Wednesday, November 3, 2010


A few of the latest exploits...

This was a video that we made because Jerry encouraged me to entere the "Beat the Team" competition being put on by Again Faster.  The competition was a 2 rep max OHS.  I put this up a few days before the end.  I was beaten by two girls who put up 200 and then 215.  Damn strong chicks. 

1 RM Clean and Jerk... this is a PR for me as it's the most I've ever been able to do together.  I can lift more on each separate movement but together I've always struggled. 


c wiss said...

Here's my burning question -- why in the world don't you have weightlifting shoes???? And have you ever tried using them? I am wondering if they could get you 5 or 10 more pounds on those lifts.

Secondary -- when are you buying your singlet, 'cause I want you to join me in my weightlifting endeavors. :-D

Katie said...

C Wiss.... I just never thought about buying them really. Chucks are flat and give me a flat lifting surface so I've never really felt the need to spend umpteen dollars on lifting shoes... especially now that my income is uh... tight.

As for the lifting, I've really given it some thought. I told Jerry that if they ever bring a CF lifting competition to DC I'm totally in. I would love to compete at that. I'm not fast, but I may be a smidgen strong... :)