Friday, October 3, 2008

The return of dooommmmmm...

Ok, so me returning to CrossFit isn't really like the return of some sort of immenent doom... but it sounded kinda funny, and hey, we all know by now that I'm easily ammused... For cereal though, Stacey needs to stop working out at 530... seeing her kick my ever loving backside is sooooo worse than just reading about it later... yaaaarrrr! *sigh* I'll update later... for now... the feast is sort of mine... yikes! and away!

Hmmmmm... so I've finally returned to regale you again with my AMAZING CrossFit abilities... LOL. Ok, so not so much. It felt good to get back to CF this morning, but again, at the same time, two days off back to back always makes me feel sluggish. At least if I'm a little sore, I don't feel like jello. I feel tight. When I take two days off, I always feel Jello-ish and have trouble locking stuff out. For some reason today, I had a really hard time keeping 25lbs overhead for the walking lunges we did.

Today was a bit of a longer workout, and unfortunately I just didn't have time to finish the whole thing but got in as much as I could. So, today's fun looked like this:

For time
Buy in
20 K2E
1000 Meter row
60 Abmats
10 rounds of
10 OH lunges (25lbs)
10 Push-ups
10 KB high pull (55lbs)
Cash out
60 Ab mats
1000 Meter run
20 K2E

I got through everything except the run and 20 K2E in 37 minutes. Like I said, I really was feeling pretty froggy today and I needed to get headed to work. But I'm glad I got in and got some work in. The next few CF workouts will be my last for awhile because I'm going to try to be smart and not kill myself before the half. Like I said, I don't doubt that I can finish. In the worst of worst case scenarios, I can walk. I really don't want to do that, but I can. But it will be much harder to finish if I am already sore and worn out from CF. So, Sunday should be another fun one, and then Monday and Tuesday before I max and relax before next week.

I made it through another work week... sort of unscathed... yay! :P Well, it's about time that I get to bed... until the next time... the feast is mine! Yikes! And away! :)


Justa said...

Set your sights on Stacey and use her performance to drive yours, Katie. I hope you had a good day off!

Katie said...

Justa it was a good two days off... I felt a little off today though... I guess I was TOO relaxed! ha!

Stacey is one of those people who really ought to wear the "unf*ckwithable" CF shirts. I can stay with her for about 1 round... then all I can see is her back as she steams by me...:P