Friday, November 19, 2010

This week's wods....


3RM back squat with chains
18 minute time limit


Once through for time:
30 GHD, 60 jumping lunges, 90 double unders, 60 air squats, 30 KB swings (53lbs)


12 minute time limit
3RM strict press

18 minute time limit
3 RDs for time "Onion Skin"
Max rep pull-ups
Max rep strict press (65)
If you do this 1 set every 3 minutes it works out well, no getting off the bar, no reracking

21/14, 20/12, 13/11


20 minute time limit
3 RM front squat

Bottom to Bottom Tabata
:20 work :10 rest in the bottom squat position
Record lowest # of reps
After last bottom hold...
Run 1 mile
10:58- Cardio was not the problem here... making my legs uncramp and work after front squats and tabata was...

Slacking again...

I know it's been awhile since my last posting... I know, I know and I'm sorry.  Life for these past few months has been... eventful, stressful, one giant learning curve... however you want to define it, it probably has been whatever word you chose.  It's been one emotional roller coaster after another.  When I quit my job in June, I was at my limit with teaching and didn't think that financially or emotionally I could go back to it.  I applied to lots of jobs, had some nibbles, no real bites, and as fall approached, looked at the school buses and returning teachers realizing for the first time that I wasn't one of them. 

For a little while, it felt good.  I wasn't stressed to the gills, I wasn't having panic attacks like I was last spring, and for awhile, I thought maybe I had made the right decision.  But as fall decorations and pumpkins came, I began to realize that me without teaching just doesn't make sense.  I missed it, and I felt worthless.  Not having my own classroom was a kick to the crotch of epic proportions.  Financially this summer had been better than I had anticipated and I began to think that if I could just go back now, things might be ok.  I might be able to tone down how much I work outside of teaching and finally get on some good footing with money and maybe even actually have a solid personal life.  I don't just mean dating, but I mean making honest to God connections with people.  I have a handful of good friends here, but have very little time in which to see them.  I was thinking about how nice it would be to be on a work schedule where I could finally do that.  FINALLY get some time. 

I began applying and lo and behold after about a month long fight, I got my first bites.  I was honest about my leaving of my previous county, and also the prejudice that occurred because I resigned after June 1.  It was June 6, but did that matter? Yes apparently it did.  I was told by a principal that she really liked me and wanted to offer me a job! Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I immediately went on a spending spree replacing classroom materials and work clothes of sorts.  Then reality hit, a snag with my contract.  There was a moment of light when it seemed all would be worked out.... it's been two weeks of phone calls, emails, hurry up doctor's visits for TB tests, and then today struck.  The carpet got yanked out from under my feet.  Because of an agreement between counties that states they will not hire someone with prejudice in the contract year following the year it was received, I can't be hired.  Basically, I can't get a job... at least not until next September.

Everything now seems blurry.  I feel very defeated, and I feel like I'm lost again.  Everyone always says that doors close and windows open and that there is a reason for everything.  Agreed.  When I left in June, it was an opportunity for me to figure out what I really want.  I did.  It was also an opportunity for me to get involved with volunteering, and that is not an experience I would ever want to give up, and even if I were teaching again, I wouldn't give up.  I would adjust.  But I can't help but wonder what on earth this is for.  What window could possibly be opening? This door wasn't just shut in my face, it was pretty much slammed. 

As the last few weeks have been ticking away, my time in the box has been... more of a therapy than a workout.  I've been highly distracted by all of this, and I've done my best just to get there, which as we all know sometimes, counts.  I feel like these past months have been an incredible life challenge, and I just want to get to a point where I'm ok, and I can focus on my eating and my working out again, and I don't have to focus on what I'm going to do and how I'm going to make money.  Working out is still a priority for me, don't get me wrong, but it's slipped on the priority list.  So if my posts are somewhat sporadic, my honest to goodness apologies.  My muse is being distracted currently by life, but hopefully, hopefully we'll figure something out... and fast.  Like yesterday type of fast.  

My favorite new book...

I've been doing a lot of reading lately... I do that sometimes.  I just get on kicks where all I want to do is turn off the tv (except for NCIS and Burn Notice... MMMMMM Gibbs!) and cuddle up with a good book.  They don't cuddle very well, but they're still fun to spend time with. My latest and greatest find is a book called "Badass".  Imagine if you would, all the characteristics and qualities you would use to define someone as a badass.  I don't mean in a CF sense, but I mean in an all out life sense.  Well the author, Ben Thompson, does just that.  He searches through history for the badassest of the badasses from BC to present day.  The thing that I love is that he writes in a way that's very reminiscent of someone else I know... ME! It's incredibly sarcastic, full of lots of (obvious) embellishments, exagerations, imagined conversations, and general foolishness.  I heart it! So if you are in the mood for an entertaining, and yet seemingly educational read as well, go pick it up.  I found in the military history section.  Oh and if you like his writing style... he also keeps a blog too.  It's called, Badass of the Week.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Get down with the sickness...

