Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday's WOD: Max push press

Look at me.... school's got me turning into such a freakin' hot mess that I can't even remember that CFOT was closed Monday and that we did push presses on Tuesday! Oi vey! Tragic.... :P LOL... anyway...

Tuesday was a good day back from a much needed long weekend. Even though I didn't get in as many wod's as I wanted to last week, I was spent dude. 12 hour days everyday plus work at the restaurant and all that jazz... I was done. So I enjoyed my time off, but I enjoyed getting back to the box.

It was great to come back on a strength day because, well... DUH! We all know that I love throwing heavy things over my head. :) I'm a fan on Facebook, well not really a fan on Facebook, but you get the idea.... :P

The last time we did max push presses I believe was a Monday in July. We did strict/push/jerk, and I was able to hit 125X1 as my new PR on my max push press. That was a great set of lifting that day. I loved it. So going into this lifting day I was sort of feeling like an eager beaver. It's been a hot minute since I hit a PR so I was sort of itching for one.

Once I got 120 up I knew I had 125 but I wasn't sure about any higher. I jumped by 10 up to 135 and failed. Actually it was a successful lift, but it wasn't a push press... it was a flat out jerk. LOL. Jerry took some film of this day and added the bloopers. You can go to the CFOT page and watch the vid, and see me start to laugh as soon as I hit the lift knowing full well I'd just screwed up. Not to mention you can hear my teammates laughing at me in the background and my trainer... Nice guys they are... :P

Anyway, after the miss at 135, I decided to drop down, and I went for a new PR of 130. That went up pretty solid and felt pretty good. It wasn't a huge PR but sometimes, it's all about the baby steps... :P I'll take over the rest of the world soon enough... mwah mwah mwah (um... that was my evil laughter folks... be afraid... be very afraid.... ;) )

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