Sunday, September 7, 2008

A great weekend... and a "Fight Gone Bad"

This weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. I didn't really stress about school work, I didn't really do much of anything, except watch movies and football, cook, bake (or rather, observe the baking), and enjoy the good company of my weekend visitor. I was very, correction, am very sad that my visitor had to go, but hope that maybe sometime soon my visitor will come back for another visit. Especially if he's going to cook me dinner again and bake me another cake! :) Yes, it was a good weekend....until... dun dun dun.... we walked into the Blue Room of pain this morning. And to what but my wondering eyes did appear on the white board? Well, I'll tell you what, it sure as heck wasn't Saint Nick and 8 reindeer. My initial reaction to the white board today was "Oh f*ck".

I haven't done FGB since last fall when we hit it in September. Back then, I was still VERY new to CrossFit, wasn't doing prescribed weights, and was still trying to wrap my head around the whole CF thing. We prepped FGB every weekend during our weekend class, so by the end of September, I felt pretty confident with the weights and movements. We also didn't have row back then because we didn't have enough rowers, so we subbed row for 15 lb db thrusters. Seriously? Yeah. Dead serious.

Me during FBG last September

Now, I know some of you are probably going, so what? Well, it's a lot harder metcon wise to row for cals, and it's a lot easier to amass more points when you're repping DB thrusters than it is with row. So overall, today's performance was much MUCH harder. After all the weeks of prep for FGB, I finally finished with I believe a 202 performance. Today, thanks to Leslie's help, I was able to hit 266. It was great for her and I to work together because where I'm weak, she's strong, and we wound up with almost identical scores. She had 268. Talk about close! But aside from that, I'd also like to talk about improvement. Going up in reps alone would be great, kinda like with Murph last week, but going up in weights, AND reps feels pretty good. I'd love to hit 300, but that's going to take one hell of a performance and strategy by me to do.

FGB looks like this (for those who have never done it)
1:00 Per station
Clock never stops
1:00 rest after exercises
3 rounds
AMRAP 1 point per rep
Wall Ball (14 lbs)
High Pull (52 lbs)
Box Jump
Push Press (55 lbs)

Talk about an improvement. I went from 35 lb push presses to 55, 35 lb high pull to 52, and 15 lb thrusters to rows, and last year, we didn't do wall ball, we subbed chins! It felt good to hit that, but we'll see if after the next few weeks I can inch my score up a bit. I tanked on Wall Ball after the rower. We started at one place, but Jerry made us rotate one station each round, so for two rounds I went directly to wall ball after the rower, which surprisingly, I was able to maintain strong calories each round. So, we'll see. I felt pretty awful afterwards, but I think my cake might cheer me up! ;) Starting tomorrow, I'm back 100% in the zone....


Justa said...

That sounds like a great weekend indeed, Katie!

I'll say it once more...the way you have transformed yourself both in terms of performance and appearance is nothing short of incredible.

Now...where the hell is cake in teh Zone book? ;)

Darcy 'D2' said...

what there's cake in the zone book :).

Good job Katie fgb is tough but at the rate you've been improving that 300 score isn't that far away

Katie said...

awww... you guys are so good for my ego! :)

When I saw how much sugar was in the frosting alone I nearly choked... but Dr. Sears says to cheat right? ;)