Ah, yes, indeed I have gotten down with the sickness... after writing all about how I was back on track and getting back to the box, and yee haw, my body decided now was the opportune time to get one hell of a cold. I got everything complete with completely clogged nose full 'o snot, hot/cold body temperature, sore throat, and my voice dropping an octave, which let me tell you, is AWESOME for waiting tables. :P I tried to go in for first Friday and hit some max snatches since I was just feeling sort of blah, but for obvious reasons, I just didn't have my A game that day. Still threw up 110, but just didn't have it in me to push the envelope that day. I'm feeling the most human today that I have felt in days, and am hoping that more of this crud will go away so that I can get to the box on Monday. I was buying medicine at Target yesterday and found the AWESOMEST pair of knee high socks ever, and can't WAIT to bust them out on a heavy lifting day... thehehehehehhehe... wanna see?!?!? Welllllll, ok since you asked nicely...

Oh no no... you're not imagining things... there is really faux fur on top of those bad boy Christmas socks... and you know I will not hesitate to break out some shiny shoes to go with the shine in those socks, AND the faux fur. Tehehehehehehehehe. It just makes me giggle... faux fur on a heavy lifting day. How totally anti-establishment of me. It's so not the sexy Lulu gear that all the hardcore CF'ers wear, but dude... that's what makes it so awesome. I can still lift heavy and not wear Lulu.... maybe there's something to be said for that. Perhaps the clothes do not make the man, or woman in this case? Just a thought...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


A few of the latest exploits...

This was a video that we made because Jerry encouraged me to entere the "Beat the Team" competition being put on by Again Faster.  The competition was a 2 rep max OHS.  I put this up a few days before the end.  I was beaten by two girls who put up 200 and then 215.  Damn strong chicks. 

1 RM Clean and Jerk... this is a PR for me as it's the most I've ever been able to do together.  I can lift more on each separate movement but together I've always struggled. 

Back in the saddle again...

Ok so this picture is like two years old, but still, what a better time to use it than with THAT blog title!??! Seriously... I give myself a rousing, "Well played!". And seriously, I'm not really that heavy... that vest is REALLY poofy! (I'm not fat, I'm big boned!)

It seems like when life gets super busy, the first thing to go is my blog. That bums me out because I certainly enjoy writing, er, well RAMBLING, but sometimes you just have to cut things out, ya know? I've finally realized after a long long time, that sometimes we just can't do all the things we'd like to do. When my life gets insane, as it has been for the last month or so, I just have to put the fun stuff on hold for a smidge. I'll always come back, I heart my readers too much... not to mention, I'm like cockroaches, I just won't die!

These last few months have really been an eye opening experience for me. I left teaching and quit my job because I wasn't happy. I thought I was ready to move on, but ultimately, after a few months went by, and everyone else got to go back to school and I didn't, I realized that I really missed teaching. I really like being creative and combining things in such a way that it makes kids WANT to come to class and learn with me, and I genuinely miss that. I also miss having a sort of regular routine. Granted, when I was teaching I was working a truck load, but it was predictable. Now, I can't predict anything and taking time off means losing money, not just burning sick leave. It's a very different world living like this. So, the bottom line is that I've been spending a lot of time trying to get back into the classroom. I've made countless phone calls, send tons of emails, rewritten my resume for an education format, filled out TENS of applications but yet, nada. My leaving my county five days after their official deadline has really hurt me. The prejudice following me is hurting any chance I have and it's frustrating. I'm trying not to let it get me down, and I'm thinking that somewhere there is a principal who will understand that I'm not a bad person/teacher, but the longer this goes, the more disheartened I get. I'm going to keep at things, like I always do, I guess it's just that cockroach mentality, just don't die! But we'll see how things shape up financially over the next few months.

I'm still finding time to volunteer with Operation Ward 57, and I have to say, while not teaching certainly sucks, having the time to volunteer has been priceless. I have an even greater appreciation for our men and women in uniform now than I ever did, and it feels good to be able to somehow give back. I am working to try to actually get a wounded warrior cert brought to DC for these guys, all at the request of a patient. So, we'll see if I'm able to accomplish that for him or not, but it's nice to at least try!

As for CF... it's been a whole new experience for me since coming back from my hiatus. I still hate running, and I definitely have my days where I feel totally pootastic, like the running days, but in all, it's finally getting fun again. I'm enjoying lifting again, and even the days that I'm not lifting, I'm beginning to enjoy. That competitive part of me wishes that I was a lot faster and could keep up on metcon days, but the rationale part of me knows that right now, I'm not focused on training to be the best. I'm focused on training because I want to stay healthy. I'm not the slimmest I've ever been right now, but I'm still a solid size 8/10 and that for me I think is healthy. I wish I was about 5-10 pounds lighter, but working the way I'm working, and being around restaurant food ALL the time makes dieting a wee harder than in the past. I'm doing what I can to keep in the box and keep the weight off, and when my resolve is strong, I make good choices. When it's not, oh boy, I certainly enjoy what the restaurant has to offer. :P

All in all, life right now is ok. It's not the best, but it's not the worst either. I just need to keep hanging in there. I need to keep moving and checking and trying to find the next big thing for me. If anyone happens to be in the DC area with a few connections to principals looking for a good elementary teacher, by all means, please let me know. I'd be happy to send you my resume to pass on for me... LOL. Until that happens though, I'm going to keep hitting the box, working hard, and volunteering because it makes me feel good. I'm back in the saddle. I've got the reigns and I'm moving the horse in the right direction. We just need to get there. But what about you, are you in your saddle right now?