Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday's FGB Prep...

In lieu of the upcoming FGBIV on Saturday, Jerry has been doing some FGB prep. We've been doing lots of box jumps, push presses, kbhp, rowing, and of course wall ball. Yesterday he came up with one God awful wod. FGB tabata sell out?!?! Ugh.

On Sunday night, I had some sleep issues and only wound up with 3 hours of sleep. I took a rest day Monday, and tried to get to bed early Monday night. That was a no go. I just couldn't sleep. Maybe it's stress, maybe it's the extra sugar in my super bad diet right now. Who knows. But I couldn't sleep again on Monday night. I wound up taking a PM pain med just to sleep. Yesterday morning then, I woke up groggy and out of sorts. In no shape for a FGB tabata. So, after school I decided to head over to CFOT and try this one.

I talked to Jerry and we decided for me, 5 rounds was probably a good amount for the day. He was dead on. I was able to push it for 5. But I think 8 would have done more harm than good. Some days you just have to know when to cut back I guess. That's not easy for me, but especially with the huge fluctuation in my work schedule between a month ago and now, I need to adjust accordingly. So 5 it was. And I was ok with that. In 5 rounds I was able to nail 212 reps. I'm pretty pleased with that, except for my wall balls. Wow. I did those right after the row and tabata wall ball after a tabata row is just plain disgusting. It's not nice at all! Ick..... So anyway, 5 rounds it was, but I'm ok with that.

As an aside, if you haven't donated to FGB IV or signed up yet, what're you waiting for dude!!?!?!?!

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