Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another really really bad idea...

Ok, so here's an indicator that I've been away too long... I'm not sure what Jerry's latest really bad idea was... ruh roh... But thank God for Facebook! I just went back to the CFOT FB page to see what the wod's were that I haven't put up yet. Good lord. It's been nearly a week since I last blogged! I think the world has ceased moving!

I apologize to all my regular readers for my lack of entertaining ramblings. Really I am. I know that there are people out there who love to laugh at me, no not with me, AT me, on a daily basis so I'm sorry that things have been lacking here on the front. But as with life, sometimes it hits you with unexpected curve balls, which is what happened to me at the beginning of the week. That unexpected curve then impacted the rest of my week, whereupon I was hit with yet another curve ball. So suffice to say, heck yeah I'm glad this week is over!

So anyway, I didn't do so hot with my eating this week or with my wods. :( Big frowny face for me. Actually, I guess that's not entirely true. I did ok with my eating all last weekend into about Wednesday of this week. After the debacle last week with horrible eating during class, I was game on ready to try to tackle this week. I did great for the beginning of the week because I had cooked Sunday and had some leftover steak to take with me. But, by midweek stress levels were up, and I was working til 830-900 each night, and so eating well went out the window because I had no desire to cook when I got home. It is seeming to me that the biggest challenge to eating Primal for me, is time. If I want to eat well and stay healthy, I'm going to have to force myself to leave school early and get home in time to cook dinner and eat it before doing something for myself before bed. I have also learned that that something for me before bed part is important. For all you pervs whose heads are in the gutter, ew. That's not what I meant, AT ALL! But I just mean, taking the time to watch a show, read, blog, write something (which I have so let go to the back burner) or just in general find a way to relax. I am a go getter, which is a good thing, but I lack a work/me balance. I need to find it. In a big fat hurry.

So needless to say, because of this whole crazy whacktacular week I had, which btw, that second curve was me sort of wrecking my car... not fun... so anyway, because of this whacktackular week, I only made it to the box three days instead of my normal five. I forgot that due to Labor Day the box was closed Saturday, so I couldn't get my 4th wod in. I should have done something on my own, but let's be honest, I've needed some r&r. But, I still got in 3 wod's this week.

Monday... ugh, Monday was what I was referring to as another of Jerry's really bad ideas. It was straight disgusting. By Monday I still wasn't walking correctly after those 100 thrusters for time, and I actually had to take a rest day Tuesday because there was no way I was going to be able to front squat. Nope, couldn't do it. But crap, back to Monday. Monday...disgusting...

Strict press 65 lbs
L-sit pull-ups (since I can't L-sit, I did strict)

This was disgusting... I forget how long it took me... I think it was 27 and some change if I remember correctly. Gwoss.

Tuesday was a rest day!

Wednesday I STILL wasn't walking right so I subbed out part of the WOD.

20 ring dips (scaled to 12)
20 wall ball (subbed 40 abmats)
600 M run

So for this, not only were my legs fried, but after Monday, my arms were toast too. I could have done all 20 dips, but I would have lost all the metcon in this. There are days where turning off the clock and just going gangbusters until it's done is the right call, but when you're trying to be fast, just gritting through isn't always the way to go. So I saved my legs and subbed abmats, and did 12 dips, but still no band. For the girl who could only do 1 three weeks ago, still banging out 36 in a wod is impessive. At least to me, and let's be honest, I'm the only one that counts... :P Just kidding...

Now Thursday was so craptastic I don't really even want to mention it, but we did max power cleans, and I was just a head case. It just didn't click. I was working on my set up, and then my elbows were so slow that I was screwing everything up. My pull was MUCH better off the floor though. But now I need to tie it with my elbows. Elbows, elbows, elbows.....ugh... need to clean more I guess... damnit.

Also on Thursday I quasi wrecked my car, so needless to say, I wasn't able to make it in Friday for first Friday... :( boooooooooooooo... But, I am going to make a good effort to eat well this week, maybe get a wod tomorrow, and then game on for the rest of the week. We'll see how things go. Whew... ok that was a lot of catching up... I'm tired.... :P

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