Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friday's workout and the top ten reasons to take a rest day...

Despite everyone's encouragement to take some time off, I rolled out of bed yesterday and headed off to CrossFit like the good little lemming that I am. :P Yesterday's workout was another metcon workout, with mostly bodyweight. I have to say before I go any further, that I heart Jerry. He has done a world of wonders for me, and has showed me an entirely new world of fitness, BUT I'm not a big fan of all the metcom/bodyweight stuff we've been doing lately. A.) We've all learned about my drafthorse like tendencies, I can't sprint, but I can pace like a mofo. B.) We all also have learned how much I really like to throw things around. It's hard to throw things around when we're doing bodyweight stuff, unless I want to throw myself around...hmmmm...not so much. But, since I'm a good little lemming, I jumped off the cliff and did the workout. BTW, if you are not familiar with lemmings and don't quite understand my references, here's a quick little blurb for you. Lemmings are creatures who follow others, and don't ever question things. They will repeatedly do the same activities over and over, and will actually follow others to their untimely death.

Now, do I think I am a follower going to my death? Well, let's be frank. Sometimes after a CF workout I do feel like death, but mostly I'm referring to the part where the little lemmings keep following the same routine. I am a person who appreciates and thrives on routine. Anyhoo, I wobbled off to CF yesterday morning and hit our WOD which was on the main site no too long ago. Friday's fun looked like this:

For time
30 HSPU (again had to sub- 4 shrugs per 1 HSPU, 15 rounds of 4)
40 Chins
50 KB swings (35)
60 Abmat sit-ups
70 Burpees

I brought this one in in 23:30, the second fastest time on the class. I got smoked by the later folks, but it was the first time I felt like I was really able to push myself in 2 weeks. I broke the KB swings into 25 and then sets of 10 or 15. I did the abmats straight, and hit the burpees mostly in sets of 3-5 but didn't take much rest. It actually felt pretty good for the first time in what feels like forever. The chins felt pretty weak, we haven't been hitting them too much lately, but I was still able to do them pretty quickly, just in smaller sets. So overall, not too bad a day, but I hope we get back to throwing heavy things around soon, and doing more chins.

Now, I am taking today as a rest day... I think it necessary, I have company... ;) Company that will be joining me tomorrow morning at CFOT. So, today is a good day to be fat, happy and enjoy life for a hot minute. But just in case there were others of you who are looking to take a rest day, but really need a reason (rest alone doesn't seem good enough) I have created my top ten list of reasons to take a rest day. Feel free to use them!

10. It's raining, and as we all know, I am made of sugar and if I leave my house I will surely melt. Terrible... far better to stay indoors.

9. I am allergic to daylight. If daylight touches my skin, I will break out in hives, turn purple, and will be begin to sing "I'm a little teapot" without ceasing. Horrid, horrid stuff. Best if I just stay home.

8. There has been a sudden outbreak of alligator sightings in the neighborhood. I'm rather fond of my legs, therefore it is best if I keep to the house today. Yes, best.

7. Area 51 has just reporting alien sightings. Apparently, when they attack, you're stunned with some kind of a "laser" which contols your mind. You are forced to go to a globogym and do large numbers of tricep kickbacks, lat pull downs, and leg curls. HOW TRAGIC! Better to keep away from the aliens.

6. Rumor has it that the killer bees are migrating from Mexico. I've heard they don't like blondes. How discriminatory! I should stay away from them too. Best to rest and stay home.

5. The Food Network is having a "Yan Can Cook" marathon. I don't know how to cook very well, and my flambe usually turns out looking more like charrede (or charred... yeah I just made that word up) so I think it best to take a rest day and stay home and learn from Yan. I need to get me an edumacation.

4. I've been kidnapped by a pirate and he won't let me workout today.

3. I'm attempting to learn wizardry. In attempting to make myself disappear, I accidentally made one of my hands disappear. Can't do deadlifts or box jumps with one hand... yes, better to take a rest day until I can right myself.

2. Like a good little lemming I jumped off the cliff... it's only a few broken bones... I've got a few others intact, but still, best to take a rest day.

1. Penn State is playing today and they're actually on cable and not the Big Ten Network. Best to stay in and support my boys! You're my boy Blue! :)

Tehehe... hope you enjoyed! :)


Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. You certainly CAN do box jumps with a missing hand!

And funny you should mention aliens. I took the kids to a birthday party at this place today:

There were no tricep kickbacks required!

Good job on the workout, and have a great rest day, Katie. I'm enjoying one myself.


Kurt T. Fuller said...

If you don't feel like death after most MetCons, you left something on the table. While that feeling is awkward, it's better than going home and thinking "I could have done better". (And I've done that a few time.)

But your rest day is well deserved. I think I'll have one myself!