Monday, October 20, 2008

"Oh Sandy... er... uh I mean, Cindy..."

Oh Sandy baaaaaby, I'm alllll alone, I sit, I wonder why-iiiiiiiiii oh why... you left me... Oh Sandy baby... uh oh, crap I mean Cindy, I mean, why am I singing Grease? I mean, DOH! HA, have I mentioned recently that I am a complete and total nerd? Cause I am... in case you hadn't noticed.

Ok, so bad John Travolta singing aside, today was an alright day. I have to say I was wicked sore today from Isabel. Jerry says that means I was doing it right. Dang, I thought it just meant I lifted a bunch of heavy weight! :P LOL... I know I know, I'm a complete smart aleck....

But so seriously, when I walked in and saw that it was Cindy today, I cringed a bit. I'm still not really all that good with push-ups, so it was hard to get excited for this one. Cindy of course is

AMRAP in 20 minutes
5 chins
10 push-ups
15 squats

The last time CFOT hit Cindy, I missed the workout for some reason, and I made it up at home in PA at a globo gym. Definitely a very different experience, and I think the old guy that was watching me do it was totally floored. Anyway, I managed to muster about 11 2/3 rounds that time, and was pretty disappointed with that. So today, I was just aiming to beat that, and beat it I did. I went a full round and 2/3 more than that so I was pretty stoked. I finished with 13 1/3 rounds in. Not too shabby for a girl who still really stinks at push-ups. :P

I'm pretty excited for tomorrow though. Jerry gave us the head's up that tomorrow is another named WOD. So it will be Isabel, Cindy, and then Grace all back to back. WOOT! :) I can't wait to try to tackle Grace. I've never done her either so two new ladies in one week will be quite the feat. I'm excited to see how this one goes. Clean and jerks... yeeeeeeahhhh buddy! :) Woot woot woot! :)


Justa said...

Good to see you coming back strong, Katie!

Justa said... is the foot?

Katie said...

Justa, it's good to BE back... the foot is holding up... still a little sore from the race, but doing ok. I think I just need to be careful with "jump to land" stuff and box jumps. Other than that I think I'm good to go! Just took me a little longer to heal up after the race than I wanted. As I'm sure you've figured out... I have an issue with patience... :P