Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Remembering flight 93... a "gas"ser today...and a few thoughts on yesterday

Jerry let us know today that tomorrow is going to be a rough workout, but he wanted to come up with a way to honor the people on Flight 93, so he gave us a nice little workout today. Now, before I go any further, I think I need to clarify something from my post yesterday. I mentioned that I felt like we've been doing a lot of bodyweight work at CFOT lately, as opposed to barbell work. We've never done a lot of max stuff, at least IMHO, and I've always (well aside from the times I get the itch) been ok with that. I complain about doing bodyweight stuff, not because I disagree with Jerry's programming. The man is a hell of a lot smarter than I am when it comes to this stuff, and if he told me that jumping off the roof of my school was what I needed to progress, I would do it. I have faith in his programming and am sure that whatever he is doing, he has a reason for it. But remember, this is my blog, and one purpose that it serves is as my outlet of frustration, and believe me, I'm frustrated. I really really REALLY dislike bodyweight stuff (pushups in particular) because I'm HORRID at them. It's been a year, and still banging out 10 is challenging for me. It gets very frustrating for me. One could then argue with me that that's precisely the reason I SHOULD do more bodyweight work(and you'd be absolutely right... write that down, it doesn't happen often that someone else is right instead of me, or in addition to me rather... :P ) but regardless of what I know I SHOULD do, it doesn't make me WANT to do it. If you don't like brussel sprouts, even though you KNOW they are really good for you, you really don't want to ever eat them do you? That's kinda how I feel about pushups.

Now, one of the gifts of CF is also one of the things that causes this to be an even bigger issue for me. And that is that it brings us all into a competitive environment. I like to see my name close to the top, who doesn't? And I know that when we do stuff with mostly bodyweight, that's never going to happen, and it's a downer before I even get going. I know that this extreme hatred of bodyweight work needs to change, but it's really hard. I like my barbells, I like them a lot. Snatches, cleans, presses, squats. Love it! It's like candy for me. I love me my circuits with the barbells. I'm sure there are people out there who probably feel the exact opposite of me, and dread walking into the room and having to pick up a bar. I get that... but I'm not one of those people, and push-ups and squats are my nemesis (nemesi?). So, until I manage to defeat this beast of burden I hope you can forgive my whining.

Now, for those of you who raised an eyebrow at me yesterday, I hope this clarifies a few things. But enough of that hot mess, onward ho! So today's workout as I said was in honor of Flight 93. So, the fun looked like this:

93 Ring Dips
93 Med ball cleans (14 lbs)
93 Box jumps (4 mats)

Jerry told us we could partition this, and my first thought was sets of 10. But seeing as how I just left the band for dips a little while ago, I thought a better idea would be more rounds of a lower number. Now, you would think since I hate pushups that I would hate dips too, but for some reason, I feel like they're a good challenge for me. I feel like pushups should have been mastered long ago. But anyhoo, I settled on 6 as a nice good number. I made it through 10 rounds of 6 of each of the exercises and realized I was not going to have the time to finish as intended. I was slowing down big time. My arms were hitting fatigue, and my ROM was not as deep as it should have been. My form was also going and my elbows were flaring out and not staying close to my body. So after 60 of the dips, I went to the floss.

I did the last 5 rounds plus the missing 3 reps of each with the floss and brought this in in 38:09. Not bad I thought, but I know I got smoked later. I haven't seen the board, but I'm positive. Although I hate always hearing later how people smoked my time, I'm liking the zero dark thirty class. I'm enjoying the extra work time in the mornings, and it's allowing me to feel more calm at the beginning of the day and I'm not feeling as stressed. I'm still ridiculously busy, but I'm feeling better about things.

