fran
Rest 1-3 minutes between
Try to increase speed each round

I'm not going to lie. This WOD was rough. It was tough, no joke. I was able to get faster each round and my total time (minus rest) was 8:32. Not to shabby when you throw two extra rounds in there I thought. I def took the full 3 minutes of rest for each round because I was totally gassed. Thrusters are starting to feel easier with 65lbs so now I need to focus on moving faster. I was thinking of doing Fran on Friday for first Friday, now I'm not so sure I want to... :P We'll see how the rest of the week plays out.

Starting weight today: 170.2

*** I'm not going to lie to you. Seeing that number hurt more than I can possible tell you. 5 pounds in 2 days? I know I ate badly this weekend but to cause a 5 lb swing? Holy cow. It's playing with my mind completely right now.


Coffee- 1/2

I ordered eggs like usual, but I felt so awful this morning that I actually wasn't hungry at all. I'm definitely losing my taste for coffee though, so that is good.

Felt horrific all day long. Didn't have an appetite at lunch. Had some popcorn at the movies... and sadly had a soda. That was really stupid. Zone dinner is marinating in the kitchen as we speak.

I just have to wonder if this is ever going to be easy for me. I hate having a weight issue.

Saturday's WOD: 5K who?

Last week I knew that I was planning on traveling over the weekend, so I knew that to get my 5 CF days in, I needed to go each day. But me being me, I packed some workout gear in my bag JUST in case I felt like doing a WOD on Saturday. Since I only got one run in last week, I decided when I woke up on Saturday to go for a decent run.

So I made a new playlist, lovingly entitled "Move yo' ass", synced up the I-Pod and headed off to the local Y. I prefer to run outside over inside, but since I wasn't sure of the distances around my house, I decided to go with the easier solution and just hit the treadmill. Unfortunately, I discovered something about me and treadmills. We REALLY don't mix. I had a very hard time finding a steady rhythm. I was always too fast or two slow, and felt like I just couldn't get a good stride down. My playlist, which just hours before had seemed great was suddenly annoying the pants off of me, and at one point I actually listened to the same song 4 times because I had found a decent pace to the beat.

I got peeved because I was tight in the calves and had to stop to stretch so I hit pause on the tread so that I could go stretch. Well as soon as I did that, lo and behold the machine erased my information. CRAP! So, I started all over again. Then the same thing happened AGAIN. I needed to stretch out my calves so I popped off then back on hit the button aaaannnndddd.. NADA! DOUBLE CRAP! So... to the best of my knowledge, I probably walked about a mile and ran about 3.5. It was slow, it was tedious, but I got some cardio in and burned some calories.

My food from the weekend because it was horrific. The drive home was good, and Saturday breakfast was good, and I even tried to be good at the BBQ. I did the burger without the bun, small bit of potato salad, small piece of veggie pizza which was sooo good, and a small piece of cake. No alcohol at the picnic. But during the night, the bachelorettes really just wanted to drink so they didn't want to go somewhere where I could get a Zone dinner, and we wound up ordering pizza. No bueno. Plus the booze. Although to be fair, I only had four drinks all night long. I give myself a pat for that and keeping the booze under control.

Sunday on the way home, I did stop at Sheetz, but instead of getting eggs, which I thoguht would actually make me puke, I got my usual lunch sandwich which is chicken with mayo for fat, and then the wrap plus peppers and onions for carbs. Tons of water too. Then I went out for lunch and I got, fried chicken. It sounded good, but regretted the decision the minute the server walked away. I ate too much and was still so full that I didn't eat another thing for the rest of the day. So much for Zone perfect. :(

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Katie on CrossFit: What excites YOU?

I know that you'll probably find this very hard to believe, but I was having a discussion the other day with someone about CrossFit. All of a sudden they stopped me and said, "You could really go on for hours about this couldn't you?". The answer to that question was undoubtably yes with a big fat "DUH!" resonating in my head. This conversation got me to thinking about CF and other more traditional workout programs.

Until I found CF I'll admit that I was a globo gymer. I alternated my arm and leg days and threw in 20 or so minutes of cardio and abs a day. I guess I stayed in decent shape, but you know after awhile of doing this, I got bored. I will admit that at some point my gym going flat out stopped and working out just didn't interest me. It just didn't "move" me; it didn't "excite" me. My workout program didn't convince me that getting out of bed in the morning was a great idea. If anything my workout program basically did the opposite. My workout taught my body that workouts are mundane. All my body said was, "Please not that again. I would like more sleep instead." And truthfully I would listen because I felt the same way. Instead of exciting me and moving me to get out of bed each day, my WOD convinced me that more cover time was better than heading to the gym.

Now, after finding CF, all I can say is, WOW. Did all THAT ever change. Honestly. I'm not bored anymore. No two days at the box are EVER the same, and there's constant variety. Not to mention, I want to get out of bed because I LIKE knowing that I'm about to get thrashed. CF moves me. I feel good after I've literally spent myself in a workout. I feel stronger, I feel better for having just dumped gallons of sweat out of my body with 10 other people. And on top of all of that, I like going to CF in the morning because it also means I get to see my team. Never, until CF, did I understand the benefits of working out with a team. We give each other shit for sure. There's the constant banter back and forth about who can move more, who's being a sissy, who needs to move faster, but, BUT while we may do that, it is done with love and understanding. We sweat together, bleed together, and most importantly, we support each other. Bad days, good days, break-ups, stressed out, sick, injured, bad hair day... you name it and my team knows. They've got my back. In a globo gym, I never even so much as SPOKE to other people, let alone had them support me.

CrossFit moves me. It's a driving force that gets me out of bed in the morning. I know that something fun is coming. I know that if I don't go, my team is going to wonder where the f I am, and I'll probably get at least 2 or 3 emails/Facebooks inquiring as to where I was. CF excites me. It makes me want to go go see what's on the whiteboard for the day. It makes me want to go lift heavy and thrash myself in metcon WOD's that suck so badly you could swear that Jerry Hill has an evil CrossFit basement where he concocts them. CrossFit makes me want to Zone and be healthy when I can see all the things I am capable of doing and all the progress I've already made. CrossFit moves me when I see my friends reaching goals and pushing themselves. I'm proud of them, and I'm proud of me.

So my thought is this. Why? Why don't people want to be so moved and excited by their workouts that they could talk about them for hours on end? Why are they happy with the eliptical and a few kickbacks? Why are CF'ers still the outcasts;frowned upon and looked down upon for dropping weights and dripping chalk with their blood and sweat? Why do people want to be locked into a traditional weight lifting program where they never talk to another soul? No one there to share in their good days and their PR's. No one there to help with the bad days. Why would you WANT that? I want to be moved. I want to be excited. I feel sorry for those who aren't everyday and don't have the opportunity to have this experience. I'm sorry if talking about my wod's bothers you because I'm a bit too passionate, but you know, the question shouldn't be why am I so passionate? The real question should be, why aren't you? It's your health and your life. Why AREN'T you that passionate about it?

I'm going to keep talking about my WOD's. I am going to keep going hard. But more importantly, I'm going to keep letting CrossFit move me and see how far I can really go.

Excite me. Move me. Crush me. Teach me. BUILD me.

*** I'm also very sorry that Blogger does not yet have a like button because I like this post!***

Friday, June 26, 2009

Front Squats X 3-3-3-3-3

Wow. After last night at work, I really was not in the mood to hit a metcon today. Luckily Jerry gave us a choice. We had choice A:

800 M run
Jumping slamball
Jumping lunges
800 M run

OR we had choice B:
Front Squats X 3-3-3-3-3

As my fifth day in a row this week, I wasn't feeling really like doing much of anything. But I'm traveling today so I needed to get my fifth day in because I don't know if it's going to happen this weekend although I may go for a run. So, front squats it was. I di a lot more sets that I should have, but here's how the numbers went.


