Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Get your metcon on!

After two days of some serious strength, I knew that a metcon was in the works for us. I was definitely right and when I walked in I saw this on the board.

Ring dip push-ups
KB swings
Jumping lunges

Can I just tell you that today, as I sit and write this, my butt STILL hurts from this? This was brutal. I have to say though that despite how horrible I still am at push-ups, this wod went pretty quickly for me and I actually felt good on the kb swings and the jumping lunges. I didn't rest much on those at all. I did rest a bit on the push-ups though. I just can't bust through them! After nearly 2 years, push-ups are still my nemesis.

And to top it all off, as if this wasn't enough, I did a 1 mile run finisher at the end! Good girl! I worked the weakness!

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