Thursday, January 27, 2011

In flux...

So, you thought I died didn't you? Admit it, you thought that I got hit on the head with a weight and was no longer? Eh... not so much, but a few weeks after writing up my CrossFit Story: Part Tres, my life went into a full on tailspin as things shifted... AGAIN. In September, after being away from teaching for awhile, I decided that I wasn't ready to be done.  I didn't want to leave teaching, but I needed to work on creating a better balance in my life and find a school where I felt supported and not attacked all the time.  I started looking at potential openings and went through a lot in the fall as far as employment, and was just getting ready to start subbing with Alexandria when I got a life changing call. 

I was taking a full time position, not contracted but temporary, with a 5th grade class in a local school.  Of course this happened two days before Christmas and there was no time to talk to my new team or my new principal really before the break came.  I was told that I was to start January 3, so everything went into hurry up mode.  I had to change my schedule at the restaurant, find all my teaching things that had been shoved in corners and attics, and I needed to get ready to completely flip my life again. 

Some of that was easy, other parts of it were not.  I was ready to be back on a schedule, but adjusting was not as easy as I thought it'd be.  I really wanted to start eating better and get back into team 0515 but it's been a challenge.  It's a new district, a new school, a new grade level, and so my focus has really shifted back to work as opposed to working out.  I keep missing meals because I'm working, or I'm eating horribly as I'm trying to cram meals in between school and Dogfish.  I'm sure that things will calm down soon.  It's already been almot a month at this job, and I've learned a lot.  I know how they want things done now, so I'm finally getting used to writing lesson plans and doing things the way they want me to.  So hopefully within the next few weeks, things will get even easier and I will find a way to get into the box more and have more wods to write about.  For the first two-three weeks in there, it was pretty sketchy.  One week I only got in one time.  It was pretty bad...... but last week I was in three days, and I'm hoping to get in 3-4 days this week.  Weather will play a part in that, but hopefully we'll make it through and things will be back to normal in no time.  Let's cross our fingers, cause I definitely feel fat and very out of shape!!!