Now, I do have a confession to make from the workout today, and it's going to be a slightly embarassing one. Today, I totally farted when doing ring dips. I don't think anyone else heard, but I was really really embarassed. I mean, I know it's natural... it's all the tightening of the core and blah blah blah, but there's nothing like being suspended in the air and just letting one rip to make you feel a little awkward. Does this ever happen to other people or is it just me? I find it happens a lot on AbMats too... hmmmm... maybe I shouldn't admit that... now everytime we do dips and Abmats everyone else will be on one side of the room... Although, that may actually work to my advantage... more equipment for me! :P LOL. But seriously, I kinda felt like a tool. It's like that really bad tv commercial... "I see that you're flatulant in 2 languages".... "You're son rip is on line toot." Ah... nothing like corny humor... :P Alright, well work calls.... I'm hoping to be home, in bed, and on the phone with my pirate before 930... ;) Let's all cross our fingers... :)


Justa said...

Wow, This one could go anywhere, huh?

Parabellum said...

Holy crap!!!


Ok, I forgot the rest of what I was going to say... something about that workout being EVIL, but then again, that is sort of the point. It makes me a bit worried about what JH will come up with to honor 9/11; 911 of everything? 1 rep for everyone that died? I am sure it will hurt very much bad, whatever it is.

Hang in there with the body weight stuff, it may not feel like it but it will get better, I promise.

Katie said...

I do in fact have my very own pirate... for fun on the weekends we go plunder and pillage along the coast... it's really quite fun... Perhaps you should try it sometime with your very own pirate wench! ;)

Katie said...

BTW... JH said "metcon nightmare"... do you think I should be concerned?

Parabellum said...

Um, JH said "Metcon Nightmare"? Yes, be afraid, be very afraid.

Perhaps it will be a race to a pulse of 911 BPM?

Plundering and pillaging along the coast? Sounds like a blast! I will have to take my pirate wench and give that a shot.

Justa said...

Couple points.

1. Brussels sprouts don't taste better when you eat them more often...but you will improve on BW exercises, so you will like them more. Really.
2. I believe I wrote about that gas thing before myself. It happens. Just tell them you're not're blowing them stinky kisses because you love them!
3. Good job on the workout, floss or no floss.
4. Have fun with the pirate, Katie.
5. Sorry to comment a book's worth!

Katie said...

Justa, no worries... you know I always love your comments and appreciate your thoughts...

True about the BW vs. the brussel sprouts but I was trying to make a point. The pirate and I will continue to have fun (god willing)... and as for the gas... well... :) Stinky kisses it is then! :)

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

Funny how I can breeze through push ups no problem but I really struggle with the barbell. I love the barbell, I've even thought of adopting one but they are tough little boogers.

As for your 'trump' on the dips, I've been there! I had a fitness student with me and he was watching me squat too..oh dear.

Robin said...

Push-ups are my nemesis too, and I have been CFing for 20 months. I complain to Aaron (husband) and he says "when you've been doing push-ups for 15 years, THEN you can complain" (Can you tell he has a martial arts background?!). Anyway, we are doing the burpee challenge right now (1 on day 1, 2 on day 2, etc to 100 days) and we are just in the 40s. I can honestly say that for the first time in my CF life, push-ups are starting to feel better!! Here are my Cindy scores (every 3 months) December 9+, March 9+, June 9+, Sept 13+. You read that right! I couldn't get 10 rounds in Cindy no matter how hard I tried. Burpees, burpees, burpees and VOILA!!

Robin said...

p.s. that's Cindy As Rx'd

Katie said...

So Robin what you're really saying is that there is hope for me yet!!!?!?!?! That's very exciting... :) We did lots of burpees today... 90 of them in fact...

Steve, if you adopted a barbell, what would you name it? I'm sorry you were embarassed but I'm glad it's not just me!!!

Hmmmm... Parabellum... perhaps you could give me a heads up when you want to take your pirate lady friend... maybe we can meet up.... ;)

Parabellum said...

I think meeting up is an outstanding idea. Next time my wench and I need something to do, we will give you an "ahoy" and we can plunder together. I assume you know of the good spots for that in your area. "Away borders" and all that good stuff.

Darcy 'D2' said...

Katie I am so the opposite of you. I walk in and see Barbells with their evil squats I'm always tempted to turn around and go home. However, I love the body weight workouts.