Friday, September 26, 2008

Yesterday's strict press and weighted chins, plus today's quick burner...

Yesterday's workout was one that we have hit before. It's one that involves us doing strict presses, and weighted chins. I couldn't remember what weight I used on the strict press, and plus I couldn't find enough of the weights to load my bar the way I wanted to, so I was a little bit pissed with this workout. The workout goes a little something like this:

1:30 on each exercise
:45 transition
5 rounds
5 strict press
5 weighted chins

I used varying weights on this one. I started with 70lbs for the strict then moved up to 73.5. I had to use the fractals because we were out of 5 lb plates and I wasn't thinking fast enough of a way to load the bar to get me where I wanted. Please remember that it's zero dark thirty... I don't always function so good... :P

I used a 10lb weight vest for all the chins. This is an improvment over last time, but I realized I must have used more weight last time because my score was lower. But, what can you do? It can't always be the same. So that kinda stunk, but I got over it.

Then, today's workout was a quick little metcon burner. It looked a little something like this:

AMRAP in 20 minutes
6 ring dips
9 kb swings
12 jumping lunges

I had to use a band for ring dips. The chins/strict day left me very sore and I wasn't able to push out the ring dips. I used the floss though, and pushed pretty hard. I moved up to a 50lb kb since the swing number was so low. I also used a 15 lb dumbbell for the jumping lunges. So, I've been having some trouble walking since. I managed to get 14 rounds in during this workout and was pretty pleased with that. I felt bad about the dips, but otherwise I would have spent the whole time there and wouldn't have really gotten anything out of the workout.

My pirate did this workout with me today, and I have to say it was nice to have him there, but a little distracting. I was trying to watch him and see how he was doing and it was a little unusual for me. He did very well. He's being a little cautious because of some things going on with him, but despite those things did very well.

We played around a little bit with some snatches afterards, and that was a nice way to end our day. Afterwards we went home and had breakfast before heading off to my friend's fiance's funeral. I was debating about going, just because I always feel like the actual service is for close friends and family, and I was going more as support for my friend. But, we decided to go and I'm glad we did. It broke my heart to see my friend hurting like that, but I know she is strong and will be ok.

I had to upload the snicker's video so that you all know where my tagline is coming from...

So... until next time... the feast is mine! Yikes! And away!


Justa said...

Snickers for breakfast? What kinda cooking is THAT?

Katie said...

LOL... that's not what he made me for breakfast... but that's where my now daily tagline comes from... :)