Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CrossFit's "The Chief"

So, this morning, I did the chief. I've been saying that all day long and seriously, it makes me giggle everytime I say it. It's just too much fun. :) But, as Adrienne said in her blog the other day, the chief SUCKED. Yeah, ok, it doesn't look bad, but that's what we ALWAYS say... how often do we, even though we know better, say, "But that one didn't look that bad!". Yeah. They never do.

"The Chief" looks like this...

AMRAP in 3 minutes of
3 power cleans
6 push-ups
9 squats

Repeat for 5 rounds
Allow for 1 minute of rest in between each of the five rounds
Prescribed weights- women-85 men-135

Sounds a little confusing, but really it's like 3 minutes on, 1 off (basically). Jerry kept saying, it's only 3 minutes. Yeah, I know, only 3 minutes but the idea is to be balls to the wall for 3 minutes. And dude, I'm sorry, but that's hard. Especially since I STILL suck at push-ups. *heavy sigh* RAWR!

Basically, by the end of this I was gasping and dripping in sweat. Meanwhile, Jerry is in the corner going, it's only a 20 minute workout. Only? You gotta be kidding me.... The good news of all this (there is good news right?) is that I was able to maintain the same number of rounds across the board. I really had to push for the last two sets, and I think my power clean form was off by the end. I def felt like I was letting the bar come to me instead of diving under it. But part of the problem is that I'm just not as comfortable with power cleans as I am with the hang cleans. We don't normally go from the floor. In fact, we never do. Maybe I'll start trying to do more from the floor on my own so that I can get used to the feeling. I just wasn't diving that much and I know I should have done a little better job with the cleans. But regardless, overall I maintained 4 rounds in each of the 3 minute sets, so I guess I'm pretty happy with that. That's a total of 20 round over the course of all 5 of the 3 minute intervals. So really, I guess that's good. That's kinda like a Cindy I guess. Well, work at the restaurant is calling... sigh... this is such a long day. :(

Hopefully I'll make it to CF tomorrow morning... until then... the feast is mine! Yikes.... and away!


Justa said...

The Pirate, The Chief...I don't know about you Katie....

Katie said...

Justa... what can I say... I'm a woman of many tastes... ;)

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

I'm meeting the chief tomorrow.

Yup it looks easy on paper..duh

I've no doubt I too will be cursing Jerry.

Anonymous said...

Great job today Katie!!!

Jen said...

The smaller the numbers, the easier they look - 3 minutes.. 3, 6, 9 reps, 5 rounds. Cake! But early on you're saying "aww.. $%#@!!"

I've been doing more bodyweight stuff and hope to get back to power/hang cleans and such. Working on a new modified push-up to plank to improve on doing 'real' push-ups. One of these days!

Tami said...

Hey nice job! I did this one earlier, too. I loved it except for the push-up part. Push-ups are NEVER fun.

Katie said...

yeah, seriously, I was like, ok 6 push-ups, I'll be fine. yeah, but by that fourth run through during the set, I was hurting like made. My triceps and shoulders are still sore from all of that. It was wicked. Steve, how did your date with the Chief work out? First Isabelle then the Chief? ;)