Saturday, September 19, 2009

The DOs and DON'Ts of CrossFit

Sort of kinda like Katie's list of ways you know you're legit CrossFit... I now humbly (or not so humbly) present my list of....

The Dos and Don'ts of CrossFit


-Compare yourself to everyone else on the whiteboard. Your progress is yours and yours alone.
-Let the WOD fool you... if it looks easy, be very very scared about the pain you will feel later.
-Believe the naysayers who call you crazy for doing a WOD like this
-Overdo it. Everyone needs rest days, and everyone needs some time away from the box.
-Worry. If you can't use prescribed weight, do the rx'd rounds, or do it as fast as others. You'll get there in time.
-Wear gloves. YOU WANT CALLUSES!
-Be afraid of the cameras. Seeing video and pictures of yourself can actually help your form.
-Forget that sleep and diet are essential
-Be intimidated by a workout. Just dig in and shut the clock off.
-Worry if you tear your hand. A little blood is a good thing.
-Worry if you're sore the next day. That's normal. Sometimes even two or three days later.
-Be stupid. If it hurts that bad, stop.
-Do bicep curls... we'll laugh at you.
-Forget to strap down your weight vest. It hurts if it impails itself on your face.
-Wear really short shorts... your private business is your private business, and chances are, if you squat deep... your private business will suddenly become public.. so cover up!
-Stop if you face plant into a box. It's a right of passage.
-Make fun of the girl in the box wearing sequined shoes. Chances are, she might be able to lift more or as much as you.
-Switch someone's weight midway through a brutal wod. This may get you injured.
-Tell someone that they're eating too many carbs, not enough protein, or too much fat... diets in CF are as varied as snowflakes, and they're liable to punch you or try to convert you... both can be painful at times.
-Think for one second that farmers walks are easy.
-Cheat your ROM... we'll call you out and may even give you a punishment for it.
-Half ass your wod... you're never going to get stronger or faster that way.
-Stare at Rick if he changes his shirt or Harold if he takes it off. It's just the way of the world.
-Think the PVC pipes are just for Dungeons and Dragons practice or your plumbing... they're actually very helpful when working on form.
-Be afraid to throw some seriously heavy weight over your head. It's fun!
-Leave the buckles in on the rings. That hurts!
-Underestimate the pain of rope/strap burn.
-Worry about the welts you get from the jump rope... they'll fade... eventually...
-Forget to chalk up. Chalk is one of your best friends.... get familiar now.
-Worry about the funny faces you're making while working out. We won't single you out and make fun of you. We make fun of everyone equally.


- Engage in throwing as many fun toys as possible
- Believe in the power of the sledgehammer
- Lift, squat, push, pull, or jump until your appendages feel like Jello
- At least once, dip your hand in a bucket of chalk and leave a white handprint on someone's butt (first be sure this person or their SO will not injure you)
- Routinely examine calluses/torn blisters/random CF injuries/bruises with friends
- Celebrate success. We're all about getting stronger/faster. When it happens, bust out with a rebel yell and ask for more, more, more.
- Support your team. They support you too, so be sure to be an athletic supporter.
- Feel free to fall on the floor as soon as you have completed your WOD.
- Buy as many shirts/shorts/tanks etc as possible that have CrossFit written somewhere on them. You will want to wear them EVERYWHERE.
- Drink the Kool-Aid. It's tasty and low carb.
- Laugh at every innuendo that you can find in CF... SNATCH! *snicker*
- Hit the box often

I'm sure there are more that I'll think of to put on here, but it's time to get to CF! :P

DO understand that I have the power to ammend my list!!! :P


Emily said...

I love all of these - especially the "don't"s which I seem to get hung up on.

Katie said...

Ah yes, Emily.... it is very easy to get hung up on them... I wrote them as a sort of visual for myself as well as others...

georgia said...

Was that first Don't dedicated to me or to you? ;)

Katie said...

That was for the general populus... but it does apply to me in particular a lot... especially with my metcons... I get all competitive and such... :P

Melissa said...

I'm starting Crossfit this coming week with my boyfriend, and I'm really excited! These are some great "do's and don'ts" and it's actually gotten me even more excited to start! Thanks :)

Katie said...

Melissa, I'm glad that my list is helping someone. The purpose of my blog is to share my experiences and encourage others to get involved in CF. It's also to show everyone that their life doesn't suck quite so badly... :P

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