Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Be Smart, Be Strong: Blue Room Total (updated)

Coming soon... but ps... there was a strict press PR in there this morning... ;) yeah buddy... it's about time! :) That one's been staring me in the face for awhile....

Oh come on... you knew I'd be back in the Blue Room soon! :P It's not quite the CrossFit Total, but still a good workout for me to hit today... felt a little weak (may be my lack of eating these last few days) but we'll discuss that all later...
I hate when your schedule is so hectic that you don't have time to go to the grocery store... you wind up eating the most ridonkulous things... oh come on... like you've never had a dinner of nuts, hot chocolate and cheese.... :P not to mention, those chow downs on some seriously non-zone friendly foods that have been hiding in the cupboards... how did that Noodles and sauce get in there? Ramen noodles too?.... coffee? Mmmm... coffee.... surprisingly enough though... man cannot live on coffee alone... :) (I bet if you ask Steve though, man can live on tea alone... ;) ) but man Starbucks sure is tasty... not to mention addictive... they really need to stop putting drugs in their coffee... :P


Alright... so last night I passed out easy but about 930. I was just flat out whooped. Long nights at work mixed with school stress just have a way of taking it right out of me. I was bummed that I missed CF yesterday, but you know, I said last week that I need to start being smarter and I really do. There are things I need to take into account with my body and let it rest. I was awake at the behind crack of dawn today though, which is really about 0400, and was rarin to get to CF. We hit a sort of CF Total... but this was just the Blue Room total. Which I like better anyway... I'm very partial to the Blue Room. :)

Blue Room Total
Max DL
Max Strict Press

Total 286

I should have DL'd more. I only hit 195 today and I felt myself round. I lost core tension and don't know why. I've gotten so much better with my core tension on the strict press, but I can't get it on the DL's for some reason. It's weird. But really, all the work I've been doing on trying to really work on tightening my core today paid off big time because I got a strict PR by 4 pounds, and if you strict press, you know that's hard. Once you get close to your max, to go up weight is tough because you can't use momentum and elevation to get it up there. I was pretty stoked all things consider because my new PR is... wait for it.... wait for it... 91 lbs!!! WOOOOOT! I've been wanting to break 90 for what feels like ever... I kept getting stuck on 85. But I think the core is really key. No neck twinge thingie either, which is what happened to me a few times ago if you remember. I do because it hurt like a mo' fo'. So I was really pleased with that, but not so much with the deads. But deads and I, well we don't get along too well. She's a fickle friend. So seriously, what can you do? But it was good to be back after the hiatus, and I feel rested, sort of, and feel ready, sort of, to head into the half. My goal for tomorrow after school is to buy my t-shirt. Oh yes, there will be a half marathon t-shirt. You want to know what it's going to say? :) Of course you do!!! :)

On the back it will say... *ehem* Be gentle... it's my first time.... ha!!! Hahahahahahahaha.... wooo... oh dear me... that's just too funny... Ok, maybe, not really that funny, but it makes me giggle. :) I'm so easily amused. Georgia would be proud of my innuendo. :) She loves it when I do that. :) Anyhoo... I'm off for a few... until next time... the feast is mine! Yikes! And away... :)


Justa said...

PR? Excellent, Katie!

So...nuts, hot chocolate and cheese = PR? Is that REALLY what you're saying? :-P

BlessedBy3JDCs said...

Now Katie... you asked me to keep your chocolate a secret... and here you go spilling it to everyone ;)

Yes it is amazing what you find hiding back in the recesses of the cupboard. Even after "Zonifying" my cupboard I still found a bunch of pasta hiding the other day. I wonder if it feared what it's fate may be. I packed it up and donated it to the food bank so it didn't have much to fear.

You are getting stronger! Way to go girl!

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

Tea is a god amongst drinks!

I learned last week that man can live on beetroot juice etc for 3 days but its more like existing!

Katie said...

Justa... I'm not sure if I'm endorsing that but if it works... :P

Ah curses, Angela, I guess it's not much of a secret anymore is it? ;) But truth be told, I think my chocolate addiction was out there a long time ago... ;) I'm glad to hear that you fought off the pasta! And gave it to a good cause! Good job!

Steve, you crack me up! I love it. A god amongst drinks...LOL...
Existing... a good word to use... I'm not sure I would want to "exist" on beet juice... you are a far better man than I Steve... come to think of it... I'm not a man... :P

Tami said...

Holy cow! 91 pound press? That's awesome Katie -- excellent work.

The only thing better than nuts and chocolate is nuts covered in chocolate. Or, even better, nuts covered in chocolate swirled in ice cream. Also covered in chocolate, of course.

Katie said...

Tami, that gives me an EXCELLENT idea for dinner tomorrow... although I'd have to go to the store to buy the ice cream... so I SUPPOSE I should probably buy other groceries too... :P