I have to say it's been a hot minute since we've front squatted and I felt it. I was choking myself out a lot more than I used to. But all in all, I was happy with the numbers on this WOD after working 13.5 hours yesterday and having today be my 5th day in a row with no rest day. So, not a bad way to end the week. Hopefully I'll get a little more CARDIO (not metcon) in this weekend. ;)

Starting weight today: 165.5


2/3 blocks carbs strawberries (I had to do more carbs... they were going bad)
1 block protein from yogurt
1 block carbs from yogurt
3 blocks fat from dry roasted slivered almonds
2 blocks protein from 2 1 oz string cheeses

Lunch will be on the road... probably Sheetz. This weekend will be a big test. I have a bridal shower and bachelorette party. Eep. We'll see how this goes.

Thursday WOD: "Dan's Club"

Yesterday's WOD was one I've hit a few times before but it's one that involves a little bit of gaming if you will. The WOD itself looks like this.

1:30 to complete
5 strict press
1:00 for transition
1:30 to complete
5 strict pull-ups

Now, here's the trick. You earn your points based on the weights you move. So, your strict press points are X x whatever you move. So let's say that you move 75 X 3 and you only have :45 left. You can strip the bar and move 70 X 2 for your last two reps. So you then can calculate 3X75 and 2X70. So, you have to game it. Same with the pull-ups except you get to add your BW PLUS whatever you lift.

I have to say that strict presses aren't my forte, and neither are strict pull-ups. My strength is great in overhead movements, not in BW movements. But I was gaming it a bit and hit some decent numbers. My total was over 6,000 and I'm not sure if any other ladies were close or not. I wish I was moving more of a percentage of my bodyweight, but I guess that is what I can work on. In addition to all the other things I have to work on.... :P

Starting weight today: 165.3


Vanilla latte: only drank half again... I honestly think that I'm losing my taste for coffee

3 blocks carbs from Muesli
2 blocks protein from eggs
1 block protein from bacon
3 blocks fat from oils used in cooking plus come on it's bacon dude


KSB Taco salad

1/2 block carbs from kidney beans in chili
1 block protein from cheese
2/3 blocks protein from ground beef in chili
1 block fat from Tomato Ranch salad dressing
1 block fat from avacado
1 block fat from sour cream
1 1/2 blocks from tortilla strips
1 block from veggies (lettuce and side veggies I ordered)
2 blocks from cornbread

Side note: I was experimenting with the salad as I've actually never had it before. That's why all the weird fat mixes... I think next time I'd skip the sour cream and avacado and go with the TR. It's dee-licious on the chili.


KSB Margarita Chicken

4-5 blocks protein from chicken
1 block carbs from cooked veggies
3-4 blocks carbs from mashed potatoes
3/4 blocks fat from butter and oils used in cooking the potatoes and veggies

Side note: I forgot my snacks AGAIN! That's why dinner was larger than normal. Glad I ate it though. 13.5 hours of work is a lot, and I got slammed while solo! I ran (no joke on the running part) for 2 hours solid! Glad I had those extra blocks!

Back pat of the day: Again, they brought a bread basket and potato latke with my breakamafast which I did NOT eat. AND despite being near soda for 13.5 hours yesterday AND sweet tea, I did not give in until hour 13. I had A glass of sweet tea after my thrashing that I took.

Not a bad eating day overall. I had tons of water too!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

5k wha?

So, today I got the brilliant idea that I would do a long(ish) (for me) run since my back was bugging me and I just couldn't get out of bed for 0515 due to a late one at work last night. So, I finally rolled out of bed and went down to the box around noon. Might I just stop to say that this was a really retarded idea and I'm not sure why I thought it was good.

So anyway, I got there and told Jerry I was going to go for a run. There was a metcon WOD in store today, but I just wasn't feeling it, but I still decided to work the metcon anyway and hit a run.

So I stretched, set my watch, and away I went with my awesome classic rock playlist killing my eardrums. The first mile actually felt really good. I've been doing a lot of single miles as extra so it felt like it was paying off. But, I took that first mile a litle too fast for me, and then pretty much died on miles 2/3. The heat took affect, my too fast pace took affect, and apparently someone was giving a free concert by the path today, and so I was trying to dodge that too. WTF mate? (f'ing kangaroos)

So anyway, by the time I was finished, I was smoked, but I had pushed pretty hard. Keeping my watch on was a great idea because I was trying to get at least close to my 5K time from a few weeks ago and so I was able to keep myself going. My final time was 32:26, which I know is very slow, but given the heat and the fact that I'm just that slow of a runner, I thought I did pretty well.

Starting weight today: 165.7 (I'm sure this must be a fluke as I weighed later than normal AND since it's down nearly 3 lbs already.)


2 blocks carbs from 2 C. diced strawberries
3 blocks fat from 3 Tbsp. of dry roasted slivered almonds
1 block protein from 1/2 C. yogurt
2 blocks protein from 2 1 oz string cheese


Roasted turkey on croissant with field greens salad

1 block fat from dressing
1 block fat from Avacado slices
1 block fat from tomato pesto
3 blocks protein from turkey
1/4 block carbs from salad
3 blocks carbs from 3/4 of croissant

Note: I got immensely sick to my stomach after eating this, but I'm pretty sure it's a product of the run. I gassed myself pretty good on the run today and I think it wreaked havoc on my system. Because I felt so poorly I went home immediately and laid in bed. I did not even want to THINK about a snack today.


KSB Margarita chicken

Note: I started to feel better at work and became ravenous. Ate a dinner that was more blocks than normal.

4 blocks protein from chicken (seasoned with lime and paprika)
4 blocks fat from butter/evoo in side dishes
3 blocks carbs from mashed potatoes
1 block carbs from cooked carrot/broccoli mixture

Bad things: I drank sweet tea. :( And forgot my snack again. Headaches are starting, but this is also a good thing. It means that my sugar levels are dropping and my body doesn't know what to do. It hurts, but it's a good thing.

Good things: I tried to drink Coke and it was so sweet I nearly puked. The detox must be starting to work. Now I just need to stay away from the sweet tea. Other good thing, I had no coffee today. Headaches started today, but that is good because it means my body is beginning to adjust to the loss of the extra sugar I've been inhaling. 2-3 more weeks and I should be in a much better place (sugar wise).

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Even if you're DEAD, I'll still kill ya!

Buck: "Now don't you two go and do something stupid and get knocked out this thing. You hear me?"
Soldiers: "Yeah, Buck. We got it. Nothing stupid."
Buck: "Even if you're dead, I'll still kill ya'."

Ha! I really do enjoy Band of Brothers. While at times utterly depressing, it's done so well that I can't help but love it. Not to mention it of course tells an amazing story. Let's not forget that part. Talking about Band of Brothers actually makes me really miss the person who introduced me to it and the idea of the paratroopers. Haven't though about him in awhile... Anyhoo... I'm off topic already (imagine that). Let's corral those thoughts. Back to the subject at hand, being dead, or rather, doing deadlifts!

Today was a great day in the box. We hit a strength day with deads, which admittedly we have not done in a really long time. Last time we hit max singles on deadlifts, I topped out at 210. I've for whatever reason, always had a breakdown on deadlift form. Even back in my days of globo gyming (GASP!) I was never really good with deadlifts. I always rounded out. I think because I'm so strong in my shoulders, I honestly feel like I should just be able to pull the thing off the floor and f my legs. Which is great in theory, but not so much in practice seeing as how that's how people destroy their backs.

