Monday, September 29, 2008

Tabata Something Else

Not as bad as I thought it would look...

It was really something else... let me tell you... I woke up this morning, exhausted from work but felt like I really needed to hit CF. My Zone has SUCKED... no really I mean SUCKED lately. I've eaten everything chocolate than has been and can be put in front of me, and that willpower that I was exercising in May no longer exists. So, I needed to get smacked this morning. I was thinking today might be a strength day since we hit FGB yesterday, but I was really mistaken when I saw the whiteboard.

I nearly fell over when I saw the whiteboard. "Tabata Something Else" It looks like this:

32 intervals
:20 work
:10 rest
sell out

I didn't have time to keep totals for each round, so I don't know if I was able to keep them the same, but overall I landed somewhere in the 312 mark and I felt pretty good about this one. I felt like I could have done a few more chins, but the abmats and the squats I know I sold out on. I didn't have anything left on those. I have to say though, that something rare happened today and it's only the second time in CF history that it's ever happened. I took off my shirt. I was wearing a t-shirt today and after doing the chins in that straight up cotton shirt, I was sweating and panting like it was my job.... so it went. The only other time I ever did that was during Murph. I'm sort of regretting doing that because I know that there is now photographic evidence of me sans shirt.... that fact in and of itself is sort of scary. The fact that that evidence will probably hit the internet later is even worse.... god I really hope I don't look too fat in those pictures... oi... I'm tired... and the day isn't over yet... but tomorrow there will probably be more CF to speak of... I have a hard time not going. So until then, the feast, is mine... yikes and away!


Parabellum said...

Your will power hasn't been THAT bad. Hang in there, all is well. Good work on Tabada this morning.

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

Heh...try my raw food diet then for the next 3 days..

I'm punishing myself 'cos I've eaten like an ass recently.

Justa said...

Tabata intervals...I love them!

Damn food has been tough lately. I think it must be something in the air! Time to change that for all of us, huh?

Tami said...

Ah tabatas... the longest twenty seconds of your life followed by the shortest ten seconds of your life -- 32 times.

What do you mean by "sell out"? I haven't heard that one before. Just not in CrossFit context, anyway.

Katie said...

Seriously, Justa, I've been awful... there've been cupcakes and cookies and chocolate gallore in front of me lately... it's been awful... and today was a rough day so of course, I ate it! And we had a baby shower... lord have mercy!

Tami, in typical tabata, you record your lowest score and that's your tabata number. In a sell out you still run the clock like a tabata but you count all your reps so you don't have to worry about keeping track of each round and your lowest number.

Katie said...

Steve, I'm curious... how does an ass eat?