Thursday, October 9, 2008

Being smart...

So, no one ever accused me of being the sharpest knife in the drawer, but nonetheless, I'm trying to be smart this week. (This may be a first, you might want to write this all down.) Saturday is the half. I'm terrified quite frankly. With all the school stress and doing 5/6 days at CF the running sort of fell off. I am fairly certain that I'll be able to make it through about 8/9 miles. After that, I have a feeling all bets are off. Those are going to be my sticking points. Honestly, I think CF has me in much better shape than I realize, and I think me taking time off these last two weeks has actually helped me. I'm not achy, I'm not sore, and I think I'm actually a lot stronger than I realize. So, I know that I'm in good shape. The problem is, I'm not necessarily in great 'running' shape. So I have a feeling that what's going to happen is I'm going to hit a wall on miles 8/9. And I'm just going to have to rely on sheer grit and stubborness (which AMAZINGLY I have in ABUNDANCE) to get me to the end. This is NOT the best plan to have when you go about running a 1/2 marathon... just FYI for those of you who were ever thinking about doing it... :P

So anyway, the point is that in my being smart, I'm taking these days off CF. I really wanted to go yesterday and even thought about going this morning, but had we done anything with legs, I'd probably be screwed for Saturday. And you know, with all the stress and with getting sick etc. that I've had going on lately, maybe some time off isn't such a bad idea for me anyway. Holy crap... did you feel that? I think the Earth just shifted... :P LOL. I know, me, the CF addict is taking time off. Don't worry... I'm sure the world will only be out of sync for a few days... I'm sure by Monday of next week it will right itself. I actually said I wanted to go to CF on Sunday, but I think I'll still be with my sis in B-more. Besides, chances are, I'm not going to be able to walk on Sunday anyway... :P Ah... yes... fun times. BUT I get a cool shirt for this! And a medal if I finish... WOOT! T-shirts and medals... that's what it's all about! :)


BlessedBy3JDCs said...

Hey Katie, it sounds like you're making a smart move.

Get some rest, tighten up on your diet for these next few days, maybe go through the warm up a few times each day to keep yourself moving, but not tax yourself.

Have a great day and keep those hooligans in line ;)


Darcy 'D2' said...

Good luck on the half.

I think I started to hurt after 15km (not sure what that is in miles). You'll do fine though it just starts to be less fun at that point.

Laura said...

You can do know you can. Make sure to do some stretching throughout the race. 13.1 miles is along time to be holding the same upright run positions. So...rotate and stretch your arms periodically and stretnch out those legs. I learned that from the half I did over Labor Day. I did the stretching when I walked the water stations at the Army 10-miler last week and it worked like a champ.
You are going to do great!

Katie said...

All for the under armor t-shirt guys... all for the t-shirt... ;) Thanks for the support! I know I'll be thinking of you guys on Saturday! :)

Justa said...

Best of luck on Saturday, Katie. I think you're approaching this the best way possible! Whatever proud of what you've accomplished.