So today I was really determined to take Jerry's big breath cue and roll with it. I was actually almost overexaggerating the breath and for the first time, I actually make it up to 200lbs without a form breakdown. Today we were working 3 rep maxes, and I got to 185 and had to stop to think. I was getting tired, and I was making 10lb jumps. I was trying to decide if I should go 195 or just say "f it" and throw 200 on the bar and go for it. Well, I spoke with my Guru, my almighty, my Zen spiritual leader Jerry, and he told me to "throw some stinking weight on the bar" so I did. :) Actually that wasn't what he said. He said that earlier. But he did tell me to throw it on there and see what happens.

My first rep felt really awesome. For the girl whose 1 rep max was 185 about 3 months ago (with little to no dead practice in between mind you) even the idea that I was about to hit 200 for 3 was amazing to me. I was stoked. I didn't round and I felt strong. But reps 2 and 3 got me. Of all the reps today those were the ones I rounded on. I still felt strong, but when you round, it's time to call the ball. I really feel like I have a stronger 3 rep max in me, but I was tired and had let go of my core tension. And deads are NOT something I ever want to mess with. The LAST thing I want is to wind up out of commision with back problems because I was being all sorts of uber retarded when doing deadlifts. So 200X3 it is. Book it son!

Today's weight: 167.7


Vanilla Latte- only drank half which is probably equivalent to a star bucks tall (maybe less, but I think I get more points for not getting something with whipped cream!)
3 blocks carbs- Muesli- combo of pears, oranges, grapes, rolled oats, yogurt, strawberries, and walnuts)
2 blocks protein- eggs (scrambled... not that that matters, but just so you know how I like my eggs)
1/2 block protein- 2 strips bacon
1/2 block protein- yogurt from above

"Yay me!" part of the morning: again they brought me a bread basket, which they delivered without asking, I let it sit ON THE TABLE and did not eat it. I also did NOT eat the potato latke they served with my eggs. I WIN!


Katie's Strawberry Salad

1/2 block carbs Romaine
1/2 block carbs matchstick carrots
1 1/2 blocks carbs strawberries
1/2 block hothouse cucumber
3 blocks protein leftover marinated chicken from last night (it was dee-licious)
3 blocks fat from 2 Tbsp gorgonzola/walnut/cranberry dressing from Trader Jose (dee-licious!)


KSB Voodoo Salad
3/4 blocks protein grilled chicken
3/4 blocks carbs from salad fixins (romain/iceberg mix, veggie mix which contains cucumber, onion, green pepper, carrots, and corn) and 1/2 piece corn bread
3 blocks fat from salad dressing

Snacks fell by the wayside today. I forgot to have one in the afternoon because I was trying to finish my laundry, and then I forgot to pack one before I went to work.... :( oops. My blocks were low today.

Extras: lots of f'ing water!

Bad things: after getting my butt kicked for close to 3 hours at work, I drank 1/2 glass sweet iced tea... :(

OH! I almost forgot! If you are like me and have a big problem just drinking straight water... try this trick. Take a lime, cut it in half. Squeeze the juice from 1/2 the lime into a glass. Leave the lime in the class. Fill with ice and water. Not as good as sprite, but very natural substitute. Limes also are very cheap at Trader Jose's this week! Just an FYI. :)

I win!

Monday, June 22, 2009


So we've be listening to Jerry's I-Pod for a few weeks, and today I thought I would donate a generous gift to my fellow CFOTers and bring in a new playlist. Not that we don't like Jerry's but when you hear it everyday, you start to crave that whole variety thing. So anyway, I was thinking based on our past few weeks that today would be a heavy lifting day. So I geared up a new playlist with all sorts of rocky things because the boys APPARENTLY hate lifting to ABBA. Who knew?

So I get to the box and I'm all excited to share, and what do you think my pasted open eyes saw? Oh, that's right. Jerry TOTALLY got me with FRAN! Crap! My playlist wasn't geared for an out MAC 10, balls to the wall, crazy gone stupid sort of workout. Well CRAP!

So since there were so many of us rocking out the 0515 class, Jerry set us up in flights. I decided to go in the second flight because I had taken the time to make the playlist today and therefore was almost late to class, and I needed to stretch. So anyway, I watched some bad mo fo's hit Fran hard in the first flight and then got ready to go. I have to admit, for the first time in nearly a week, I was pain free. Nothing was sore, torn, bruised, callused beyond belief. Aside from only sleeping for 3 hours, I felt awesome!

Jerry gave us the old 3-2-1 and go and away we went. I felt like I was straight up FLYING through the 21s and 15s. And then... AND THEN... I hit the wall. No kidding. I straight up slammed it. I was on PR pace too dude and then I flat out slammed into the wall. The 9s are a sprint and I couldn't tie anything together. I was flat out gassed. Someone said pace yourself in Fran... pace yourself? How the F do you pace yourself? It was beyond me. I ended with a 5:53, which isn't too shabby all things considered, but I was disappointed that I wasn't able to PR. I HATE when I can't PR. Boo hiss. But as Jerry says, if we PR'd every time we walked into the box, we'd all be Olympians. I'd like to be an Olympian... that sounds like fun... ahhh yes, Fran.

Ah crap, nearly forgot. As promised, here is my food itinerary for today as well as my starting weight.

Starting weight: 168.8
Goal weight 158.00

Post WOD:

Tall caramel light frap (hey, give me credit, not only did I ditch the venti I've been guzzling, but I also ditched the whipped cream and about 20 grams of fat)


Coffee- regular with 2 splenda and some milk
Muesli (a blend of rolled oats, yogurt, pears, oranges, strawberries, grapes and walnuts)- this accounted for all of my carbs. Rough guesstimate is that it was 1 Cup
2 eggs
2 pieces of bacon

**** Hooray of the day- the waitress brought me a bread basket, which I declined. They also served my eggs with a potato latke which I did NOT eat. humpf

Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat (Just patting myself on the back)


Katie's Strawberry Salad
1/2 block carbs Romaine
1/2 block carbs match stick carrots
1/2 block carbs hothouse cucumber
1 block carbs strawberries
3 blocks fat dressing
2 blocks protein from 2 oz moz cheese


3 blocks protein from oven baked marinated chicken- marinated in Italian dressing, ginger, light soy sauce, and a smidge of vanilla
3 blocks (maybe a smidge more?) from baked potato
3 blocks fat from marinade and faux butter on potato

Snack before dinner:

palm full of slivered almonds
1 oz moz cheese

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger....

Who DOESN'T love Badgers?!?! Ok, I'll be honest, I don't really mind badgers, but this WOD is not one of my favorites. It is seriously just an all out gasser. Squat cleans and pull-ups AND running? Oi!

Badger goes a little something like this

30 squat cleans
30 pull-ups
800 M run

It was raining a bit on Saturday so we got to run in the rain before doing all those squat cleans and pull-ups, so combined with the humidity, I can assure you we were all good and well, disgusting and wet. This was my first run through with Badger at the new place and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I actually PR'd despite the fact that our new run is up hill part of the way and longer. I actually PR'd by nearly 2 minutes. Huh, whoda thunk it? I have to say though that this WOD totally smoked me and I was totally in bed early on Saturday. No lie. I was out like a light. Badger=ball buster!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Choose your own pain...

Despite my celebrations last night due to the end of the school year, I was up and at the box this morning at 0515. I still had to be at school today to pack and clean out my room, and since I wanted to get a good head start, I decided to get in early. Today Jerry let us pick our poison so to speak. We could either do workout A which was working on the clean pull with some heavy weight, or we could choose B which was another metcon burner.

