Friday, September 12, 2008

Today's half rest day and my pirate....

When my alarm rang this morning at 445 AM, I realized that there really was no way that I could do CF this morning. After a few doozies this week, I was pretty beat up and with working as much as I have been lately, I really just felt exhausted. So, I reset my alarm for 545 and then went back to bed for a little bit. All things considered, IE it was Friday, the day actually was going really well. That is until the last hour or so of the day. I was in the middle of a science lesson when I heard what I thought was water in my classroom. I thought that was really odd since well, nothing seemed amiss as I looked around so I kept going. About 5 minutes later when I walked around my room, I noticed a huge puddle on the floor and put two and two together. I walked over to the student and she immediately started to cry and tell me that she just couldn't hold it.

My bathroom situation with my room is tricky. I'm the only 3rd grade teacher without a bathroom in my class. So, my kids know that if they need to use the restroom, they need to sign out, and go during seatwork or independent time. Not while I'm teaching. Well I think the reason that she didn't tell me was because I was teaching. I sent her to the nurse ASAP and called the custodians, but still, I felt really really bad. My kids are THAT afraid of me that they can't tell me it's an emergency and they need to go? That makes me feel terrible. I tried to talk to her when she came back from the nurse and I tried to reassure her that accidents happen and that it was ok, but I told her that if that happens again, she needs to raise her hand and tell me it's an emergency.

Meanwhile, while all of this was happening, I saw my comment about today's barbell complex from Jerry. Jerry didn't throw down a gauntlet to me, not by any means, but it was more like he walked by and was like, oh, I dropped my glove. And you know what happens. You sit there and you stare at the glove, and you think, huh, I wonder if I should pick that up. So you think about it for awhile, and then you decide that you really ought to pick up that nice gentleman's glove. (CURSES!) So after school, I headed home and changed and headed out to CF.

It was actually really nice to work out at 5pm today because I never get to see those people so it was nice to work out with a different group of people. It was also nice to be able to see the numbers of everyone else. As part of the zero dark thirty crew, I don't have the opportunity to have someone to chase, so seeing that today was a nice switch. I was STOKED that today was a barbell complex and I was totally loving the workout and was super glad I went. Today's fun looked like this:

Record your 5 highest rounds
You may do as many as you want
Round only counts if you don't put the bar down

3X Mod DL
3X Hang power clean
3X Push jerk
3X Front squat

I was so excited to hit this workout today. Once I saw Jerry's comment I kinda got a number in my head of where I would like to end and I really was looking forward to it. I started out with a warm-up set with 35lbs, and moved up from there. I went 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, and finally 120. I was pretty psyched about that weight. I have been feeling very weak lately so to be able to come in and hit a workout like that, and especially JERK 120 overhead was great. That is the largest amount of weight I've ever had over my head! I was doing split jerks just because that's the way I thought a jerk was supposed to be done. Are split jerks harder? Anyhoo, I almost lifted as much as some of the men. That makes me feel good. I like to keep up! :) I couldn't keep up with my big brother today though. Dannnnnggg... Gar hefted 185 on this cirucit. But regardless, today was a great day to be in the Blue Room.

It seems that things over the last few days/week have been getting a little better for me. School, although it is incredibly long, is getting better, things in the Blue Room are looking up, and things in my love life, well they're looking pretty good these days too. I know over the last few days I've dropped a few references to my pirate, and I guess I just want to take a minute to share some good things. I know when it comes to my love life I don't usually share a whole lot, but I really want to today because my pirate deserves a lot of praise.

Thanks to CF, I met my pirate, and he and I are really enjoying each others company. I refer to him as my pirate for his privacy's sake, and will continue to do so, unless he should ever want to out himself. (If you happen to know what my pirate's given name is, please don't mention it... thanks!) Things with my pirate and I are still very new, and logistically we have a lot of things that we need to figure out, but regardless of whatever happens, I feel like it's really been a blessing that he and I met up. He treats me the way I should have been treated all along, and I know that now. He is a very complex, but wonderful person and I'm not 100% sure he knows just how much so. I have never had someone in my life who has done some of the things he's done, or has ever been as supportive as he is. He has been there to listen and allow me to vent, as well as be a sounding board for ideas, even if he doesn't fully understand things. He has been supportive of decisions I have needed to make, and although he knows that I am able to take care of myself, he has those characteristic sheepdog tendencies, and worries about me and tries to take care of me.

