Sunday, September 13, 2009

Friday 9/11: Fight Gone Bad Prep

I can think of fewer workouts more fitting for 9/11 than Fight Gone Bad. It is one of the worst workouts I have ever done, and a workout worthy of reminding us that there was much suffering on 9/11.

I normally like to joke about my workouts and I like to talk about how they suck. But when it comes to the heroes, and when it comes to the workouts we do to remember, I can't joke. People may say that CrossFitters are a little, ok no, a LOT crazy, but when it boils right down to the heart of the matter, I think CF'ers are by far some of the most big hearted and conscientious people on the planet. We may do workouts that look insane but we have our reasons, and those reasons involve honoring people worthy of reverance and remembrance.

Unlike many Americans, we didn't let 9/11 pass as just another day on the calendar. We did a WOD which inflicted a lot of pain and let us remember that 9/11 was a sad and terrible day for many. We felt the physical pain of what I'm sure many felt in their hearts that day.

I know that since joining CFOT and having all the experiences I've had, that my views on things like pride in my country and our armed services have changed. What can I say? I have no defense except to say that these people have opened my eyes to a lot of things, and have helped to change my opinions on things. 9/11 is now not just another passing day to me, and I don't think it should be for anyone else. So today I ponied up to the insane version of the WOD, and I felt the pain.

The fallen heroes were honored thus:

FGB Prep
For time
40-30-20 (Insane)
35-25-15 (Brutal)
30-20-10 (Tough)

For those of you tabulating FGB scores in your head...


Time- 39:54

This really was as bad as it sounded, but they deserved it. Godspeed.

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