Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday's workout, Stuart's birthday, my bathtub, craptastic tip crap, and Innuendo in CrossFit? Surely you jest!

So after missing my workout on Friday due to school, I was ready to hit the blue room yesterday. I really like doing barbell work and was thrilled to see it on the menu yesterday. But, my thrilled feeling sort of went away when I saw the workout. We were working on the push jerk yesterday and went through a progression. Then Jerry said we were doing....

For time
5 rounds
10 Push jerks (w 85 m 135)
20 KTE or 40 Abmat medball sit-ups

I really like push jerks, but man, I was just not feeling the abs on this burner. But you know, the good thing about CrossFit, is that usually I can find something to laugh at while I'm busy dying. And wouldn't you know, while I'm busy dying and throwing my medball at the wall, I started thinking to myself that man, there is a lot of innuendo in CrossFit. And that, well that just made me giggle. I mean seriously. Once I start giving you this list, you are going to swear that Freud himself had something to do with the invention of CrossFit.

Ok... so things you could hear at CrossFit that just might have the slightest of innuendos.
-Wow. You jerked that really well.
-Thruster? (I don't even know 'er!)
-Drive with your hips!
-Check out her snatch.
-That's a great rack.
-You really need to slam the balls hard.
-You gotta get vicious with your hips.
-Drive it hard!
-Get into the rack position.
-Squat down nice and low and open up those hips.
-If you butterfly your legs, it makes it harder.
-How much do you think she/he scored? (FGB)
-It's all about the speed of your hips.
-I just couldn't get it up.
-You need a wide grip.
-Make sure you get a firm grip.

Ah... hehehehehehehe... they made me giggle. My time overall was 16:14. Then I had to go to work last night. Work was almost ok. We've been dead (hey the economy is kinda sucky, I get it) but last night we got a little hit. I would have done ok, oh, right, except that the table that kept me at work past close, split the check and only left 1 credit card slip instead of 2. So guess who got no tip! On $100. Thank you, I heart you folks. Jerks. Anyhoo, despite only having 5 hours of sleep, I was up and at 'em for the zero dark thirty class. Today we worked on some front squats which felt so WEAK. I haven't done weighted front squats in a loooooooong time. Today just happened to also be Stuart's birthday... I love Stuart. He is seriously one of the coolest dude's ever. But after today, I don't like him so much. Damn you Stuart! :P Just kidding. I heart you Stuart. :) Anyhoo, today's fun looked like this.

Stuart's Birthday Workout
For Time
Front Squats, Chins, Box jumps
10, 15, 20
9, 14, 19
8, 13, 18
7, 12, 17
6, 11, 16
5, 10, 15
4, 9, 14
3, 8, 13
2, 7, 12
1, 6, 11

I was soooo smoked from the box jumps that the front squats felt like hell. Dude, I haven't done those exercises in awhile, just because of how my schedule has fallen and let me tell you, I didn't like that at all. Nooooo. But I stuck it out and I finished it. I finished in 34:12. Not to shabby, but should have been faster. I'm sure all the crazies after me kicked my arse. But I finished. Yeah.... word... :P

Now, let me tell you a story. It's a beautiful story... about my bathtub. You see, on Friday, I went to go shower... I do do that from time to time (I know you're all thanking me for that right now) but I went to shower on Friday morning and realized, all the shower water from Thursday was still in there. Well, imagine that nice shock. It was gross. So I bought some cleaner at 0630 from Safeway because I didn't want my roommate to have to deal with it, but no avail. The Drano didn't do the trick. We tried more later... no such luck. So, we were running the sink when we realized that the sink was backing up into the shower... huh? Ok, we had a problem. So, we survived the weekend by sharing a shower with our other roommate (she has her own shower), and I contacted the plumber today. But wait... how did I shower today? Well, I showered at Jungle's which normally is a $15 visitor fee... yup... for the shower. Anyhoo, the nice lady told me not to tell anyone, but she didn't charge me. (oops) She's on my Christmas list now. :) Anywhoo... I got ahold of the plumber, and they told me that they would be here between 430-600.

Parent teacher conferences started this week for me (not everyone else), and I had two after school. Well, I raced out of the building, and pulled in at 430. Well, I waited and waited and waited. Then called the company and finally got my plumber at 645 this evening. He quoted me to snake the drain... are you ready for this? $240. To SNAKE the drain. Jesus. Well, he starts and says he can't get through the clog. So, no clue what we had down there... then he starts talking about another $240 to cut the pipe!!! WHAT? $500? WHAT?! Well he tried one more thing... thankfully it worked, so we only got charged a whopping $270 for our clog. Nice huh?

I do have to stop and say thank you to my adoptive mother Susan and my girl Martha who both offered up showers this morning. But I was in a rush because of conferences and had to get a move on, but I appreciate my CFOT family being super super awesome! :) I heart you guys! Thank you!

Now, seriously... do you still wonder after reading all this why I am slightly crazed? :P


Justa said...

I need a nap after reading that!

Darcy 'D2' said...

haha I totally understand the crossfit innuendo. At times I re-read my blog and think it's a penthouse letter.

Katie said...

Justa... I hope you had a good nap... Darcy I wouldn't know what a penthouse letter sounds like... ;)

Darcy 'D2' said...

Yeah me neither ... I just heard about them from this guy ... and they sound like something that would have disgusted me ... even when I was a teenager ... offensive I say offensive :)