Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Strict, Push, Jerk...(updated)

Holy cow! I looked ripped!

Yup... that's 110 lbs over my head... ;)

Ohhhhh... this so had my name written all over it.... :) I will try to update later... but I will preface this blog by saying the next two days are going to SUCK immensely... do you like meetings? No? Ok, well in the next two days I have 5, PLUS, I am going to be observed and videotaped tomorrow in between all those meetings... doesn't that sound like good FUN? No? Well, you're right... I agree... it's not going to be... so bottom line, if the post doesn't make it up later, it's probably because I electrocuted myself in a bathtub with a toaster... ok ok... fine... it's probably just because I'm really busy... :P

And PS I totally stole the toaster bit from my friend Foamy... if you are in dire need of distractions at work, my stupid sense of humor finds these very funny... my favorite one is Five More Minutes... and I just found the best ones ever! Foamy has been around for awhile but they have archived his old things. The Foamy Fan Mail series was hysterical... well at least to me... just be forewarned that he swears a lot...


So, let's be honest here, we're all friends right? So my knee and my feet are still hurting like a mother. I'm not kidding. Whatever I did is quasi-serious. It's not uber serious, cause I can still walk, but I'm walking with pain (more severe in my feet than in my knee) and I'm actually considering *GASP* calling a doctor. Say what? Did I? Oh you read that right... I did say I actually considered calling a doctor. Have I ever mentioned that I don't like doctors? I don't. Nothing good usually happens when I go see them. But, my STUBBORN self (I know you're having a hard time imagining me being stubborn) is actually considering calling one. I'm sure that whatever happened to my feet and knees is probably related, but I just don't know what I did. I'm practically sleeping in ice and being sure even to ice at school... YES... the old lady keeps an ice pack in the freezer for these such occassions. But regardless of all that, I still went to CrossFit this morning. :) Oh yes indeed, I just can't stay away.... :) But that's ok, because today was something that actually wasn't too bad on the knees or feet... there were a couple times when the jump to land caught me with a grimace on my face, but for the most part, I felt pretty good.... know why? Of course you do... because I got to throw heavy weights around today. :)

So... the fun today looked like this....

1-1-1 Strict (working to heavy single)
3-3-3 Push press (working to heavy 3 rep max)
5-5-5 Push jerk (working to heavy 5 rep max)

Ok, I didn't CF last Thursday and they hit a max clean and jerk and I was so sad that I missed it. I was inconsolable. Ok ok fine, maybe not that bad, but I was bummed, so today sort of made up for it. I was just happy that I wouldn't have to modify the whole workout like I did on Monday... just kinda made stuff up as I went.... :P But anyhoo, here's what my lifts looked like today.

90- 92(F)- 91(F)
Push Press
Push Jerk

Ok, so clearly, I was happy with this workout. Last week I finally broke through that 90lb strict press barrier, and then today, I hit it again. I didn't really expect to max on the strict again, although it would have been nice to meet it, so I was sort of bummed that I couldn't nail down 93 again... Boo pants, but I was happy that I hit 90 again. So, then I moved onto the push presses... I know that I can push more than I can strict, of course since we use the momentum from our legs, but I wasn't quite sure how much more since it was a 3 rep max and not a 1 rep max. I knew I could at least hit 95 because I can do 95 lb thrusters, so I just used the bar that I already had loaded from the strict presses and started my way up. I won't lie, by the time I hit my 3 rep max on the pushes, I was pretty tired. To do all the stricts, then work up on the pushes, it was taking a little out of me. But, BUT, I still put up 120 X 3, so I can't argue against that. I was pretty pleased. I think I could have maybe done 125, but I was pretty smoked so I think that would have been the end of me for the day.

We did realize today though while using the uber heavy weight, that I'm not locking my core for push presses. I was leaning a bit forward and was losing core tension with the heavy weight. A minor form fault when you're using 65lbs, but a more major one with a pretty serious load over your head. After the stricts though it was off to do some jerks. I was pretty wiped out after all those presses, but I did a decent job with the jerks. I put up 105X5 which is really nothing to sneeze at, and then did 110. I'm sure you're probably wondering what SOF means. Well in Katie terms it means, "Sort of Failed". I did 4 out of the 5 reps and had the other one 3/4 of the way up and lost core tension. Were I not already a little bit spent, I would have had that easy. So, I say I sort of failed... because I still got 4 up... :P So... a good day in the blue room... it feels good to be back... I just wish this stupid stuff with my feet would go away. I still have a goal of a handstand push-up and thirty chins to work on. Now that this half is out of the way, it's full speed ahead on those! :P

Never a dull moment folks... never a dull moment.... LOL.... :)


Justa said...

"PLUS, I am going to be observed and videotaped"

Oooh. Reality TV. Is there going to be a webcam or something?

Jen said...

Those are great pictures. Don't forget to breathe ;)

Katie said...

Justa, I'm sure the reviewers will get a kick out of watching me lose my mind on video... :P

Breathing is one of those things that I forget to do from time to time... yeah, that can cause problems... :P

Darcy 'D2' said...

Awesome job and I have to say that you don't just looked ripped you look hot in those pictures ;).

Okay now I have to be watching my back for a jealous pirate attack all day ;)