Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Overslept today... and my new toy...

So this morning I overslept and missed CrossFit. This is only the second time that's happened. If I don't go, usually it's an intentional rest day. Today I woke up on time, but did that whole, I'm going to lay here for 5 more minutes thing. Now granted, I woke up in a panic about 15 minutes later, but by that time, I knew I would miss the zero dark thirty class, and I needed to get to school early since I left yesterday for work right after school.

But, on my way to school I saw something that made me giggle. Ocassionally things like cars and trucks provide great entertainment for me because of what people put on them. Like some of the taxis... they have "Cab Assn" written on them. Now if you say that the way they spell it... it just sounds funny. But today's was even better... tehe. I forget the name of the company... but it was something "Steel Erection." I saw that, and busted out laughing. How would you like to be the receptionist who answers THAT phone? "Good afternoon, this is Bob's Steel Erection. How can I help you?" Tehehe... oh it was just too good... LOL.

Now, I am back to having trouble with the Zone. The soda I stopped drinking has been slowly creeping back into my diet. Now, I know what you're thinking. But I'm not drinking Coke again. I've been drinking either diet, or I like Sprite. A lot. Too much. So then I was trying not to drink soda and started drinking Starbucks. Well, that was a bad idea because they put crack in their coffee... or so I'm convinced. :P But anyhoo, I had ordered some magazines for my classroom this year, and went to my mailbox yesterday to find a "teacher gift" for ordering magazines. Now, let me be the first to assure you, I didn't order the magazines because they promised a free "teacher gift". I didn't even know there was one. But hey, free stuff is always good, kinda like Adrienne's free bed that she won at Harris Teeter. But I opened the box and found what looked like a camera carrying case, but slightly longer. But when I opened the zipper, I found a stainless steel travel mug.

Now, I'm trying to kick both the soda and coffee habits and am having trouble, but I'm working on it. So I thought I would try some hot tea this morning. At least it has SOME health benefits in the antioxidants. Anyhoo, I made the hot tea in the kitchen around 630 this morning. My little mug is beside me on my desk and is STILL too hot to drink. Talk about hot! Wow! I think I may have solved my coffee and soda problem. Because, a.)my mug is smaller than the venti crap I love to drink so fewer calories, b.)it stays hot so I don't guzzle it all down and then want more later, and c.)I'll save money cause I can make me some hot tea first thing in the am. BRILLIANT! :) Ah, yes... gotta love it... new toys are fun!

Until next time, the feast! Is mine! Yikes... and away!


Justa said...

Your body spoke to you today. Good thing you listened! Tomorrow will be better!

Don't they call those thinks flasks, Katie? No wonder how you deal with 25 screaming kids every day!

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

Welcome to my world of tea!

I'm very English when it comes to tea, it has to be made in a particular way.

Twinnings for me, brewed nice and strong. No sugar and a hint of milk

See..I went into tea lecture mode there..sorry!

Jen said...

Straight vodka. That should help you kick the pop (err.. soda) habit. I'm a water drinker, so I can't relate, sorry. I can, however, relate to "just 5 more minutes" of sleep.

Katie said...

Justa, let's not let everyone in on my little secret... let's let my "special drink" stay our little secret.... ;) Steve, I'm not sure I understand the whole milk in tea thing... does it make it taste different? Like sweeter? I'm not very well versed in tea... I like the Lipton variety with a little sugar...

Jen, I agree... vodka would make things much easier... and lots more sleep would make life easier too!!!