Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gettin' clean...

Today was another great day at CFOT. I was a little tired and sore after the Fran madness yesterday, but I love working on cleans. Today's wod was a little bit confusing but once I got it, I enjoyed it. Jerry was focusing on today more as a skill day and an opportunity to work on form as opposed to heavy weight. He wanted us to make small jumps and focus on making sure that our form was good. I was working up pretty well when I sort of hit a wall.

After recording and watching my form, Jerry showed me that I have a layback in my clean. Instead of getting a vertical jump in, I'm arching my back so instead of opening my hips and creating a vertical force, I'm almost creating a backwards force. It was weird to watch, but definitely noticeable when the weight got heavier. The WOD looked like this:

Warm-up with PVC

Few low rounds

Find 70% of max
Do 2 reps
Add 2.5%
Do 2 reps
Continue until failure
If failure occurs before 15 rounds drop weight and continue to 15 rounds

This was good for me to work today. I was slow under the bar, but it still felt good to work cleans. You know me... if it has a barbell in it, I'll do it... uh wait a sec... maybe I should rephrase that... :P LOL....

Starting weight today: 166.7


1 block protein from 1/2 c yogurt
2 blocks protein from 1 oz mozarella cheese sticks
1 block carbs from 1/2 c yogurt
1 block carbs from fresh picked blueberries courtesy of christine! YUMMMY!
1 block carbs from 1 c strawberries
3 blocks fat from dry roasted slivered almonds

yay for me moment: Martha will be leaving us soon (:( boo...) so we took her for coffee. While the other girls enjoyed their coffee, I got a water, but enjoyed the company. I'm trying! Do I get points for trying!?!? I think I should lose a pound just for trying!

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