Be very proud of me in this moment, because I chose letter B. I actually picked a metcon over a heavy lifting day! Our metcon today looked like this.

WU: 1 mile run (this was just my WU)

Box jumps
KBHP (53lbs)

Jerry yelled the 3-2-1 Go this morning while I was in the bathroom so I started a full minute behind everyone else and felt like I wasy playing catch-up through the whole wod. I have to admit that I felt like some serious poo but I'm not sure if it was actually the movements or a result of my adult bevies from yesteryear. The box jumps didn't feel too bad and actually the rowing didn't feel horrific either, but mainly the push-ups and the kbhp. These two hurt mostly because I'm STILL feeling Wednesday's WOD even with a rest day in between. I felt those KBHP in my hammies big time, and believe me when I say they were not happy with me at all. I think 53 may have been a bit much for me today. I should have scaled back, but hindsight is always 20/20. Push-ups, well what can I say that I haven't already said about push-ups... blech.

After the WOD today Christine was nice enough to take me for a celebratory fru fru coffee drink. Hell's bells no it's not Zone friendly but you know what, I freakin' earned it. She and I were talking though, and I decided that starting Monday, I'm going to be logging my meals for the day. I'm hoping that being publically accountable for my food, may help me make some better choices. I've not been good at all, and in fact, it's almost like I'm going out of the way to eat as unhealthily as possible. It's really quite bad and I feel horrible and disgusting for doing it. So really, it needs to shipshape up. My goal is to lose 10 lbs by the end of the summer... let's see how it goes. I'll post my starting weight on Monday.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Get your metcon on!

After two days of some serious strength, I knew that a metcon was in the works for us. I was definitely right and when I walked in I saw this on the board.

Ring dip push-ups
KB swings
Jumping lunges

Can I just tell you that today, as I sit and write this, my butt STILL hurts from this? This was brutal. I have to say though that despite how horrible I still am at push-ups, this wod went pretty quickly for me and I actually felt good on the kb swings and the jumping lunges. I didn't rest much on those at all. I did rest a bit on the push-ups though. I just can't bust through them! After nearly 2 years, push-ups are still my nemesis.

And to top it all off, as if this wasn't enough, I did a 1 mile run finisher at the end! Good girl! I worked the weakness!

Tuesday's WOD: You're such a JERK!

Who doesn't love a little overhead work!?!? I know I do! :) Jerry promised two strength days to start our week and we got 'em alright. After that heavy day Monday it was time to work some heavy one rep maxes of the jerk! Woot! You know I can't stay away from heavy weights designed to go over my head! :)

So, I worked in with Linda and with Rebekah (I'm sorry if I spelled that wrong!) and away we went. I felt good pretty early on but felt like I started to lose my speed, always what happens when the weight gets heavy. I got up to 135 and hit it pretty solidly and so I went for 140. I had a smidge of a push out at the end but not too bad, so I decided to go for the ever ELUSIVE 145. I put it on the bar and one the first try got it over my head but just couldn't lock it out fast enough. So I went at it again. On the second try, I jerked that thing and held on tight and got it locked out. YES!!!

But even with a smidge of a push out again at the end I still felt pretty good. So, I thought, and pondered, and tinkered, and toyed with the idea of going a little heavier. Soooooo I thought about it, and decided I had one or two more good pushes in me, so I grabbed 2 1lb weights and threw them on the sides so I could give 147 a go. So, I rested for a bit and then got myself back up on the bar. I let the bar slip out of the first rack and so I re-racked the bar and then tried again. This time I gave a good push and got the bar over my head, but couldn't get under fast enough. So I waited a bit and tried a 2nd time. This time I got it overhead but didn't lock out and tried to dump it and wound up dropping it on my head! Oops and ouch! By then I was mad. I could get it overhead but couldn't keep it there to lock out! So I tried a third time. Same thing. I got it up and over and started to lock out and just couldn't hold it. Heartbreaking but I was PISSED. So I threw the bar back up on the rack, waited about five minutes and tried again. This time I was determined. I had a push out at the end again, but I got under that bar. I was NOT going to drop again. So, perhaps a little bit ugly, but 147 was over my head nonetheless. :) So a new PR it is. 147! :) Now... 150? ;)

Monday, June 15, 2009

On the idea of being "Cross" "Fit"....

When you think about the term CrossFit, what does it mean to you? I know a lot of people think that CrossFit means that physically you are cross fit. It means that you are physically fit when you are compared to others across different disciplines like gymnastics, weightlifting, and cardio. It means that your fitness has crossed between many areas. To me I suppose that CrossFit does mean that, but for me, the word CrossFit has started to take on a whole other meaning.

So often I have walked into that box wanted to be stronger, faster, move more efficiently; there's always been something. I've wanted to do HSPU's, or I've wanted to get my ring dips back, or I've wanted to move faster. I've really wanted to be good at all those things. But, lately, or rather, for the majority of the past 8 months or so, I've really struggled to keep my head in that box. I've told several people over the last few weeks that this has been the most difficult school year I have ever had, both personally and professionally. No matter what it seemed like there was always something coming after me. School stress, relationship stress, friendship stress, financial stress, other work stress. This year for whatever reason, it just seemed neverending.

More and more I've found myself looking to CrossFit. But even as I looked to CrossFit I thought to myself how in the world could being "Cross" "Fit" help me with any of this? How could being physically fit across several different discplines be any help to me at all? I'm not lifting anything. I'm not dragging anything. I'm not pulling anything or pushing anything. How could this possibly help? Well, that's when I got to thinking. Maybe "Cross" "Fit" isn't just about being fit across athletic disciplines. Maybe CrossFit really means something else. Maybe it means that you're strong in both body and in mind. Maybe it really means that your fitness crosses between your mind and your body?

I can't tell you how many times in the last few months I've said to myself that if I can lift X number of pounds over my head, I should be able to make it through whatever it was that I was facing. I have said to myself that if I can do Murph, I can surely get through whatever trouble was headed my way. I have told myself that if I can survive doing things with torn calluses, bruised collarbones, skinned shins, sore muscles, and bruised thighs, then I should certainly be able to handle a little stress at work. So just like at CrossFit where I get stronger one rep at a time, I hunker down and get stronger by putting one foot in front of the other and taking one step at a time.

This goes without saying of course, or I guess with saying since I'm saying it, that this transition did not happen overnight. In those early days of CF, I think I quit a lot. I think I gave up too soon. But one day I just sort of stopped short and had a moment. You know, one of those "AHA!" moments. I realized that wow, I just took something in stride that a few months ago would have knocked me down and given me quite a beating. It was then that this idea of being "Cross" "Fit" sort of first originated.

CrossFit has made me fit across lots of different athletic disciplines, but what I'm now beginning to understand is that CrossFit is not just about physical strength. It's about discovering your own mental strength as well. The mental strength to perservere; to push through pain, weakness, fatigue, exhaustion, sadness, and the overwhelming desire to give up and give in. It also is about learning your mental strength in terms of your intelligence. A mentally strong athlete knows when to call the ball and try again another day, a strong athlete does not, as often they are more concerned simply with being strong or getting through the workout. CrossFit helps us as athletes gain that intelligence. It helps us learn to walk that fine line between giving up and just giving it a go on another day. And not only that, but I have discovered that CrossFit is giving me the mental strength to learn about myself and my strengths and weaknesses as an athlete.

