Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Strict press and strict chins...

Today's circuit was easy, in terms of understanding.

5 rounds
5 strict press
5 strict chins (weighted if possible)

At each station we had 1:30 to get our 5 reps in. Then we had :30 seconds for transitions. I tried to start the day at 75 but, we haven't been doing much strength work lately and my form was rough. I was arching my back and had really poor form. I also started with a 10 lb weight vest. By round 2 my strict dropped to 65, although I kept the vest for another round. By round 3, I kept the strict at 65, and took off the vest. It was just too much and I'm way too weak. I finished rounds 4 and 5 with the same weights. Now, what was interesting was how Jerry found the totals for this one. Take your strict weight, times 5 (reps per round) then times 5 again (number of rounds) and get your strict total. Then take your body weight, plus weight used from the chiins and mulitply by 5 (reps in round) and then by 5 again (number of rounds). This gives you your chin total. Then add together for your overall total.

Basically, today it paid NOT to be a skinny minny. My overall total today was 5,675. Not nearly as high as it should be. School and my new schedule are really taking a toll. I feel awful because I feel like I'm making excuses, but the truth is, I really feel awful. I haven't had a workout where I felt good in two weeks. I didn't want to admit it, but I nearly quit on Murph. Fatigue, exhaustion, stress... everything caught back up to me in 1 week. 1. What the hell am I going to do in 3 weeks? 4? 35 weeks? All I know is that I seriously feel like poo, and it's really bugging me that I can't keep up with everything and everyone. I know I've not been leaving comments and reading blogs and checking in and harassing and I'm sorry. But I've been going for 18 hours straight today, and something just has to give. :(

Hopefully this week, I will come up with thought provoking blog... or at least a more upbeat one... :(


Cara said...

Change is stressful and takes it's toll on the body, and being a teacher is extremely stressful and draining all on it's own!

You will adjust and feel better. Week 1 is going to be tougher than week 4 and 35. Hang in there!

Justa said...

Sometimes life gets in the way a little bit. Take some time to build a schedule and routine that works for you on an ongoing basis. It's okay to have to make adjustments in your life. In fact, the ability to make those adjustments is what shows you what you're made of!

Hey...that is a great math problem for your kids!

Jen said...

Pretty soon you'll get into a good routine. Sure, something might have to take the backseat from time to time, but that's understandable.. and this comment is coming from the queen of How Much Stuff Can I Cram Into My Life :D