Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday morning mayhem and my Garfield complex...

It's Monday, and I think I'm for cereal starting to feel like Garfield. No... I don't routinely kick my students off tables and try to ship them to Abu Dhabi, but I'm really starting to dislike Mondays. After Sunday night shifts at work, getting up at 0445 to go work out is rough. I don't normally get home until at least 11, so bed before 1130 is hard. But, after missing Friday last week, I've been feeling the added pounds and I really needed to kick my own backside, so up and at 'em I was this morning.

Well, actually, I was up. I'm not 100% sure about the at 'em part. But I was up. So, I walked in this morning, and it was a pretty quiet day at the CFOT. Zero dark thirty has been pretty jammin' since we got rolling but today you could have heard crickets. Jerry told us to get loose and while we were doing that, he posted up the mayhem for the day. Today's fun looked a little sumpin' sumpin' like 'dis...

For time:
30 BB snatch
30 Pull-ups
800 Meter run
25 BB snatch
25 Pull-ups
800 Meter run
20 BB snatch
20 Pull-ups

Prescribed women's weight today on the snatches was 55 lbs. To be honest, on the first 30, the 55lbs felt a little heavy, but once I got myself up and moving and got through the first set of stuff, I loosened up a lot and they felt pretty good. I was going fast through the set, and doing snatches that fast, man, that's enough to gas your backside. Then to try to hop up and do chins and run. Wooooooo weeeee. I was breathing pretty heavy. I did tell Russ (and I hope he took no offense) to kiss my ass when he asked why I looked so tired.... I meant it in a loving kiss my grits kind of way, so I hope that's the way he took it.

I have to say, I was pushing pretty hard today. I was gassed, but was trying to keep going as much as I could. With only 5 hours of sleep give or take, I was pretty pleased with my output today but still wished it could have been faster. I wish at the end I could have done more snatches together, but for some reason when I do snatches, I tear the skin off my bikini line. I know that sounds odd, but I keep the bar so close to my body that when I push my hips forward, the bar literally hits my hips and brush burns up the insides of my legs. It gets kinda painful after oh say you know, 50 reps or so and I definitely slow down. It's just a mental thing. I know I need to do it, but it hurts, so I try to delay the doing it part. :P But anyway... there's a new dude now at zero dark thirty... he was up my butt today, and as much as I didn't like it, it was good to push off of him. He caught me on the running portion (hmmmm are we surprised?) but then I finished off the snatches and chins faster than he did. So it was a good little push for me. (What can I say? Sometimes I just like to beat the boys. :) ) My total time was 25:50.

I really wished this would have been more around the 22:00 mark, but that for me would have been a really big challenge. Maybe one day... :P Until then, no land speed records... But, speaking of sleep... I need some... until next time... the feast! Is mine... yikes... and away!


Anonymous said...

You rock! Great job today. That workout looks like it would kill a mere mortal like myself. I know you don't like it but I am glad you have some competition at the zero dark thirty class, it is good for you, builds character, all that sort of stuff.

Justa said...

Just think what you'll accomplish if you ever get a full nights sleep!!!

Katie said...

LOL... that won't happen until June most likely!! We only have 164more days!!! ;)