I have discovered that I am 100% an emotional eater. I can guarantee you that my Zone will be much more successful as soon as the next four days are over. I KNOW I will be fine. But in the meantime, the added stress of still being in school and being surrounded by end of the year popsicles, cakes, cookies, brownies, cupcakes... you name it and I've probably seen it in the last week, has me jonesing for sugar and candy gallore. Learning this weakness and identifying this pattern is only part of the battle, but not something that I ever would have learned about myself had I not had the knowledge and power of CrossFit behind me. Now this summer it's time to get down and dirty and stop with the half assed Zone and get it back solid.

But getting back to it, this is not to say that I walk into every problem head on determined to tackle it with the fxd=p ratio of a 250lb power clean. I still have my off days, most definitely. Today was one such day. But what I am saying is that, when the dust of the day has settled, and the 20 minutes or so of tears are done, then emerges that knowledge that I will be fine. I will do what I need to be ok. I WILL somehow manage. I WILL somehow conquer what lies before me. Before finding CrossFit, I don't know that I ever would have been able to do that or say that. I can recall being down for days and weeks before and just wondering when things were going to get better. Thinking when could I get things under control. That doesn't happen so much anymore. But as I said before, that's not to say I don't have my down moments/days, we certainly all do, we're human. But I'm saying that over the course of the long run, CrossFit has given me that mental strength. That mental fitness that is enabling me to push forward through the insanity that life throws my way, using that internal fortitude to do just that. Push forward, and push through. CrossFit is truly making me "Cross" "Fit", body AND mind.

Today's WOD: Cleaning Crew

We've been spending a lot of time working on cleans lately. They really are a great movement. Strength, speed, and if you're not careful, those little buggers'll gas you right quick! :P

So today we were trying to work up to 85% of our max clean for a 3 rep max. Our WOD looked like this

3 Power clean
3 Front squat
5-7 rounds
Try to work to 85% of your max.

I got to 85% of my max, but it wasn't pretty. I only got four hours sleep and to be honest, I still couldn't walk right this morning after the WOD on Saturday. So I started out by rowing a 2K (at Jerry's suggestion) to open up my hips and warm-up my leg muscles and kick some of that nasty soreness out. After the row, I felt ok so I got to work on the WOD. Jerry had told me to work light but c'mon. You know I can't resist a heavy lifting day. So I wound up at 117... it seems that in my super sleepy state... I put the 2.5 on one side to make the jump to 120. Yeah, well, about that... I didn't so much remember to put it on the other side. Whoops! Oh come on! Like you've never loaded a bar wrong! And I have an excuse! Well 2, it was 0515 AND I was tired. So :P

Ah yes, the cleaning crew was at it again this morning at 0515.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Today's WOD: Pinky and the Brain

Brain (Katie): Are you thinking what I'm thinking Pinky?
Pinky (Sean): I think so brain, but won't doing 100 of all these exercises really hurt?!
Brain (Katie): Yes Pinky, but getting stronger will enable us to eventually take over the world!
Pinky (Sean): Narf!

Saturday's workout was officially called "Don't Drop the Baby", but I like my title better because well, I like to make fun of Sean. Saturday was a partner WOD and Sean and I teamed up to represent team 0515. Sean is a cool dude. He's like my WOD partner in crime. I thought together we did pretty well, but CLEARLY I am the Brain behind the operations. :)

Just kidding, but the gist of the WOD goes a little something like this.

With a partner, complete 100 of each of the following
In any order
No rounds
For time

Wall Ball
Air squats
Row for calories
Box jumps

The catch: While you are not completing the exercises, you must hold "the baby". For men the baby was 53lbs, for women 35. Since I was working with Sean, Jerry made us split the difference and hold a 45. The things I do for you Sean! :P Sean and I actually slammed through this pretty quickly I thought. Sean carried us on box jumps and push-ups though. I'm not going to lie. There his metconlicious butt kicked mine all over the place. On the other exercises though I was pretty much able to split things pretty equally with him. Our time combined was 40:23 I believe, which all things considered I thought was really good. We tried to mix up the exercises and break up the legs with other things, but the problem was that there weren't too many that didn't involve legs!

I will admit that I had a very hard time working this weekend as a direct result of that WOD. Holy crizzap! That was a leg smoker for sure... and the thing is that you're thinking so much about going fast and trying to beat the other teams that you don't realize how much work you're doing until it's over and you're like, wow I can't feel my legs... and then the next day you can feel everything in your legs cause it hurts so much. Yeah... it's totally one of those types of WOD's.

Narf! :P

Friday, June 12, 2009

A must read: The Final Salute

As a kid growing up, I was raised in the heart of Central Pennsylvania, right smack between coal country and steel country. Halfway between Philly and Pittsburgh, but undeniably in the middle of nowhere bumbletown PA. I never felt a strong connection with any of the armed services, and really the only time we talked too much about the military was around graduation time. Invariably there were a few people who just didn't quite fit the college mold and decided to go another route. I will admit that my view of the armed services was tainted a little bit because of that. The military was for people who couldn't survive in the academic world, at least that's how it seemed as far as my hometown was concerned.

Matters of the military rarely hit home for me. It always seemed far away. Something that took place lightyears away, and something that people in Washington were concerned with. September 11 saw me preparing for another day of class. Shower, clothes, backpack and a phone call from my mom at 8:30am. I didn't quite understand the tone of her voice, but understood when she told me to turn on the TV. The college didn't close, but we were all aware of the presence of men in dark suits and large SUV's on the campus. Government officials were concerned that Three Mile Island may be considered a potential target, thus wiping out much of the eastern power grid. A meltdown at the reactor would have put my college within the immediate fallout radius. Things were beginning to come home for me in a large way. A sister in DC, an uncle nearby... but yet as time passed and the United States invaded Afghanistan, it still wasn't something that had completely resonated with me.

In January 2003, that changed. Arriving back to my locker to get changed after an away swim meet, I dialed my phone to retrieve a voicemail I will never forget. "Katie, the unit is headed to Iraq. I don't know when we'll be back, or if I'll get to talk to you before we go. I guess I'll talk to you soon." Click. Suddenly, the war slammed into me with a gale force. A friend who had joined the reserves as a way to pay for school was suddenly finding his way to Iraq with people he barely even knew. Spent one weekend a month with and two weeks a year. I can't tell you how it felt. There really aren't words. Dread, fear, regret, guilt. The war was finally hitting home, but I still felt distanced from a military sworn to protect me and others like me.

Fast forwarding to November of 2005, I arrived in DC a fish out of water. A country girl in the big city. I tried not to be affected much by politics, and by Washington, but as more friends had found their way overseas, I was beginning to change my opinion about the war, about the military. Enter in one Sgt. First Class who became a class project and the whole thing flipped upside down. Enter in CrossFit in 2007 and my opinion changed for good.

I now workout side by side with Army servicemen and women, former and present AirForce men and women, marines both enlisted and officers, former Navy seals, and my trainer is one hell of a guy, not to mention a former marine, because as we all know, or at least now I do, there is no such thing as an ex-marine. These men and women represent some of the strongest and some of the smartest people I know. They understand military operations, but they also understand the cultures of other countries. They study military systems, foreign languages, military tactics, and tons of other things. The military isn't for those who can't handle the academic world, although there are a few of those stuck in there, the military is for those smart enough and brave enough to fight an enemy who is determined to destroy the academic world and anything else that they don't particularly agree with.

On a few rare ocassions, I've talked with others about the cost of this war. For obvious reasons (dissenting opinions), I rarely bring it up. But in those few conversations we discussed what it's taking in tax dollars, what it's costing our country. I've even asked some of those very same people from above these same questions. But the response is always the same. We're doing good, and it would be worth the ultimate price if they should meet their end helping those people. "The Final Salute" tells the stories of a few men who met their end in Iraq. They died doing something that they believed in. Now having many friends in the military, this book was heart wrenching to read as it tells the stories of their families. Their suffering. How would I react if I was to meet my best friend's casket at the airport, escort it home, or recieve the dog tags of someone I loved?

