Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Are you REALLY eating that?"

So suppose my knight in shining armor comes riding up on his fiery steed and sees me chowing down on a huge steak with tons of veggies all smothered in a garlic cream sauce. He alights from his horse, gets down on one knee and says in his sexy, husky, princeesque voice, "Are you REALLY eating that?" What then?

I kick him, tell him where he can stuff it, and happily munch my steak. Game over, right? *sigh* Unfortunately, probably not.... I'd probably concede, at least temporarily, to spare my knight, who is no doubt besotted with me. But in the long run, it would eventually boil down to my steak or him, and in the end, I'm sorry, but steak is tasty. It wins.

Unfortunately though, this sort of conversation happens all the time. Byers actually posted on this not to long ago (Byers I heart you!) and it was disturbing to me then, and it's disturbing to me now. I can't tell you how many comments I get on my food, and to be honest, I don't understand it.

Maybe it's me, maybe I'm just different from everyone else, but when I see a person eating, the last thing I would ever imagine saying to them is "Are you REALLY going to eat that, or closely related, "Are you REALLY eating that?" also sister to, "Why are you eating that?" I wouldn't. I simply wouldn't do it. It opens the door to too many hurt feelings, too many rationalizations about stairmastering things off later, and so I keep my mouth shut. I guess therefore I expect the same in return. But alas, it is not to be. It drives me INSANE when people comment on my food, and since returning to school, it's happened more than I would really like.

Upon eating steak and peas for breakfast, people asked me how I could eat steak and peas for breakfast. Why didn't I eat cereal and have a bagel? God I could feel the nap coming on just from hearing the words. I wanted the good carbs, and I wanted the protein from the steak. So I ate it, just like that. But people didn't understand. Why? HOW? It's not BREAKFAST food! What? Who the F besides me should dictate what my breakfast food is? Truth be told, it was damned good steak. I marinated it in merlot. And my peas in butter were tasty and I'm sure kicked the crap out of their gross yogurt. To steal some words from Cher, "AS IF!".

But what's the point of this mindless ramble? Where is this going your wondering. Well here it is. My point: F 'em. If you want a steak, have a gd steak. If it's six am, and your SO is telling your you're insane and that you should have bagels and cereal. F it. Your diet is your diet, and your health is your health. If you get diabetes from eating a crapton of carbs, whose going to have to deal, you or your peers? Right. So game on. Start telling all those Primal naysayers to hit the road, and tell them the door can hit them on the way out. I've been doing this a month with a few speed bumps on the way, and I'm still down five pounds, am sleeping better, and in general feel better. I'm happy that I can again eat generous portions of meat and that I can use things like butter in almost wild abandon. I enjoy cooking, and I enjoy eating again. It's really been a blessing for me to go Primal (or well semi-primal cause of the whole speed bump thing, but I'm working on those). I'm human and you've read about my slips into the world of conventional wisdom. But the key thing is that I keep coming back. I fall a smidge down the slope, but I keep climbing back up. God I'm a stubborn SOB aren't I? ;) Indeed. So, if someone asks if you're REALLY going to eat that? Tell them, "Yes, yes I am, and I'm going to enjoy every bite." And then delight in every bite with wild abandon.


Erin said...

Amen, Katie. Love this post. I was just home over labor day weekend and have completely abandoned my good eating efforts...all it took was a little peer pressure, baskets of fresh bread. i'm now paying for it...its so not worth it.

Tami said...

Wait... hang on a minute. You mean most people DON'T eat steak for breakfast?

On the menu of most restaurants in this part of the country you will actually find the wonderful and glorious item "Steak and Eggs." It usually comes with hash browns and toast, but they are generally awful and easily ignored. Plus, you can always sub them for bacon and sausage.

Is that just a Midwestern thing? We have to do something with all these cows after all.

Viva la steak!

georgia said...

Great post, Katie. I think we are kind of at the same crossroads of diet determining lifestyle. Some friends refuse to understand that what I'm doing is for a goal, and not just to fit into a smaller jean size. But a goal of 30 pull ups for my bday. And a few other goals that are secrets. I've found I can't talk to them about anything involving my new, healthy lifestyle that doesn't include glueten, sugar, or dairy. Some people, however, are awesome about it. Those people are crossfitters. Guess we just have to pick our audiences (and our dates!)

Katie said...

Love the support (and the comments) ladies! :)

Tami, in this part of the world, Starbucks, Bran Muffins, Bagels, and Yogurt seem to be the order of a lot of people's breakfasts, if not the pasteries from the NUMEROUS delicacy shops around. Steak and eggs can be found some places (like the mom and pop breakfast place conveinantly located right by CFOT :) ) but largely, no. Steak and eggs is not on the menu. Sad, I like my steak and eggs in the am. Even better with cheese!!!! :) Yummmmmmm....

Georgia, I think it's sort of sad when we realize that food will affect our relationships, but if people can't deal with us wanting to be healthy, well... unfortunately I'd pay the price of my bad eating, not them, and since I'd have to deal with the insulin shots and diabetes, I say game off. I still dip my hand in the proverbial cookie jar now and again (had some Pumpkin Spice latte today) but those things are soooooo much rarer today than they were before.

I think I'm becoming much less hard on myself, and opening up to the idea that while I'm not a perfect Grokette, I'm really a lot healthier than before. I had some bread this week, and some coffee, little bit of chocolate and ice cream, but all in moderation. It wasn't the pig fest of before. A little here, a little there, and tons of veggies, fruits, meats, and good fats. I'll take my steak (and my health) over judgmental folks anyday.

Erin, we're so on our way to being great Grokettes... :) untraining our brains of 27ish years does not happen in 1 month. But it's a great start! :)