Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So fresh and so CLEAN...

I feel so fresh and so CLEAN after this morning... ;)

So Fresh and So Clean

Ain't nobody dope as me, I feel so fresh, so fresh and so CLEAN, CLEAN! Tehe... do you like how I totally just snuck that song reference in on you? Didja like that?! Huh?!? Didja!? Yeah, well, I thought I was being all clever this morning, so work with me! :P

After the last two days of running and metcon WOD's, I felt like my head was back in place enough for a good strength WOD. Unfortunately, my body was moaning and groaning at me this AM for doing two days of metcon work when I haven't done ANY metcon work in a good long while. Sooooooo what you're saying is that maybe if I haven't run in 6 months I shouldn't do 4 running WODs in 7 days? Hmmm... good thinkin'! :P Hindsight is always 20/20 you know... but anyhoo, even though I wasn't feeling 100% spiffy this AM, I was pretty much determined to get down and dirty with the cleans since I heart barbell work. :)

So, we did singles today and I felt really sluggish. I got up to 115 and Jerry told me that I looked very segmented. I agreed. I felt like I was "IN THE MATRIX!". I'm using all caps because Sean was yelling that at me while bending backwards doing all sorts of funky arm motions A LA Keanu in the Matrix, but it's a pretty accurate description of what it felt like.

It wasn't that I wasn't doing the movement correctly, but I just didn't have that zip... that POP, that POW, that PIZAZZ today and so it just wasn't rollin' right for me. I felt like I was giving a lot of effort but time or gravity was interferring. So, after that little convo and my Matrix impressions, I dropped the weight on the bar down and just focused on speed. I ripped that thing off the floor like it was Dermot Mulroney. (Believe me, I would yank him up in a HEARTBEAT!) MMMMMM... dee-licious. ;)

So after a few at 85lbs, I loaded the bar back up to 115 and hit that one again. It went up much better the second time, so I kept going. I got up 125 and 130 with much better efficiency, and then sat down for a hot minute to think. I knew I only had 1 maybe 2 more good pulls in me. By that point I was jumping by 5 lbs so the next logical jump would have been 140. But I knew that I could do 140 because that was my max, and what I had logged on the record board. So I was wondering if I should make the logical jump, or just throw the weight on the bar and go for it.

I consulted my guru, my Zen leader, the all wise and powerful Jerry to see what his thoughts were. He said, what the hey, load it to 141 and go for it. If you miss, back it down. So I took what Jerry said, and did it.... sort of. I took the bar, loaded it... to 14...2. :) EEEH! (I totally just did the pig thing!) So, I set the bar, gave myself a hot minute of rest, and then ripped that son of a gun off the floor. I got it to my shoulders and into the squat position, but got sort of stuck down there. About 3/4 of the way up, I just gritted my teeth and pushed through. Yup... a new PR. :) 142. Dang did it feel good. 140 has been my nemesis for a long time. I just couldn't get 145 up last time. So 142 it is. It was the new CFOT clean record, but I'm sure by this evening it will be gone. I'm sure Andrea will clean 145... dangit! :P But regardless of whose name is at the top (believe it or not, I really don't actually care if it's mine or not) it felt good to be so fresh and so CLEAN this morning!!! WOOT! Yay for having a smart lifting day! :) Oh and as a finisher, I threw on the old headphones and cranked up the I-Pod for a mile run. 5 running days out of 8? Weakness be gone! :P


Justa said...

I love the freedom countdown, Katie!

Katie said...

Justa you'd think that I'm excited for the school year to be over or something... I don't know... :P