Friday, June 5, 2009

Today's WOD: Choose your own hero or girl... aka...I love the feel of tearing flesh in the morning!

Very first Friday of the month at CFOT is choose your own hero or girl WOD. It seems that Josh and I are in love. I chose to do him again this Friday. Uh... wait... reverse. That sounded really bad.

I chose to complete Josh as my WOD. How's that? This is the third month in a row I've chosen that WOD. I can't help it. I really have just developed a love of OHS (imagine that!) and Josh is just a WOD that I really enjoy doing. My first time through I did the RX'd women's weight and came in around 11 minutes. My next time through I barreled through it and came in in 9:36. This time, I decided that the gauntlet really had been thrown and so I decided to do it with the men's RX'd weight (95lbs). I wasn't speedy by any means because 95lbs is very close to my snatch max, so I couldn't snatch the weight. I had to clean it, jerk it, put it behind my head, and then do a jerk from behind the head. It was tiring just getting the bar up there!!!

But, I'm uber stubborn as you all know, and I refused to quit. Somewhere in the round of 30 pull-ups, my right hand went caput and I got the tear that's in that picture. I had to do the last 18 pull-ups missing one huge hunk of skin. I don't usually tear far enough down to bleed thankfully but the feel of moving skin and tearing flesh at 0515 in the morning is not necessary my most favorite. :P My final time on this was 22:33. Not by any means speedy, but something to shoot for next time when I do it. Cause I'm sure I'll do it again next month. :P

Hero WOD
21 OHS
42 Pull-ups
15 OHS
30 Pull-ups
18 Pull-ups


Justa said...

Crossfitting men that do that to their hands need a t-shirt that says:

"It was the Crossfit!!! Really!"

I can't wait to hear the story on this one!

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

Well well! You carry the mark of crossfit upon your hand.

Katie said...


Really baby, I swear! It's CrossFit that gave me the calluses! :P

Steve, I really actually like the sound of that... it sounds almost... very Shakespearean... :)