Friday, June 12, 2009

The A Team

I pity da' foo who messes with team 0515! Ah yes, memories... fond memories. I remember when they turned this into a cartoon and the A Team consisted of Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzsky, and Bo Jackson... ah... fun memories of Saturday morning cartoons... But I pity da' foo who gets distracted by Saturday morning cartoons! Right, right-o... on track here!

Yesterday we took a field trip and were visited by a FCPS ladder truck, which was AMAZING, so unfortunately I didn't have much time to work on a blog before I had to go to work. My student's dad did an AWESOME job presenting to the kids, and he brought a team of guys with him who helped show the kids around the truck and ambulance AFTER he climbed the ladder, which was 95 feet in the air. Talk about a great day for them!

Anyway, CFOT had a pretty great day too as we hit... a team competition? You know, it's been awhile since we've done one of these, and I love them and hate them at the same time. I love them because they're a fun way to get a WOD in. I hate them because I just keep thinking about putting up points, and then I just flat out HURT the next day. My knee and my hammy on my left side are, well NAGGING would be a good word, so I'll go with that. We all started with a 1 mile run, which I swore I wasn't going to do for a few days just so my knees could relax a bit. But, since everyone else was doing it, I had to too. :P The different exercises had different point values, with the run being the most, but after 1 loop I opted to shy away from the run.

After that it was game on with farmer's walks, jumping slamballs, and abmats. I managed to amass 35 points for our team and our team average was 33.83 points per person. Alas though, we were defeated by the team at 1700 (I think that's what I read on Facebook at 0530 this AM. Could be wrong, I only had 1 eye open). I still think though that 0515 should get some sort of handicap just for getting our asses out of bed. I mean really. The majority of us were all functioning on less than 6 hours of sleep (some on four) and still managed to put up big point totals... I'd hate to see what we could do if we weren't actually sleep deprived. Team 1230 says they should get a handicap for doing things outside... I call BS. You didn't HAVE to go outside. :P I on the other hand HAD to come in at 0515 since I had to work. See... I'm right again... per the norm! :P LOL.

I also think that to combat John Steckback's ridiculoncous running, the 1 mile run should not have been worth ten points. I'm not sayin' anything... I'm just sayin'. :P

This was a fun WOD though, and I always love the team competitions. It's all in good fun, although I have to admit, I prefer men vs. women. There's just something about beating the pants off the boys that makes everything more fun. ;)

I took this morning as a rest day since I rolled home late last night from work, and cause I hit 4 consecutive days, but depending on the WOD, may go in tonight. The kids are leaving me feeling a bit high strung these days, and a WOD might be in order. 5 more days! WOOOOOT!

For my Facebookers, check out my summer bucket list. If there's anything you want to do with me, let me know. For my non-Facebookers, why haven't you stalked me on Facebook yet? Duh... :P

And PSS- I see that I have some new regular visitors... stop being all sorts of silly and comment or email me and introduce yourself.... :)

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