Thursday, February 10, 2011

Once, Twice, Three times a lady...

I think that's how the old song goes... is that how the old song goes? I don't know... in my old age my mind is failing me... You know, I said that jokingly in front of my students the other day... I said that in my old age my hearing was going... one of the kids in the back whispered (haha... that's funny... 11 year olds don't really whisper) that I was obviously close to 40... really??!?!? I mean, I know I look older and I am sure that the gray hairs will start to come soon with all the stress I'm under, but 40? REALLY?

Anyway... 3 seems to be my lucky number these days.  I'm still having a hard time getting into the box with my work schedule, but I'm holding steady at the number three.  I realize that this isn't going to make me a badass at three times a week, but I also realize it will help to maintain a certain level of fitness so that when I am able to get back in 4-5 days a week, I will start to improve again.  I don't feel stellar, in fact, yesterday's wod felt awful, but I am still getting some work in and it helps me feel good about myself.  After all, isn't that the point? 

Yesterday's wod was sheer awfulness, so by all means, I highly encourage it at the HTFU weight if you really feel like punishing yourself.  Ugh. 

30 snatches for time
Every minute on the minute starting at 0:00 do XX number of pull-ups

HTFU- 95lbs and 4 C2B pull-ups
Infidel -75lbs and 4 pull-ups
Bulldog- 55 lbs and ??? pull-ups

I started out ok at HTFU but after 6 rounds I had to go to regular pull-ups.  I have lost some strength by only being in 3 days a week and the extra weight I've gained is seriously impacting my pull-ups.  I kept the weight at 95 lbs and let me tell you, it sucked.  95 was heavy and hard.  But I did push through.... eventually. Mentally that wod almost beat me... it was rough.  But I did it and felt good that I did it.  Tomorrow will be day number 2 this week and hopefully Saturday will be 3.  I'm aiming to keep consistant at 3... and be once, twice, three times a CFOT lady this week! WOOT! :)