Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Today's WOD: It's rather complicated... or COMPLEX...

Really? Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated? :P This video goes out to a certain Army man who I happen to KNOW for certain used to run to Avril Lavigne while he was stationed in Iraq. HA! Busted...

I missed yesterday's WOD due to a lack of any semblance of decent sleep after being stuck at work late again, so today I was sure to get up when my alarm dinged at 0420. Imagine my "huh" moment when I took a look at the board. My train of thought went a little like this.

Self: "A complex? A COMPLEX? We haven't done one of those in awhile. Huh... a complex. Well ok then. I guess I better stretch my wrist cause it's been hurtin' like a mo' fo' since last week."

So, from there, I did a few wall squats, stretched out the wrists for awhile, and then got ready to rumble. The complex didn't look that bad, but we ALL know how deceiving appearances can be. So, I prepared myself for the slaughter.... no really I did.

I warmed up with a 35 lb bar and got ready to go. The complex looked a little something like this...

10 rounds-go heavy
No dropping!
12 DL
5 Hang Power Clean
3 Front Squat
1 Jerk

I zipped through rounds 1-4 but as the weight started to get heavy, whoa boy. I was toasted in the forearm area, and I had to take some big breathers in between. Jerry said to work heavy, but I thought that it really doesn't make much sense to go heavy on your 10th round cause you'd be smoked, so Jerry said he didn't care WHERE we went heavy, just that we WENT heavy. So, I loaded my bar to 105 on round 5 and figured that was as high as I'd go. Well, after I did 105 I really felt like I should go heavier. So, for round 6 I jumped a little more up to 110. Then I asked Jerry how high I should go. He told me as high as I could. Well crap. So for round 7, I amped up to 115. That round was brutal. My forearms were JACKED, my grip was fried, I nailed myself in the neck with the bar and the gnurling gave me one nice looking hickey... greaaaaat. Brutal. But I did those 7 and then decided to drop down and work lighter from there.

I tried 85 and dropped. I could NOT do it. 115 smoked me so much I couldn't handle it. Eesh. So, I dropped to 55 for the last 3 rounds. All in all, this was a pretty brutal WOD, but a good mix of stamina and strength. I fear tomorrow... I smell a KILLER metcon coming... *shudder* Hopefully it won't be too "complicated"... :P


Anonymous said...

awe c'mon now, all of us stationed in Iraq ran to Avril lavine..... I'ts an Army thing

Katie said...

Hmmmm... really anon? Is it all Army men? I kind of thought it might just be the ones over 30... ;)

Katie said...

And anon, it wasn't this song... it was.... GIRLFRIEND... heh... you ran to that one too?

Katie said...

And anon... stop being so... well... anonymous... :P