This book brings to light something that has lingered in the shadows of this war. The pain and suffering of the families and friends who have lost loved ones. Mothers and wives, fathers and husbands, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, friends, who will never be able to have one last moment with someone that they loved. These people supported our heroes and are heroes themselves for giving their love and support to someone fighting overseas. I am not very political. Not by any stretch of the means. But if there is one thing that this town, these people, and this book have taught me, it's that our military deserves our support. The families who have paid the ultimate price do not deserve the pain of having their son or daughters memory defaced by thoughtless words. Those families and friends with loved ones training to be in harm's way, or currently in harm's way, don't deserve to suffer the pain of someone's political crusade. Supporting our armed services is the first step to disarming an enemy determined to destroy us all.

I think that despite your take on the war, this book is a must read. I think we all need to feel, to understand. It took me awhile to get through it due to the number of times I stopped to cry, but I guarantee you that after reading it, I will not ever be the same. I now no longer feel distanced from the military. I feel connected to it through my friends and my "adoptive parents" who have introduced me to the Marine Corps. My "adoptive" father is a Colonel in the Marine Corps, so I will say it as they do. To all the men and women who serve, thank you, and oorah!

Houston we have... progress?

Over the past few weeks, I've somehow managed to stick to my WOD's at the box, and I've nailed down a few solid PR's. It's great because it's showing me that despite everything that's going on, I can still hang in there and do good things. I'm making some pretty good progress. I've had a lot of people comment to me about the OHS and even on the snatch that I did too, and while their comments were well intentioned it made me feel, well for lack of a better word, a little squirmy.

I posted about this awhile back, but felt, especially after this week, that now would be a great time to post a little bit on the idea of heavy weights and progress. When I started with CF almost two years ago now, I was, well, rough around the edges. I couldn't do the metcons quickly at all, I couldn't lift heavy weights, I couldn't do HALF of the movements correctly... I was basically a blank canvas, an unsanded piece of wood if you will.

It took time, but gradually things got better. It never gets EASIER, CF will always smoke you, always hurt, because as soon as you've got the movements, then it's time for RX'd rounds. Once you have that, then RX'd weight. It's always something. But keep in mind that developing all these movements and all these muscles that you need for these movements takes time. 3 weeks? 6 weeks? 3 months? It all depends on your fitness level before you came to CF and it will be different for everyone. Keep track of your own progress but don't base your WOD or your weight on someone else. Don't think you suck because of what someone else does. You don't know their background, their history. Be diligent, but be patient. It will come. We don't lift ALL the time. If we did, we'd never have form faults because it would be second nature, but we rotate the movements intentionally so that our WOD's are varied, so unless you spend a lot of time doing extra skill work, it's going to take you awhile to develop some of the more complex and complicated skills like snatches and cleans.

Last week I had more than one person say to me that they can NEVER lift as much as me, and they can't possibly do the WOD's like me. DON'T do that to yourself. I'm not you. I have a long background in swimming which gives me wickedly strong shoulders. Do you swim? Competitively for 15 years? Then your fitness path won't mirror or mimic mine. Do you have shoulder problems? Previous injuries? Then you path isn't the same as mine. Your fitness path is just that. YOURS. Regardless of your weights, your rounds, your reps, your times, it's all about YOU. Keep a log or blog or journal of your WOD's. Chart YOUR progress and F everyone else. Chances are you joined CF because there was something you wanted to change about yourself or something you wanted to do for yourself. Don't lose sight of that just because you started staring at a white board.

To be honest, sometimes I don't record my times because just finishing the WOD is an accomplishment for me. Sometimes, we all need to do that. Turn off the competition mode. It's all about you. Don't compare yourself to me, or to anyone else for that matter. I know it's hard to look at everyone else and not be where they are, but part of CF is learning about yourself. Your strengths, your weaknesses, your limits. Some days I still want to be as strong as other people, but I have to remember that I'm me. I don't have the same background as those people, and I need to work on my strengths and my weaknesses, like RUNNING. :P Don't get discouraged by where you aren't, be proud of where you are. Not everyone even has the strength to walk into the box, so keep gettin' in there and gettin' some! That's progress!a

Before this....

There was this....

The A Team

I pity da' foo who messes with team 0515! Ah yes, memories... fond memories. I remember when they turned this into a cartoon and the A Team consisted of Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzsky, and Bo Jackson... ah... fun memories of Saturday morning cartoons... But I pity da' foo who gets distracted by Saturday morning cartoons! Right, right-o... on track here!

Yesterday we took a field trip and were visited by a FCPS ladder truck, which was AMAZING, so unfortunately I didn't have much time to work on a blog before I had to go to work. My student's dad did an AWESOME job presenting to the kids, and he brought a team of guys with him who helped show the kids around the truck and ambulance AFTER he climbed the ladder, which was 95 feet in the air. Talk about a great day for them!

Anyway, CFOT had a pretty great day too as we hit... a team competition? You know, it's been awhile since we've done one of these, and I love them and hate them at the same time. I love them because they're a fun way to get a WOD in. I hate them because I just keep thinking about putting up points, and then I just flat out HURT the next day. My knee and my hammy on my left side are, well NAGGING would be a good word, so I'll go with that. We all started with a 1 mile run, which I swore I wasn't going to do for a few days just so my knees could relax a bit. But, since everyone else was doing it, I had to too. :P The different exercises had different point values, with the run being the most, but after 1 loop I opted to shy away from the run.

After that it was game on with farmer's walks, jumping slamballs, and abmats. I managed to amass 35 points for our team and our team average was 33.83 points per person. Alas though, we were defeated by the team at 1700 (I think that's what I read on Facebook at 0530 this AM. Could be wrong, I only had 1 eye open). I still think though that 0515 should get some sort of handicap just for getting our asses out of bed. I mean really. The majority of us were all functioning on less than 6 hours of sleep (some on four) and still managed to put up big point totals... I'd hate to see what we could do if we weren't actually sleep deprived. Team 1230 says they should get a handicap for doing things outside... I call BS. You didn't HAVE to go outside. :P I on the other hand HAD to come in at 0515 since I had to work. See... I'm right again... per the norm! :P LOL.

I also think that to combat John Steckback's ridiculoncous running, the 1 mile run should not have been worth ten points. I'm not sayin' anything... I'm just sayin'. :P

This was a fun WOD though, and I always love the team competitions. It's all in good fun, although I have to admit, I prefer men vs. women. There's just something about beating the pants off the boys that makes everything more fun. ;)

I took this morning as a rest day since I rolled home late last night from work, and cause I hit 4 consecutive days, but depending on the WOD, may go in tonight. The kids are leaving me feeling a bit high strung these days, and a WOD might be in order. 5 more days! WOOOOOT!

For my Facebookers, check out my summer bucket list. If there's anything you want to do with me, let me know. For my non-Facebookers, why haven't you stalked me on Facebook yet? Duh... :P

And PSS- I see that I have some new regular visitors... stop being all sorts of silly and comment or email me and introduce yourself.... :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So fresh and so CLEAN...

