Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jerry's 3rd "Really Bad Idea" in 2 weeks...

Jerry Hill. What can you say about the man? Great friend, great coach, has tons of knowledge to impart with regards to lifting and CrossFit, but GD that man puts together some of the most heinous things I have ever seen. I mean, I love the man but really? He put two God AWFUL wod's back to back on Friday and Saturday, and he has thrown out two other really God Awful wod's within the last 2 weeks. I mean, seriously, I joke about his evil CrossFit laboratory in his basement, but I swear, I'm starting to think he really has one where he just sits and toils and figure out new really evil ways to torture us and by us, I mostly mean me since I'm not a metcon ninja.

So, the WOD on paper didn't LOOK horrific, but we all know that that's just a sign. A sign that it's going to really blow. After FGB prep Friday I was feeling that "Insane" level, and this really hurt me. It went a bit like this.

3 rounds for time
800 M run
20 burpees
30 pull-ups
40 double unders (60 barrier jumps)

The worst part of this wod? The barrier jumps. On box jumps I can catch my breath, I can time things, I could not for the life of me get my breath back on the barrier jumps. And moving them to 60 was just plain brutal. I am not coordinated. I have tried double unders. I can't do them for whatever reason. It's bizarre. You'd think a teacher would be able to do things with a jump rope, but no. I can't. The barrier jumps made this wod awful because I couldn't catch my breath so then I had to go out the door to run already wheezing and trying to get my breath back while running, just to come back and do burpees. It SUCKED. This was another WOD that took me 41:04. How god awful is that? The only consolation is that I'm not a metcon ninja and I was not that far behind some of the other girls who are usually whoopin' my ass. My pull-ups today were actually decently quick, and my run today, while no land speed record, was not as slow as it's been in the past. The barrier jumps today killed me. Not only for my breathing but they also took a lot more time than the people whipping out double unders like they were nothing. It made it hard to keep up. :(

But, I got 4 days in at the box this week and I'm happy about that since last week I only got 3 due to school. This week I'd like to get back to my five days and start working on some stuff. I keep saying I need to work on things, but haven't officially set any CF goals in awhile. I've just been workin' out. So I think a serious goal setting session may be in order soon.

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Mark said...

Katie - reading about this is much easier than sitting on a plane back to DC and missing the WOD by 1 hour.

Sounds like a killer, but also it sounds like you survived and will benefit from it.

embrace the hurt.