Monday, September 21, 2009

Saturday's Metcon Thrashing...

It hurts to breathe... I'll type when I can breathe...

It's five days later, and finally I can breathe. Jerry has this way of putting together the worst metcons ever, and I mean EVER. I never knew that a combination of jumping lunges, abmats, and a 400 M run would be so painful. Oi vey! Clearly I'm not doing enough ab work because my abs hurt yesterday. I coughed and thought I might die. Note to self, don't cough. The wod looked like this:

30 abmats
30 elevated jumping lunges
400 M run

BTW, elevated jumping lunges are guaranteed (backed by my own personal guarantee) to make your gluteus maximus hurt for days on end. I promise or your money back... well wait, you haven't given me any, but I'll give you something back. The time you wasted reading this? ;) I kid! Time spent reading my blog is never wasted! :) Go get some... this sucks!

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