I feel so fresh and so CLEAN after this morning... ;)

So Fresh and So Clean

Ain't nobody dope as me, I feel so fresh, so fresh and so CLEAN, CLEAN! Tehe... do you like how I totally just snuck that song reference in on you? Didja like that?! Huh?!? Didja!? Yeah, well, I thought I was being all clever this morning, so work with me! :P

After the last two days of running and metcon WOD's, I felt like my head was back in place enough for a good strength WOD. Unfortunately, my body was moaning and groaning at me this AM for doing two days of metcon work when I haven't done ANY metcon work in a good long while. Sooooooo what you're saying is that maybe if I haven't run in 6 months I shouldn't do 4 running WODs in 7 days? Hmmm... good thinkin'! :P Hindsight is always 20/20 you know... but anyhoo, even though I wasn't feeling 100% spiffy this AM, I was pretty much determined to get down and dirty with the cleans since I heart barbell work. :)

So, we did singles today and I felt really sluggish. I got up to 115 and Jerry told me that I looked very segmented. I agreed. I felt like I was "IN THE MATRIX!". I'm using all caps because Sean was yelling that at me while bending backwards doing all sorts of funky arm motions A LA Keanu in the Matrix, but it's a pretty accurate description of what it felt like.

It wasn't that I wasn't doing the movement correctly, but I just didn't have that zip... that POP, that POW, that PIZAZZ today and so it just wasn't rollin' right for me. I felt like I was giving a lot of effort but time or gravity was interferring. So, after that little convo and my Matrix impressions, I dropped the weight on the bar down and just focused on speed. I ripped that thing off the floor like it was Dermot Mulroney. (Believe me, I would yank him up in a HEARTBEAT!) MMMMMM... dee-licious. ;)

So after a few at 85lbs, I loaded the bar back up to 115 and hit that one again. It went up much better the second time, so I kept going. I got up 125 and 130 with much better efficiency, and then sat down for a hot minute to think. I knew I only had 1 maybe 2 more good pulls in me. By that point I was jumping by 5 lbs so the next logical jump would have been 140. But I knew that I could do 140 because that was my max, and what I had logged on the record board. So I was wondering if I should make the logical jump, or just throw the weight on the bar and go for it.

I consulted my guru, my Zen leader, the all wise and powerful Jerry to see what his thoughts were. He said, what the hey, load it to 141 and go for it. If you miss, back it down. So I took what Jerry said, and did it.... sort of. I took the bar, loaded it... to 14...2. :) EEEH! (I totally just did the pig thing!) So, I set the bar, gave myself a hot minute of rest, and then ripped that son of a gun off the floor. I got it to my shoulders and into the squat position, but got sort of stuck down there. About 3/4 of the way up, I just gritted my teeth and pushed through. Yup... a new PR. :) 142. Dang did it feel good. 140 has been my nemesis for a long time. I just couldn't get 145 up last time. So 142 it is. It was the new CFOT clean record, but I'm sure by this evening it will be gone. I'm sure Andrea will clean 145... dangit! :P But regardless of whose name is at the top (believe it or not, I really don't actually care if it's mine or not) it felt good to be so fresh and so CLEAN this morning!!! WOOT! Yay for having a smart lifting day! :) Oh and as a finisher, I threw on the old headphones and cranked up the I-Pod for a mile run. 5 running days out of 8? Weakness be gone! :P

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She's going the distance... she's going for speeeed...

I thought you'd like a little Cake for breakfast. Get it?!?! CAKE (the band) for BREAKFAST?! Oh I kill me... ;)

I missed Monday's heavy back squats in favor of my run so I wasn't surprised when I walked in and saw that today's WOD was a quick burning metcon. I have determined that I need to work my weakness, so while I wasn't thrilled with the idea of doing more running, I knew it was a necessary evil if I'm going to get my behind back in shape.

So, today's WOD looked like this.

400 M run
15 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
600 M run
12 Pull-ups
24 Push-ups
800 M run
9 Pull-ups
18 Push-ups

Time: 20:20

I was hoping to bring this in under 20 minutes but the deadly combo of my slow push-ups and slow running held me up. To be honest, the pull-ups felt great even with my torn up hand. I tore a little bit more skin on my hand during the WOD, but not anything too torturous. I was able to tie together 9s-12s in the sets, so it felt pretty good.

I was hoping that this would be under 20, but you know I gave it my best. I was really smoked after this WOD, so I know I pushed hard. I finished with 50 abmats. I figured you can never do TOO much core work you know? I'm going to keep working on the weakness and hope that it gets better over the next few weeks.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Work it girl!

Due to some family stuff, I was out of town for the last day or so. So, this morning, I wasn't able to get up and get some with my usual 0515 crew. So, instead after getting back into DC from PA, I charged up the old I-Pod and headed for CFOT. I knew that today was 3-3-3-3-3 back squats, but you know, after traveling and everything, I just wasn't feeling all there mentally. For heavy lifting you really need to be there. You can't just say, eh yeah ok let's go, because THAT'S when you get hurt. That's when you do something stupid and things go to hell in a handbasket right quick. So I did what I thought to be the smart thing, and laced up the old tennies for another running WOD this week.

I'm pretty much determined to kick my own arse back into shape since metcon wise and also astetically, I'm not doing so hot. My metcon is way down, and I've gained back some weight because of poor choices I've made. So, metconalicious Katie is coming through. I'm determined to get on my A game with my metcon, and with my diet. I started getting back to the Zone last week, and the eating wasn't too bad. It's the drinking that's going to be the problem. After doing SO well last spring, I let the old soda/Starbucks habits kick back in. Now I'm trying to kick them for like the 8h time, and it's not as easy as it was last time. I'm really making an effort, and I'm doing ok. I'm not perfect yet, but doing ok. I'm hoping that this switch back to the Zone and throwing more metcon and getting back to 5 days a week will really help me kick start some good things.

Anyway, I hit CFOT for a good running WOD today, and I got one. The temp was up, the humidity was up, and boy I sure got a good sweat going. I cranked the I-tunes and killed my ear drums and my lungs while I hit some old fashioned interval training. I used to do this WOD back at the Blue Room, but I'm not sure if I can compare the two. The old building I don't think was exactly 800 M, and it was totally flat. This is 800 M and is slightly uphill. So I guess I'll just have to sort of gauge how I felt today, and then do this WOD in a few weeks and see if I see any changes.

4 rounds
Run 800 M
Rest 2 min
Finish-50 Abmats

Not a truckload of running, but enough to make me hurt. Doing this as intervals made it suck a lot more too because I felt like I really needed to push all out for the whole 800M, whereas if this was a trail run, I'd just be sitting back and idly pacing myself where I felt comfortable. So, really, this sucked a whole lot more than just running 2 miles. I hear there is another delicious metcon on the way for tomorrow, so there's probably more running in my near future. As Jerry says, it is good to work the weakness! And working it I am! Work it girl! I'm a cover girl! ;)

Do the runnin' man....

So, after my loss of flesh during the Josh WOD on Friday, I really wasn't getting the feeling that I'd be able to use my hand on Saturday for the WOD. I was totally bummed when I showed up to CFOT to see that I was going to be missing a Painstorm WOD because of my hang. I was totally bummed because it was a WOD I would have loved. The WOD looked like this.

Squat Cleans
Ring Dips

The ring dips and HSPU's would have killed my time, but I would have LOVED doing this WOD. It's so up my alley I can't even tell you! But since I decided to rip off half my hand, this WOD was a no go for me. I took myself right out the door and onto the trail down by the water. I was going to hit the 5K circuit again, but due to knee pain, stopped after only 2 miles. I am still glad I got something in, as that was my 5th WOD last week, but I was bummed that I only got 2 miles in. 2 miles is better than nothing huh? Workin' the weakness is always a good thing.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Today's WOD: Choose your own hero or girl... aka...I love the feel of tearing flesh in the morning!

Very first Friday of the month at CFOT is choose your own hero or girl WOD. It seems that Josh and I are in love. I chose to do him again this Friday. Uh... wait... reverse. That sounded really bad.

