Monday, September 8, 2008

A feat to be proud of for sure...

Heyyyyyy... you know what I love? Inventory night. You know why? Oh yeah, because I love staying an extra hour at work just to count beer that I don't get to drink. I think that sucks quite frankly, but unfortunately since I work on Sundays, I get the fun job of counting the beer cooler. It doesn't make me happy, especially when I get home at 11.

Well apparently, in my glorious state of being when I got home, I managed to change my Sunday CF alarm to my Monday CF alarm... except, I set my clock for the PM!!!! Noooooooo!!!! So, this was an even bigger problem than usual because today was the start of the zero dark thirty class! The funny thing is, I woke up sans alarm, and in my fuzzy state rolled over and saw the clock. It said 45, which I assumed could only be 4:45 since that's what time I meant to get up, so I strolled to the bathroom not realizing that my clock really read 5:45 (my clock is set 1/2 hour fast) Not thinking that since it's a half hour fast, it should have also read 5:15 which would have really been 4:45. Apparently I can't do math that early... So, when I hit my phone and realized it was already 5:17, I went into attack mode and I flew. I kid you not. I was dressed and out of the house by 5:19 and I was at CrossFit by 5:29 and walked in the door as Jerry was yelling 3-2-1 Go! Now, I think that in and of itself is pretty impressive. :P Thankfully that was, because my numbers today weren't. I really don't like bodyweight stuff... really I don't. I'm so slow on it even when I try to go fast, and now that I'm having to slow down my squats and get my butt back on every one, I'm even slower than the molasses I was before. RAWR! I know I shouldn't complain... I'm sure there are people who read my blog and go, I would kill to have her numbers and I wish she'd stop whining.

I know, I should, but the thing is, I'm a slight bit of a perfectionist and I really like to be able to do well at everything. When a workout comes up where I can't get my name pretty high up on the board, I get a little antsy. I'm competitive to a fault. I know. We're working on that. But patience is not something they sell at Tarzhay remember? (and yes you have to read it the way I spelled it because that's how I say it with a bad French accent! :P ) So anyway, I don't know what to do, my push ups aren't getting any better, and I don't know how to improve on body weight stuff. What else can I do? I've already lost 22 lbs. Eesh and ugh.

On a more positive note, the school year is, not going great, but it is going better than last year for me. Hopefully once the initial 3-4 weeks of school are over and done and the kids finally start to settle into routines, I will start to feel more confident, and will be able to shake this monkey. As a sophomore teacher with 3rd grade, the problem I now face is looking at all the stuff I did last year, and either throwing it out the window completely and going "Why the crap did I think this was a good lesson?" or just finding ways to make things I have, really really good. Like I said, bit of a perfectionist, but hopefully having a base to build upon will allow me to shake some of this stress and get my blog back to being the fun and ridiculous place to come visit that it normally is! :P I know you all miss my random fortune cookie blogs.... I'm not sure if I can top the dancing hamster though... speaking of school... I'm still here... so I need to get stuff done and go home...

The feast is mine! Yikes, and away! :) Until next time....

Oh so hey... how about I post that whole workout thing? Good night Irene!!!!

5 rounds or 30 minutes
20 Chins
30 Push-ups
40 Abmats (yay for doing 100 of these for time yesterday as extra work! RAWR!)
50 Squats

I got 3.25 rounds in today. Everybody else got 4.25..... :(


Parabellum said...

If anyone can understand being a perfectionist, it is me. Don't be ashamed, perfectionism, competitiveness, and stubbornness are a GIFT, use them, don't waste them. As far as improving your push ups (indeed most of your body weight stuff) there are three things you can do. Tabata, Tabata, and Tabata. Ok, those are one thing and there are lots of schools of thought, but I have found that Tabata improves my body weight stuff more than just about anything. Sure it sucks, but isn't that the point? Oh, one final note, I am not 100% sure that I spelled Tabata right. If so, yay. If not, well, sue me.


Justa said...

Sometimes, showing up is an accomplishment in itself.

You might want to try doing some lower reps with added weight to build some strength. The bodyweight exercises would seem a bit easier after that.

Then, there's that whole rest thing. Strength grows during recovery, right? many rounds would you have gotten 12 months ago? Just wondering....

I'm telling you....have the kids calculate CF workout scores!

Adam said...

Being a perfectionist can be a good thing, it can keep you on tarzhay :)
Do you know why body weight workouts cause you so much trouble? I mean, do you know which fitness domain you're having trouble with?

Katie said...

L, you are right, tabatas would help, but I'm not real fond of forcing myself in my down time that I do get to do tabatas... ugh... not my favorite... squats are coming, but now that I'm doing them properly, now I need to actually develop the correct muscles...

Justa, not even 1!

Adam, the push ups are my weakness, really. It weird that I can lift a lot, but when it comes to things like push-ups, I'm a total wuss. Go figure.