Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Power of CrossFit: What's YOUR CrossFit story: Part Deux

So like most things in life, my infamous blog has a sequel, but yesterday was just another in a string of really long days that I've been having lately and I didn't have time (or energy) to post it. It seems that if I get home before 9:00 these days, it's cause for a supreme celebration. So, needless to say, after getting up and being at work by 0700 and then going to job 2 until 10:30ish, that after getting home, all I really wanted to do was talk to my pirate and curl up in bed. So, I didn't get to post the things I wanted to, and that I've been meaning to post for awhile.

So today, here I am. I am taking a mental health hour (before putting the final touches on my Back To School Night Packet) and typing up this blog. Back in May when I wrote my original post The Power of CrossFit: What's YOUR CrossFit story, I was completely flabbergasted at the response that came from it. I got several comments on my blog, the affiliate page, and in person. It was great to know that something I had written resonated with so many other folks, because, I'm going to be honest (when am I not?) and tell you that the reason I write, is because it feels good to know that someone else can relate, and maybe my writing can help them with whatever they are going through. I'm not really a people person per say (I'm very shy when I meet new people but warm up quickly, then can't shut up) so having a computer where I can write things down has been great!

So, after some thought, I decided that I was going to do an update. Kind of like VH-1. You know how they do the where are they now on the 80's stars? The answer is usually something like living in Hollywood using up all the cash they made when they were 18, and sadly, my story doesn't go like that. But, it still sounds pretty cool to me.

Since writing my original post back in May, lots has happened. First and foremost being that I've made many new friends on this crazy thing we call "The Internet". I know that some people think blogging and having online friends is odd, but it's really great to log on and see comments from people who genuinely understand many of my frustrations. In addition to my strong network of friends who are here around me (and are totally AWESOME), I now have a great network of friends around the world who I look forward to hearing from, usually on a daily basis.

Secondly, after writing that blog, CrossFit convinced me to get on an airplane! That's right! I took my first flight, and got off the east coast for the first time, all because of CrossFit and this little blog. I met one of my readers (and she rocks!) and ran my very first 5K. When I started this blog in January, I don't think anyone (including myself) ever thought that I would actually run 3 miles. Furthermore, I don't think anyone would have ever thought that I would sign up to run 13.1 of them either!

Since May, I've posted a number of PR's and am excited about them all. I've hit 2 new row PR's 500 M- 145.9 and 2000 M is 8:13.6. I've posted a new chin PR at 24, hit my first ring dip, and then did 45 the day after when I went RX'd on Elizabeth. I've deadlifted 195 lbs, hit my first strict chin, then did my first weighted chins and PR'd at a 20lbs. I've PR'd on Daniel and Badger, as well as brought in my Fran in 6:54. I met my goal of doing sets of 10 "to form" push-ups, but am still working on the elusive hand stand push-up and my muscle up. :P (I can dream right?) I hit a new strict press PR at 87 lbs (yay for not counting right) and to celebrate my one year anniversary with CFOT, I created a movie, then hit Fran with 90 lbs in a decent 13:17. And to top it all off, I hit a PR clean and jerk and took 120lbs over my head.

When I look back over all of these things, it almost blows my mind. How amazing is it that in just 4 more months I was able to accomplish all of these things? How amazing is my trainer? How AWESOME is this program? You know, I said it in my post the first time, and I'll say it again. There is something about this program. I wish everyone could have the experience that I have had. I can't tell you how it feels to get dressed in the morning and put on my pants from this time last year, and have them not even stay on.

For the girl who has always been chubby, or ok let's face it, fat, to finally start to see results is amazing. I have never felt comfortable in my own skin. Ever. I have always been shy about wearing bikinis, or tight clothes. I'm not saying that now I have suddenly turned into an exhibitionist (sorry boys.... :P) but the day that we did Murph, I realized just how much about me has changed when I ran out the door for my final mile and stripped off my shirt. At the end, I gave myself a WTF? It didn't even cross my mind that people were looking at me half naked. It didn't worry me whether or not my stomach looked ok. I was doing my last run, on a hard as crap workout, and finishing was what was important to me. For me to be able to do that and not spend the entire time worrying about what I looked like, was nothing short of a miracle.

