Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The knee is still feeling out of sorts, so I took a rest day today. I thought about going in and doing all arm stuff again, but the shoulders are a bit sore after that workout yesterday. I'm not sure why I thought doing strict presses and push-ups in the same workout was a good idea. Perhaps I didn't think that through quite fully did I? Hmmmmm..... hindsight is really always 20/20 isn't it? Yar... curses... :P

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Angela said...

Katie... rest is an important part of recovery. I know you know that, but if your like me you feel useless and like a lazy bum if your not doing anything.

Resting is doing something. It's letting your muscles regroup :)

I did a SP/Pullup workout a few weeks ago and I was sore for days...
Soreness is only my muscles waking up more.... or something like that.

Be Blessed today.