Monday, June 15, 2009

Today's WOD: Cleaning Crew

We've been spending a lot of time working on cleans lately. They really are a great movement. Strength, speed, and if you're not careful, those little buggers'll gas you right quick! :P

So today we were trying to work up to 85% of our max clean for a 3 rep max. Our WOD looked like this

3 Power clean
3 Front squat
5-7 rounds
Try to work to 85% of your max.

I got to 85% of my max, but it wasn't pretty. I only got four hours sleep and to be honest, I still couldn't walk right this morning after the WOD on Saturday. So I started out by rowing a 2K (at Jerry's suggestion) to open up my hips and warm-up my leg muscles and kick some of that nasty soreness out. After the row, I felt ok so I got to work on the WOD. Jerry had told me to work light but c'mon. You know I can't resist a heavy lifting day. So I wound up at 117... it seems that in my super sleepy state... I put the 2.5 on one side to make the jump to 120. Yeah, well, about that... I didn't so much remember to put it on the other side. Whoops! Oh come on! Like you've never loaded a bar wrong! And I have an excuse! Well 2, it was 0515 AND I was tired. So :P

Ah yes, the cleaning crew was at it again this morning at 0515.


Erin Gabriel said...

Try an Epsom salt bath when your legs are smoked really bad. Or if you can find some fancy sea salts that works too. I did that after Saturday's workout and instantly felt better!

Katie said...

epsom salts? Really? Huh... whoda thunk it... Thanks Erin! :)