Sunday, September 14, 2008

CFOT Social Calendar...

Hey guys, posted this under the forum today, but I know some of you don't always read those discussions... read through and post thoughts to comments... also any musical selections you would like me to add to the mix, please post to comments cause I know some of you haven't been in the forum to check that discussion...

Hey guys! A bunch of people have been asking me lately about CFOT social stuff; when's the next BBQ, when's the next happy hour, will we ever do karaoke again? Really, all of that is up to you. I know some people like to do social stuff, some don't. I know that some miss out because they don't like the internet and never see the events... lots of things. So... I'm posting this out here in internet land to try to get some feedback.

Do you want to do another Saturday karaoke night? What night would best suit?

A CrossFit BBQ? We still have yet to break out the Hooverball and I still have Jerry's set in my trunk... wow... that's been there since June now that I think about it! I was thinking that October 12 may be a good date. It's a Sunday and the next day is Columbus day so I know lots of people are off. (It will also be the day after the Baltimore half, and I know a few people will have cause to celebrate. :) ) I'm willing to take other suggestions though. Someone else suggested after FGB, but that's two weeks. Would that be enough time to arrange things?

Another CrossFit happy hour/a regular CrossFit happy hour? I was asked if we were going to start doing a weekly happy hour. I know last time that question was posed a lot of people said, weekly was too much. However, the benefit to picking a regular get together spot would be that it would never change, and llike CF, you could show up when you were feeling ready for it. The only hard part would be nailing down a spot. If you are not in favor of the idea of a regular HH, would you like to schedule another HH?

I know this is a lot, but I think a lot of people, myself included have been trying to get to know new members, and chat with old friends, but there just doesn't seem to be the time. I know a lot of people have said in the past that they're not big drinkers, and that's ok. HH times can be times just to be social and interact. Last week Christy and her husband got to ask lots of questions that I'm sure other newer members may also have and it was great fun. So, please give me some feedback and I'd be happy to continue setting things up.

For those of you non-CFOTers who are local, you can leave thoughts to comments too, and perhaps you can meet up with us sometime and we can finally get to meet you! :)

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