Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Take your shirt off! Twist it round your head just like a helicopter!

I can't find an edited version of the song I wanted to use today! Yar! I guess today I'll just have to go without a musical selection... :( Sigh... The write up will come a bit later...

Ah yes... soooooo... today's WOD... WOW. Today's WOD caused me to do something I have only ever done 2 times in CF history. Once on a tabata sell out, and once on the ending mile run of Murph in the middle of July. Yes, it's true ladies and gents. This CF WOD caused me to just about spontaneously combust, and therefore forced me to... strip. WHA?!?! Yeah, you read that right. I said strip.

My body temp was so high after this WOD that I needed to go outside and strip. Now, I want to set the record straight. I may be able to lift 150+ lbs over my head, HOWEVER, I do NOT rock a 6 pack... sadly not even a 4 pack. So, to any passerbys or CF'ers who happened to catch my blindingly white self without a shirt, I wholeheartedly apologize, but in my defense I need to admit that it was COMPLETELY necessarily. Check it out. Today's WOD looked like this:

Hero WOD
7 muscle ups
21 box jump burpees
muscle up sub
9 ring dips
12 pull-ups

If you do the multiplication, that's 105 burpee box jumps. And I would just like to state for the record, that these stink! Not only do you have to do a push up but then instead of just coming to a squat and standing up like normal, you need to jump onto a plyo box. This takes coordination and rethinking about a burpee because normally you come up from a burpee in a squat stance, with this, it's more advantageous to have your legs closer together. They're hard, and they took me forever. I had to use floss for the ring dips which didn't make me happy, but it's definitely a skill I haven't worked much lately, and so the skill has sort of gone bye bye.

This WOD took me over 40 minutes to complete thanks to those box jump burpees. I'm almost embarassed to admit that, BUT, I give myself credit for showing up and not quitting, because believe me, I wanted to quit after round 2. Eesh. Now, having said that, I think it's easy to understand why I was forced to strip off articles of clothing. Sadly, like Petey Pablo says, I did not twist it round my head just like a helicopter, but I did need to ventilate after this WOD. Woooo boy.


Justa said...

Box jump burpees! I like it! How about box jump burpee pullups?

Do 10 and die!

Katie said...

Justa, there are vert jump burpees where you are supposed to be able to jump up and touch a set bar above your head... OUCH! Broad jump burpees too where you come up and then jump as far as you can... like a long jump...

Box jump burpee pull-ups? That sounds like a recipe for me to get hurt... :P