CrossFit has given me both my physical and my emotional strength back. Times still get hard. Stress still wears me down, but I don't quit. I don't go home and curl up in bed with my covers over my head, listening to sappy songs, after eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's. Those days are gone... well sort of. Every now and again, a girl just needs ice cream. (sorry Jerry...) But the point is that this program and my trainer, as well as my team, have rebuilt me. The parts that I didn't even realize were rusted and broken now work better than they ever did. I can lift more weights now and with better form then I ever could have when I was working out for my sports teams. I don't grumble about getting up at 0445 now to get to the zero dark thirty class. I relish it because I get to see my family. Not my friends, my family. That's what this affiliate has become to me. Since May, our affiliate has quite frankly exploded, and while I don't know all the new members, I have enjoyed getting to know them the best I can and including them in my crazy world (whether or not they want to be, eh, there I can't say... ;) )

The bottom line is that CrossFit has made me a better person. It wasn't easy. God no. There have been workouts where I've wanted to quit every step of the way. There are days I want to curse the Zone and eat bread, pasta, pizza, and ice cream all in one sitting. There are days where I feel so tired the thought of picking up 65 lbs is very daunting. But the cool thing about all this, is that I CAN. How many women in this world CAN lift 65 lbs? I have become so strong... and I need to remember that. CrossFit has brought back that fiesty girl who used to exist when I was 16. The girl who stood up for herself, wanted was was right for her, and worked her ass off to get it. She's back (sometimes with a vengance) and it feels good.

To everyone out there who is just starting CrossFit, the only thing I can say is, it's hard. You'll sweat, you'll hurt, you'll probably want to puke a time or two, and if you do, it's ok. Just remember that you came here because you wanted to be stronger, and stronger doesn't just mean that you can pick up a heavier weight. It means that when you hit that wall, you find a way to push through. It means when you feel like giving up and giving in, you pick up the pace. It means that when someone knocks you down, you stand back up and ask if that's the best they've got. CrossFit is about finding the strongest version of yourself... because strong is beautiful. Let's not forget that this is MY CrossFit story... yours may be may be different... but that's the POWER of CrossFit. It's giving you your story. All you have to do is pick up the pen and write it. Don't you want to be beautiful too?


Justa said...

And to think I waited up all night for your post! Yawn! got that workout in. Consistency yields results, Katie.

Katie said...

I'm sorry if I caused you to have sleep deprivation... :P

Thanks for all the support! :)

Kurt T. Fuller said...

CrossFit has given me both my physical and my emotional strength back. Times still get hard. Stress still wears me down, but I don't quit." - Katie

I agree 110%. I've always been stubborn. And will always be. But although things might get to me, I don't quit. CrossFit has only added to my stubbornness and proved to me that I don't have to quit. Why should I?

And I know that you won't either!

It's been amazing to follow you since February. And I wish more people would stick with it and look at what they've gained over a period of time. Most think that if it doesn't produce overnight results, it doesn't work. You and I know better.

And to echo justa's sentiments...consistency yields results.


Justa said...

Keep this post somewhere handy for when you have one of those days, Katie. The potential has always been in you...CF and your coach have just helped you unleash it...and there's much more to come.

Fantastic post!

Katie said...

KTF, thanks for following me and being a supporter in my corner!

Justa, I'm glad you like this one! :)

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

Its so hard to describe crossfit!!

I love it. I love how I 'hate' the workouts! I love the fact I can do the workouts.

I've met really good people through crossfit too. No ego, just bright people across ages and cultures doing something that demands so much!

I'm grateful to all the crossfit bloggers out-there, I've found crossfit to be a lonely journey at times but I do look forward to hearing about our exploits.

Katie said...

Steve, well said! I like that! :)