But perhaps what has just blown me away the most, is the amount of effort he is putting in. Despite the fact that he was my guest last weekend, he spent his time making dinner for me, whilst making a cake for my coworkers. He calls when he says he will, texts me to check up on my CF workouts (secretly, I think he just wants to make sure he can beat me... ;) ) and just texts me to tell me to have a good day. He has also gone out of his way to do things for me, like take the time to write me stories (how very me-esque!) and a few very thoughtful emails. I don't think that anyone has ever said anything to me that was as nice as the email he sent the other day. He created a list of the 50 things he liked about me. When I got to #34, I cried.

34. That you are beautiful, inside and out

#14 made me laugh, 14. That you are a Big Ten fan, and #13 was just nice to hear,13. That you are up front and honest. So, I know that this may all be a little lovey dovey, and a little sappy for me, as I know I don't normally enter this realm, but my pirate deserves a little extra shout out for all that he has done. I give him a very hearty yar matey! :) I hope he will continue to stick around, and that the desire to plunder the high seas does not take him away. Now, very quickly before I stop being sappy and get off this topic, guys, I am looking to do something nice for him, but am lacking on creativity since he's already used a lot of my ideas (how dare he! :P). What would you like someone to do for you just as a "thank you honey" kind of thing? (And don't say THAT because I already thought of THAT) I mean something a little more creative... :P Any ideas?

Now, today, should be a rest day. Honest I swear! I have another blog I want to write later, but we'll see if it gets done. I may take some active rest and go run (The HALF MARATHON IS LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY! Ack!) or I might just sleep until work tonight and enjoy my down time. So, we'll see...but tomorrow is a CF day (SUNDAY IS A CROSSFIT DAY! Said with Rugby chant enthusiasm... ;) ) so I'll def have some more stories after tomorrow. Yikes and away! Until next time... ;)


Jerry Hill said...


WOD: Barbell Complex

3 x Mod DL
3 x Hang power clean
3 x Push jerk
3 x Front Squat
Round only counts if you don't put the bar down. Record your 5 top rounds.

Glad you listened to your body and took a rest day though. (Would attending the 5p class count as 1/2 rest day?)


Katie said...

See you at 5...

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

Rest day!! WOOOO!!!

My word, Katie, I'm almost speechless for once!

Anonymous said...

Rest day my ass.

Katie said...

Parabellum, your ass is a rest day?

Steve, no need to be speechless... just be patient and you'll understand why...

Jerry Hill said...

115 was a heroic effort.
Off the charts.

Now Pirates?

Katie said...

Jerry, I don't know that it can get any better than heavy weight throwing and a pirate! :)

Thanks for the workout yesterday Jerry!

Anonymous said...

Katie - Loved reading your blog today. I don't always have the time.... if I did then I would actually have time to read a novel. Any news on the children's book that you wrote? So glad to hear that you are so happy in all the areas of your life. You deserve it girl. Stay strong and keep posting. You always make me smile!

Anonymous said...


Yes, my ass is a rest day , you hit the nail right on the head...


On a serious note, I am glad thinks are going so well for you right now. That is great.

Congrats on the weight, that is awesome!

the "Tales of your Pirate" is threatening to give me an "awwww muffin" moment. ;)

Katie said...

Parabellum, yes my ass is rather intelligent if I do say so myself.

Things are going very well, thank you. And thank you for the compliment on the weight. I was pretty happy with that.

You're allowed to have an "aw muffin" moment every now and again... but don't expect that you will find them here regularly... I can't be swelling my pirate's head now can I? His hat won't fit... and we all know that a pirate isn't a pirate without his hat. :P

georgia said...

"I can't be swelling my pirate's head now can I? His hat won't fit... and we all know that a pirate isn't a pirate without his hat. :P"

Oh DEAR ME!!! Come on! If you want to keep it clean around here don't go throwing softballs like that!!! And then you ask about something nice to do for your "pirate". Seriously, Katie. There are like 17 dirty jokes/comments that can be made from the statement you left above...

Congrats on finding a dude that treats you with kindness and respect. Don't ever settle for d-bags again. :)

Katie said...

Many involving plundering I'm sure... ;)

I miss you Georgia!!! :)

He is wonderful... tehe... :)