Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yesterday's shoulder smoker...

So, ok... I got home late from work last night (and by late I mean around 11). Hey, when you have to get up early (read 0500) 11 is late, especially when you've been up and at 'em since 0445. So, the blog took a hit yesterday... but I'll get it up soon... ha! I said get it up... LOL... oh that was such a sexual innuendo... Georgia... are you proud? hahahaha...

Ok, so here I am, ready to regale you with my amazingness that was yesterday's workout. Actually, I don't really know what the crap I'm talking about. My running yesterday was slower than molasses! But wait, you're thinking, didn't Katie say shoulder smoker? Oh indeed Katie did. Why is Katie now referring to herself in the third person? Katie doesn't know... perhaps it's the frustration that is her school year causing her to go mad... that's probably more like it.

Anyhoo, working out at zero dark thirty is great. I can get my workout in and then still get to school by around 7, eh... ok, I'm fibbing... it's usually 0715. But anyway, the zero dark thirty class really works well for my schedule. The only problem is that at zero dark thirty, my brain doesn't work so good. Jerry put up our workout yesterday, and then I got one of those ideas. You know, the ones that sound really good at the time, but usually wind up being anything but? Yup... one of those... :( Oh no... So yesterday's fun looked like this:

800 Meter run
21 strict press
800 Meter run
21 push press
800 Meter run
21 push jerk
Crazy Katie-70
Total time: 23:18

Sooooo... about that brilliant idea... ummmm... yeah.... we're going to need you to come in tomorrow? Sorry, little bit of Office Space there. But seriously, you know, I thought 55 seemed light for me. I'm not trying to sound snobbish or anything, but the last time I pushed jerked, I pushed jerked 120lbs on the 6th round of a circuit, so I thought going heavier would be a good idea. I also thought that man I really need to work my strict presses (still a weakness) so 70 would be a good strict weight.

Well, I was running really slow, then headed into doing the stricts, and was the last one out the door. They took me a hot minute, and from there, I was behind. I hate to admit it, but I'm very competitive. It really irks me sometimes when I think I do great, but then see that I've been slaughtered by the other classes later. It really irks me sometimes too to get slaughtered during my class. So I wasn't really pleased about that. But nonetheless, I came back, flew pretty quickly through the push presses in two sets, and then hit the run again. I came in and Lt. Dan and Stacey were already done, and I felt bad enough as it was, so I tried to kick it in gear and get the push jerks out so my time wouldn't look too ridiculously bad. It didn't help much, because it's still a full 5 minutes behind Stacey and Dan. Oi.

I came to the conclusion last night after work, after nearly picking a fight with my pirate over something stupid, that a few things are going on with me... one of which being that I'm way overtrained right now. Especially with the half marathon next week and the schedule that I'm pulling, I need to be careful, and I'm not. I'm not even being close to smart. I'm working out sore, working out when I KNOW my body is past it's physical limits, working out on 4 hours of sleep... I need to be smarter. Otherwise, my pirate is going to get the service end of my nasty tired temper (which is a lot worse than my just annoyed temper). Luckily, I have the most awesomest pirate EVER, and he is very supportive and wonderful... but nonetheless, I don't like to let him see me act like I was last night. I was whiney and cranky, and seriously in in a bad way.... but nonetheless, it's hard for me to be smart sometimes.

I am a nerd, and I will wholeheartedly admit that, and I really actually wanted to try to figure out how much time I spend working (cause right now it feels like waaaaay too much) so I actually sat down and wrote out my schedule for a day, and I realized how insane it is. I don't really have a solution to change it, but here is what I came up with...

0445-Wake up
0500-Out the door for CF
0515-0600 Work out at CF
0600-0615 Drive home from CF
0615-0630 Shower and change
0630-0645 Grab breakfast/lunch/snack from fridge
0645-0700 Commute to school
0700-0825 Prep time (no students)
0825-1520 With students
1520-2030-2100 Work time in the class (no students, sometimes a dinner run in there)
2100-2115 Commute home
2115-2300 Assorted odds and ends (read mail, check blog, talk to pirate, a load of laundry, make breakfast/lunch/snack for next day)
2300 Bed

This is pretty standard, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tuesday is a little different because I leave school at 1600 to get to second work by 1630, and then get home at about 2245 and then do the assorted odds and ends until about 2330. Why I just did this whole thing in military time I have no idea.... Does this seem abnormal to anyone else besides me? This of course isn't counting any hours I spend on the weekends writing lessons, buying materials, or grading papers... is it any wonder I'm starting to feel the way I do? Hmmmmm.... thoughts to ponder as I get back to work tonight....


Justa said...

Hmmm...does the Pirate know you have one of those things? Maybe you'd better watch the testosterone levels there, Katie!

Parabellum said...

Sounds like someone needs a weekend by the ocean with a book in one hand and a frozen drink in the other.

Parabellum said...
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Katie said...

Will the drink have an umbrella? I will only drink it if there is an insanely tacky garnish on it! :)

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

I need a break after just reading your day!


I moan about stress and lack of sleep but my invisible hat is well and truely taken off in your honor.

Katie said...

Thanks Steve, but in truth I wasn't really trying to get people to feel bad for me... when I sat down and really thought about it... I really realized how insane this is....

I hope that for all of you who read and have kids in school, you realize how hard your teachers work and maybe you cut them a little slack if there is something that doesn't make it home in the time frame you think it should. We have a lot on our plates and a lot of things that you never even hear about.... things that I would love to tell you about... but things that would get me in a lot of hot water if I did...

Christine said...

5 kids all in school of some sort and if there is one thing I could change for you would be your salary. No way should any teacher have to work two jobs. Sorry that Zoning, CF and other things are not the best at the moment. You are taking the right approach and adding the sleep. I would be lying if I didn't say I'm missing you at 0530, but it would be so much better to have you sleep, do the 1700 class for a bit, and recharge your batteries. Sept is a *&/% for teachers. Try to smile a bit and remember that it is Oct now, you've got a plan in the classroom and let it roll a bit. BTW... I'm sure there is a SAH parent that would be THRILLED if you asked for some volunteer hours in the classroom.

Katie said...

Thanks Christine! I miss you guys too when I don't make it in at 0530! :( Awwww... muffin! :)