Friday, September 19, 2008

Yesterday's max strict press and max chins...

I didn't have an opportunity to post up yesterday about our WOD. We had done this one back in July and also once in August. I hit the one in July but missed the one in August somehow. I love barbell work, and I love chins, so for me this is like candy. Yum, tasty! :)

So this is how the circuit works
2:30 of work on each station
5 rounds
Max strict press (no dropping bar)
Max chins (no hopping off the bar)

My rounds looked like this
Rounds Strict Chins
1 15 16
2 15 16
3 16 16
4 15 16
5 13 12

I was pretty please with these numbers since last time I only did 58 strict presses in all, and only did 68 chins. This was definitely a much better output for me.

On a sort of funny note, last night at B2 School night, I was sharing a little info about myself to my parents since I'm still relatively new to this school. I happened to mention in my first session that I have been a long time swimmer and since coming to VA have found CrossFit. I have no idea which parent it was, but one of my parents let loose with a "Aw, no way!". To which I can only interpret to mean that he knows what CrossFit is, and now I will not have a problem with him for the rest of the year... ;) Thanks CrossFit! :) LOL....

The pirate has gone, but he made me a great dinner last night... and he will return. How fitting that today is actually national talk like a pirate day. LOL... yeah, he left wearing my pirate t-shirt. Arg! Go ruck yourself! LOL... gotta love my rugby t! :)


P.T. said...


Fine work there matie!

Jen said...

Nice circuit work.

I gotta get me a rugby T like that.

BTW.. heads up, next Saturday we have a match in DC. I'll post later the time and location.

Katie said...

Jen that's awesome! Maybe my pirate and I can come watch! He'll be in town... that could be lots of fun! :)

Katie said...

LOL... Thanks PT! :)

Justa said...

Very cool that you have a CF parent!

You really are progressing every month, Katie! Great work!

In the past, I've actually graphed performance using Excel. It's a real motivational boost to have a page full of graphs all going in the right direction.

Hmmm....maybe I'll start doing it again!

So...the Pirate got your pirate shirt booty? Argh!!

Darcy 'D2' said...

Wow nice numbers on that circuit. The pirate reference was evading me for a while :) but I tend to be a scanner more than a reader.

Katie said...

Justa, the pirate did get my booty... wait... that sounds really bad... :P

I think it's AWESOME that I have a CFOT parent. I just wish I knew which one it is. I want to ask him what his Fran time is... ;)

Thanks Darcy. With my schedule I know I've been awol, but how's the swimming going?

Justa said...

Have each kid do an assignment...write down what their mommies and daddies do for exercise! Ha!

Katie said...

Haha... nice Justa!