I chose to complete Josh as my WOD. How's that? This is the third month in a row I've chosen that WOD. I can't help it. I really have just developed a love of OHS (imagine that!) and Josh is just a WOD that I really enjoy doing. My first time through I did the RX'd women's weight and came in around 11 minutes. My next time through I barreled through it and came in in 9:36. This time, I decided that the gauntlet really had been thrown and so I decided to do it with the men's RX'd weight (95lbs). I wasn't speedy by any means because 95lbs is very close to my snatch max, so I couldn't snatch the weight. I had to clean it, jerk it, put it behind my head, and then do a jerk from behind the head. It was tiring just getting the bar up there!!!

But, I'm uber stubborn as you all know, and I refused to quit. Somewhere in the round of 30 pull-ups, my right hand went caput and I got the tear that's in that picture. I had to do the last 18 pull-ups missing one huge hunk of skin. I don't usually tear far enough down to bleed thankfully but the feel of moving skin and tearing flesh at 0515 in the morning is not necessary my most favorite. :P My final time on this was 22:33. Not by any means speedy, but something to shoot for next time when I do it. Cause I'm sure I'll do it again next month. :P

Hero WOD
21 OHS
42 Pull-ups
15 OHS
30 Pull-ups
18 Pull-ups

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today's WOD: Running with the devil

Running with the devil!!!

Ah, yes, Van Halen and David Lee Roth. What a delightful way to start your day.... Ok, so maybe not so much David Lee Roth, but Van Halen is pretty cool. This week has been full of some wicked WOD's, and I was feeling like we were going to have another metcon today. When I woke up and realized that it was no longer torrentially downpouring like it was last night, I knew that we were probably going to be running, since everything yesterday had to do with arms.

Well as I cruised into CFOT this morning and took a gander at the white board, I saw to my amazing surprise.... RUNNING.... and ONLY running? It's true... I missed this wod the last time we did it, but today's WOD was... Run 5k for time. Really? Huh... well okay then.

I was a little concerned because I haven't been running lately AT ALL. Last spring I was so nervous about my 5K that I did in Chicago that I was running a lot. I also trained a fair amount for the half marathon back in October, but lately? A whole fat lot of nada. But, I would like to let my performance today be a testament to CF. I have only hit about 3 maybe 4 wod's lately that have involved a running circuit. Even with my lack of running, I PR'd today on my 5K. Last spring when I was TRAINING, I mean, running miles to prepare for the 5K (extreme I know but I'd never run a race before!) I only managed to finish the 5K in a little over 31 minutes! Today, still half asleep and with about 4.5 hours of sleep I managed to pull in a 29:36. Nearly a 2 minute PR! As Jerry said, that's what strength training will do for you! Def.

My glutes and hams have always been a weak point for me, so doing more back squats lately and going away from the quad dom front squats has really done a lot for me. I'd really like to start running again and see how strong I really could get. It'd be totally neat-o to find out!

A few weeks ago I was starting every WOD with an 800 m run. I really noticed a difference in those WOD's because the running really helped to warm me up and just in general loosen up my body. Then of course it started raining every GD day for a MONTH (I'm not bitter AT ALL!) and I stopped doing it. Hopefully the weather will chill out for a hot minute and I can get back to that because I think it's really actually quite helpful. I also started a loose Zone again this week. Hopefully by next week will be full throttle. I'm not a fan of things that jiggle when I run with the devil... boo!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Take your shirt off! Twist it round your head just like a helicopter!

I can't find an edited version of the song I wanted to use today! Yar! I guess today I'll just have to go without a musical selection... :( Sigh... The write up will come a bit later...

Ah yes... soooooo... today's WOD... WOW. Today's WOD caused me to do something I have only ever done 2 times in CF history. Once on a tabata sell out, and once on the ending mile run of Murph in the middle of July. Yes, it's true ladies and gents. This CF WOD caused me to just about spontaneously combust, and therefore forced me to... strip. WHA?!?! Yeah, you read that right. I said strip.

My body temp was so high after this WOD that I needed to go outside and strip. Now, I want to set the record straight. I may be able to lift 150+ lbs over my head, HOWEVER, I do NOT rock a 6 pack... sadly not even a 4 pack. So, to any passerbys or CF'ers who happened to catch my blindingly white self without a shirt, I wholeheartedly apologize, but in my defense I need to admit that it was COMPLETELY necessarily. Check it out. Today's WOD looked like this:

Hero WOD
7 muscle ups
21 box jump burpees
muscle up sub
9 ring dips
12 pull-ups

If you do the multiplication, that's 105 burpee box jumps. And I would just like to state for the record, that these stink! Not only do you have to do a push up but then instead of just coming to a squat and standing up like normal, you need to jump onto a plyo box. This takes coordination and rethinking about a burpee because normally you come up from a burpee in a squat stance, with this, it's more advantageous to have your legs closer together. They're hard, and they took me forever. I had to use floss for the ring dips which didn't make me happy, but it's definitely a skill I haven't worked much lately, and so the skill has sort of gone bye bye.

This WOD took me over 40 minutes to complete thanks to those box jump burpees. I'm almost embarassed to admit that, BUT, I give myself credit for showing up and not quitting, because believe me, I wanted to quit after round 2. Eesh. Now, having said that, I think it's easy to understand why I was forced to strip off articles of clothing. Sadly, like Petey Pablo says, I did not twist it round my head just like a helicopter, but I did need to ventilate after this WOD. Woooo boy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Today's WOD: It's rather complicated... or COMPLEX...

Really? Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated? :P This video goes out to a certain Army man who I happen to KNOW for certain used to run to Avril Lavigne while he was stationed in Iraq. HA! Busted...

I missed yesterday's WOD due to a lack of any semblance of decent sleep after being stuck at work late again, so today I was sure to get up when my alarm dinged at 0420. Imagine my "huh" moment when I took a look at the board. My train of thought went a little like this.

Self: "A complex? A COMPLEX? We haven't done one of those in awhile. Huh... a complex. Well ok then. I guess I better stretch my wrist cause it's been hurtin' like a mo' fo' since last week."

So, from there, I did a few wall squats, stretched out the wrists for awhile, and then got ready to rumble. The complex didn't look that bad, but we ALL know how deceiving appearances can be. So, I prepared myself for the slaughter.... no really I did.

I warmed up with a 35 lb bar and got ready to go. The complex looked a little something like this...

10 rounds-go heavy
No dropping!
12 DL
5 Hang Power Clean
3 Front Squat
1 Jerk

I zipped through rounds 1-4 but as the weight started to get heavy, whoa boy. I was toasted in the forearm area, and I had to take some big breathers in between. Jerry said to work heavy, but I thought that it really doesn't make much sense to go heavy on your 10th round cause you'd be smoked, so Jerry said he didn't care WHERE we went heavy, just that we WENT heavy. So, I loaded my bar to 105 on round 5 and figured that was as high as I'd go. Well, after I did 105 I really felt like I should go heavier. So, for round 6 I jumped a little more up to 110. Then I asked Jerry how high I should go. He told me as high as I could. Well crap. So for round 7, I amped up to 115. That round was brutal. My forearms were JACKED, my grip was fried, I nailed myself in the neck with the bar and the gnurling gave me one nice looking hickey... greaaaaat. Brutal. But I did those 7 and then decided to drop down and work lighter from there.

I tried 85 and dropped. I could NOT do it. 115 smoked me so much I couldn't handle it. Eesh. So, I dropped to 55 for the last 3 rounds. All in all, this was a pretty brutal WOD, but a good mix of stamina and strength. I fear tomorrow... I smell a KILLER metcon coming... *shudder* Hopefully it won't be too "complicated"... :P